MetaGame is not well

Why is it not well?

I think the things are not well because of our Seed problems.
Just as we seem to be getting our shit together in terms of regular minting,
market as a whole shits the bed. :man_shrugging:

  • People can’t dedicate more time to MetaGame if the situation about their paycheck is uncertain
  • Shit doesn’t get built
  • We can’t get more patrons
  • The situation becomes more uncertain…

It’s a fucking cycle.

Why is it not well at the meta level?

Besides the market shitting the bed, I think we’re not doing good because we became a silo.
The first “wtf is metagame” was all about breaking down silos between organizations and the minds of the ecosystem to curate it.
All the while building MetaGame, we turned into a silo ourselves.
We quietly do our thing behind the gates, not promoting, sharing or validating any of our content nor products with other DAOs & the wider ecosystem.

Instead of being this connective tissue in the DAO ecosystem - “a massive online coordination game”.
We are just one of DAOs nobody knows about - even at the DAOist, a vast majority of the people I met have never heard of MetaGame.
Instead of being all about bringing the pieces together & uniting the people behind common causes, we’re just doing our own thing behind closed doors.
The bridges we built with the “guilds” aren’t really being used & we haven’t actively been building new bridges since we started waiting for the guild onboarding bot to be complete - which was more than 2 seasons ago :joy:

What’s worse, it seems we’re trying to solve our problems by fixing symptoms rather than source of the problem. Eg; instead of delivering on the basic promise & actually going on to onboard patrons, we talk about “fixing tokenomics”.

Its not about tokenomics, its about:

  • Me holding up the fundraising raid because we still don’t have enough to show
  • People fearing they won’t be getting paid so they don’t build
  • Me holding up…

That damn spiral loop, its been going in circles for the past 6-8 months at the very least:
“We need just a few more things to show & I’ll go into fundraising mode”

What can we do about it?

I can most likely raise pretty easily raise us a few mil. Its not hard to raise money in crypto, especially if you know the right people.
I just cringe hard when I think about some things, eg;

  • It took us 9 months to get 6 playbooks up on the wiki, 3 of which weren’t even written by us.
  • We’ve been building MyMeta for 14 months & its still missing some of the very basic features.
  • We still don’t have a proper landing page nor the navigation system.

And its preventing me from seriously trying to convert anyone into a patron :grimacing:

Over the next 2-3 months, we need to get our shit together:

  • Finish MyMeta & the navigation system
  • Write a bunch more playbooks
  • Make an actual landing page

If we can do that, it won’t be a problem to make the Seed market stable or growing.
If we don’t, things will just continue deteriorating until there’s again only me working on it before I finally give up or worse, it stays a zombie :rofl:

Seriously, wat do?

To temporarily alleviate the problem, the proposal has passed #:ballot_box:-voting for us to start using treasury funds to buy back & plant Seeds over the next 3 months as we build more & get into fundraising mode.

I don’t know about you but I’ll give it all over the coming month or two.
I’ll try my best to push things forward both internally in terms of finishing the basic stuff as well externally, building bridges & trying to collaborate more closely with existing & new guilds.

  • I think at this point its make or break.
  • We either push through or fade away. :man_shrugging:

If we can push through, I’ll be able to get us funding & we’ll turn this downward spiral into an upward spiral :upside_down_face:
Priorities, imo:

  • Headhunting more & engaging current builders to “finish” MyMeta, the MetaMenu & the landing page.
  • Building bridges & getting more playbooks written by “pros” instead of trying to write them all internally.
  • Moar community events, being guests in other communities & generally shilling.


Sorry for coming back shitting on the parade, but this is how I currently see things and I want to be really honest about it. We need to get our shit together.
To make it clear: I’m still optimistic.

What do you think?

Am I off? Why do you think people aren’t contributing more? What do you think is fucked? What should we do? Will you help us unfuck MetaGame? Do you still care?


I’m good to go & charged up! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with whats to be completed etc - Should be kew


Welcome back, we’ve missed you! This was a good read. I think something that would be helpful is to enumerate a few of the things you want to see to go into fundraising mode, like are there specific playbooks you would like to see written or just more in general?

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I think a lot of things listed here are valid concerns, some of which are not currently being handled to the degree that we all would like. But many are being addressed and I think in a week or two many of these will become more apparent. I believe the headhunters will make more headway on their current hack money quest. I believe we will have a small influx of writers soon. I believe there are so many people thinking about ways to make the seed economy flow more properly as well as bring more value to our DAO that some ideas will start coming together very soon. My writing may suck but it is meant to attract more web2 writers into web3 and MetaGame, as well as a few sister communities. Basic meming and video templates are being created and finalized that should allow shillers and memers templates to know what to do. Their are many members on the edge of their seats ready to help but are simply awaiting the structure to be built, which are being built. The mymeta ui is looking dope and anyone who sees that can see they have been WORKIN. Crypto Voxels game is going to be big and connect a lot of our communities together as well as offer an amazing onboarding and training experience. This landing page is really coming together imo. and MetaGame as a whole is really coming together in my eyes. I encourage all to keep pressing on and get done what we need to. We are close to blowing up. I hear people saying, “oh yeah, i heard about MetaGame”, or “yeah i read that wiki and it sounds dope!”, every time i talk about or invite someone in. I think MetaGame is poised for a breakout… and we need to keep building the infrastructure to facilitate what’s coming.

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@peth – it seems like your expectations haven’t been met, and that led to your being disappointed. The way you described the state of things, it’s perfectly understandable why you feel the way you do.

What I find to be surprising is that many people seem to have been caught off guard and outright offended when you mentioned them in Discord. Why is that so?

Might it be because:

  1. they for some reason weren’t aware of your expectations?
  2. you weren’t aware of all the work they have been doing while you’ve been away?

Speaking of all that work, and people certainly have been busy:

  1. how much of it has been truly aligned with the strategic goals of MetaGame?
  2. could it be that the majority of this work is “the invisible portion of an iceberg”, and the fruits of that labour will become obvious within the next few weeks or months?

I like this opening post of yours, because of its clarity. I take it as a call to action, and I am more than willing to keep working to get us across the finish line.

At the same time, I wish these goals and issues were this clearly outlined and communicated way sooner, and more often.

I hope that we can survive this storm, but also learn something from this. Just so we don’t end up in the same or similar place, at least not for the same or similar reasons.


I’m grateful for the honesty broski :blush:

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Ditto to b0gie