Metagame Aragon App

I think it would make sense to create an Metagame Aragon App. When a DAO installs the DAPP the DAO will be able to post task/quests to the metagame community and get rewarded for task they do for the metagame community. I think Metagame needs values,rules & goals. Only if your Quest/DAO fulfills the values and rules of metagame and they will lead metagame to the self set goals, the quest can be posted on the metagame quest store via the Aragon App.

The Metagame Aragon App is controlled by the Metagame DAO which is controlled by the SEED holders.

similar to AragonDAO the first action of the metagame DAO should be to vote for a manifesto, which is not set in stone and can be changed with a super majority (65%) vote. This is the first MGP (Metagame Governance Proposal). This put the groundwork for the Metagme values,rules & goals.
All action of Metagame have to align with the Metagame Manifesto.

The Metagame Aragon App is a Quest Store + reward mechanism for DAOs to outsource tasks and earn SEEDS. All DAOs who post task sign the Metagame Manifesto and stake SEEDs behind it. If someone detects misalignment then they go to the Aragon court or kleros or other digital court.

So first is to have a Manifesto then we can know which kind of community DAOs the Metagame App will attract.

For sure the Metagame DAO can use the Metagame App for its tasks. People can create DAO Guilds like mining pools to mine quests and those guilds share the SEED within the guild however they like for example they could share it based on source creed algorythms. Similar to Bitcoin Seeds are mined into existence so why not have metagame mining pools as well (guilds)?

So the SEED holders can create task which are aligned with the manifesto and the guild are completing the tasks. you can choose which guild you want to join to earn seeds. every guild has its own structure and mechanism to distribute the SEEDS. The fairest guild will win. you can also create your own guild / DAO and mine on your own.

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