Meeting notes from Writers Guild

Starting a thread for Writers Guild meeting notes. Most recently we are focusing on Playbooks, but notes from future gathering can be stored here for posterity.

S4W4 Playbook Jam 14 October 2021

Attendees : DefileZebra, bends, Gnomeski, Pronoia, tenfinney, AperironCreations, Musashi13, parsley3d, tommy


  • Playbooks will roll under Writers Guild. Gnomeski (and DefileZebra for the next few weeks during the move) will pick this up.
  • We have some goals for next weeks session and will meet at the same time on 21 October
  • Gnomeski needs some graphics for the Understanding SourceCred doc, check it out in the playbooks notion page.


  • Chair is stretched very thin and lacks bandwidth, desperately needs someone to champion playbooks
    • Good news that we arrived at later in the call: Playbooks will roll under Writers Guild. Gnomeski (and DefileZebra for the next few weeks during the move) will pick this up.
  • DefileZebra
    • asked for clarification: Are we trying to recreate the wheel or is there an opportunity to simply curate a list of tutorials and how-to docs?
      • A: For rainmaking efforts, the preference would be producing our own content. Possibly like testimonials.
    • There is a conflict here- we are asking those that are doing shit in the space to stop doing shit to write guides. The people with the info we want to capture and make accessible are especially busy. See for example our friend, chair.
  • ApeironCreations
  • Tenfinney
    • Could make >30 playbooks from ethglobal resources
    • Built a donut, yum.
  • Pronoia
    • Down to do reporting with b0gie
    • Put hand up for quest champion
    • Focus on co-learning
  • I think it was ApeironCreations that asked if we have a Miro board?
    • For Mapping and collab
    • Will look to spin one up for next week and we will aim to brainstorm metafam that we could engage for help.
  • Gnomeski needs some help on a playbook
    • Wants to create graphics for understanding SourceCred
      • Needs graphics illustrating it
    • Needs a description/direction and should try to engage artists guild
  • Bends
    • Playbook as a how-to-aggregator?
  • Gnomeski
    • Playbook about how to write playbooks?
      • This is acknowledged to be needed
  • Tommy
    • understanding of the effort was not a unified voice of metagame but more of a “this is how I did it”
    • Not something you have to research, but something you know
  • DefileZebra: Need to define:
    • Audience
    • Goal
    • Topic
  • Gnomeski: goal is 2-3 minute read; concise fast capture direct educational
  • Goals for session next week-
    • brainstorm a list of specific players and what they have accomplished and do an invite
    • Create a format for DM
    • Get on miro and list players
    • Identify the Audience and Goal to help assist with content production for each item/topic

Tenfinney and Tommy Jam on Forms next in townhall

Pronoia’s recording: