MetaGame Player Avatars 👾

Your mission “should you choose to accept it” :man_artist:t3:

Create the characters to be used on the “in-game” player cards.

Like this :point_up_2:t4: but better !

Player classes to be considered:

  1. Wizard (Smart contract Dev)
  2. Combat Mage (Full Stack Dev)
  3. Warrior (Operations)
  4. Archer (Design)
  5. Monk (Product)
  6. Cultist (Writer)
  7. Bard (Community)
  8. Merchant (Finance)
  9. Hound (Legal)

There are no races in MetaGame, so starting out all skin colors are green. Other shades will come later like purple and blue feel free to experiment just no human fleshy colors :face_vomiting:

Inspiration can be found here , here and here.

A few last things, the MetaGame community seems to like 8bit retro designs. So do what you will with that advice, overall make something you think is AWESOME!