MetaGame Meme Factory

This thread will be used for inspiring meme making.

Text memes for inspiration:

  • Something like LinkedIn, except not boring and nothing like LinkedIn
  • A ton of things I need to add from my Trelo (remind me pls)

What kind of memes do we need?

  • Classic image memes
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Whatever spreads

The current economic system is characterised by the Golden Rule, ie

Whoever has the gold, makes the rules

This is seen in Facebook using its warchest to roll out libra coin to its captive audience of sheeple or Apple/Google offering to deploy blue-tooth tracking on their duopoly mobile platform. I assert that MetaGame is trying the Golden Corollary

Whoever (w)rites the rules, defines the Gold

Whether it is blockchain rulesets like Morloch or a culture of visual coding via bountes, MetaGame tries to democratise financial liberty by encouraging talent to switch to producing cultural digital “gifts” instead of excessive consumption. The Golden Corollary means that with sufficient effort, we can attract large percentage of the developing world in not following the take/make/grate model of resource extraction and waste, but in valuing creativity, cognition and cooperation. So write the DAO rules your MetaFam wants to follow.

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