MetaGame Gotchigaang Maayne (MG Portal into the Aavegotchi Reaalm)

Aavegotchi has continued to be at the forefront of most all things blockchain. They have a phenomenal team and a highly addictive product both in design and functionality. They have been leading innovation in the DeFi, NFT, Gamified Finance, L2 solutions, and blockchain space as a whole.

I have written up a document that can be found here: [] It explains just some of the opportunities that might be experienced by MG getting into Aavegotchi as a whole. Please click on the pictures to get further details, explanations, and examples.

Please feel free to edit and comment as you wish, as it is a WIP.

Your fellow Aagent, Aambassador, and FREN

Additional Aalpha:
I suggested Good Ghosting integrate with Aavegotchi and gave them multiple examples of how they might do this when they started development on their no-loss savings game. I have already made a similar discussion surrounding this topic here and in Aavegotchi and the GG devs are big on integrating. We are looking to integrate by making GHST the main token in the savings pool as well as rewards tokens not being cashed out of maTokens and simply dropped into our Aavegotchi contract as our spirit force, which is already made up of maTokens (Aave aTokens on Polygon).


I like this & will add a good ghosting (Savings Tab on the Money Market UI/UX)

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I think i already added it when you suggested. Glad you are keen on the idea. I think it could turn out to be a pretty cool deal.

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For sure just gotta finish the thing tbh

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Remind me sometime this week and i will be happy to chip in a bit more.

Additional content can be found here:

This is getting real. And i and @chair are pushing hard to expand this into a serious, multi-community engagement that can serve to not only be profitable for any player and MG DAO, but also a huge exposure opportunity deploying NPC dApps within Reaalm. These dApps can not only bring more attention to MG but also can be profitable as well depending on what we create. Achieving a paartnership with Aaveggotchi would probably be one of the highest goals attained here but perhaps this too is just a short-sighted perspective, as i see ridiculous amounts of opportunity and potential in Aavegotchi. Again, you do not need an Aavegotchi to be apart of this, but it helps. Goals will be to get everyone involved their own Gotchis and Paarcels within Reaalm.

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I have created a Shenanigan SHEip (improvement proposal) to further this process from the SHE community perspective. You can find the issue here: