Meeting notes from our Community Gatherings

Hello Metafam-

Plan is to use this thread as an archive of sorts for meeting notes. If you have any questions, corrections, suggestions, or just feedback … feel free to post here or contact a scribe through discord (you can find me under the same un there).


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Metagame Community Gathering


  • Attendees : Peth ( P ), DefileZebra ( DZ ) , Scott Wilson, TheLoneRonin ( TLR ), Luxumbra.eth, Vanmoortel ( V ), MrCartagrapher ( MC ), Geleeroyal ( GR ), Blake ( B ), Shep
  • TLR shared
    • They hope to work on a tutorial for server and backend stuff so people know how to make new tables in the database.
    • Wants to spend more time working on making Metamaps a more robust PM tool
      • Roadmap with users working on specific things
    • project board is where we want to track who is doing what, and eventually integrate MetaMaps with GitHub
  • Seeds are available on Uniswap and Balancer
    • Uni has ~$1k of liquidity
  • TLR liked the Birthday meeting venue and asked about potentially using that for another virtual conference
    • According to P : great for meetups but not conferences because lack of moderation
    • Airmeet might make more sense for more formal conference style/presentation
      • Used by Gitcoin
  • DZ inquired about roadmap for launch readiness
    • Metamaps is intended to be a PM tool
    • Each Raid currently has a discord channel
      • Changelogs exist
  • DZ will begin helping to scribe
    • V shared that meeting notes may be helpful for those that English isn’t their first language
  • GR arrived
    • Asked was time for another consolidation of website resources?
    • Mentioned that someone was asking about Kanban
      • Maybe use Github projects?
        • Pro:
          • all actions are logged and the feeling is that turnaround is faster than other Kanban
          • Sourcecred loves it!
          • Transparency
            • For example, Trello can just delete history
        • Con
          • ?
      • Underscore protocol?
  • MC shared
    • Built crypto map this week in Lucid Chart and is willing to share with players, but is also trying to figure out monetization
    • GR suggested that MC -Check out “Neo4j” for building structures in a database for manually made maps
    • Map planned to be updated monthly?
    • GR - really likes the map but sees a potential problem with only using Logos
      • Need icon, Name(absent), and link
  • B shared
    • Saw post about quests and wanted to look in there after next week when they have more time
    • Wrapping up big project this week on his MacOs app called Polycapture
      • Makes time-lapse of screen activity
      • It’s a status bar app that you can set a screenshot interval
      • Accepted in Appstore 11/20/2020
    • Excited to make some time for MyMeta in another week-ish
  • Metagame status/plans
    • P worked this week on writing onboarding document to help new players
    • Player profiles are done, Guild profiles are next. Then website, Dashboard, podcast page, etc.
    • Notification of upcoming raids needs a spot on the website
    • Design Sprint with the Deep Work Studio (Andre has 2 ppl) people next week
    • We talked about the next virtual conference/hackathon
      • Sooooo much work
      • Scheduling worldwide audience was tough
      • Challenging to organize and keep the day-to-day going and work on a Virtual Gathering
      • Roles needed for a virtual conference
        • Secretary
        • Event planner
        • Event host
        • And certainly many more…
    • Another live Raid next week!
      • Still a challenge that Raids are not made so that anyone can jump in and start building
        • Opportunity to create a tutorial
  • History: Metagame was born in Berlin when P met Josh
    • Original post was “Meta Alignment” with a dream to meet in Croatia in 2020. That has been delayed due to Covid19.
  • Delegation of roles
    • GR suggested we consider internships
  • B asked whether a Metagame jobs/tasks board exists?
    • P shared that newsletter always includes quests
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MetaGame Community Gathering


Scribe: defileZebra

Attendees: Peth, AperionCreations, Magenta, Pacobacpac, Juliana, Luxumbra, Vanilladelphia, Metadreamer, Xenaida, Drew Harding, Dysbulic, Penguin, Derjogi

  • Quick-ish Summary

    • Paraswap integration to support seed market is in progress
    • Design sprint is planned for next week
    • Drew is about to move to a farm and Metafam seems pretty stoked about permaculture.
  • Pacobacpac

    • Jumped on to listen, but was currently integrating Paraswap!
  • Juliana

    • First time on the call, attending from the street with low battery.
    • Working on a new DAO
    • Currently studying AI and centralized stuff
      • Amazon
      • SageMaker
    • Joining mobile startup company in January
  • Peth

    • General MetaGame updates
      • first version of profiles is complete
      • Finished guide for updating seeds
      • Recently added Channel descriptions to discord channels that needed them
    • Working on the actual platform
      • Mostly on discord and Github
      • Guild pages and profiles
        • Onboarding other DAOs and organizations
    • Drafted House of Ethereum yesterday but not published yet
  • Magenta

    • Asked how do the profiles support Metagame?
      • Help players find each other
        • time zone and availability
    • Inquired about the recent increase in players and how that was going.
      • It’s challenging b/c documentation is still sparse and it makes it hard for new players to start contributing to codebase
        • Ronin started writing the documentation and sent a PR yesterday
      • Roadmap still has some grey areas and opportunity for more clarity
      • Design sprint for the platform next week
        • After the design sprint the next step is to spec out next steps for the platform
  • Luxumbra shared:

    • Has been working on Achievementry app
      • Doing some responsive stuff and sorting mobile display
    • Hanging out with Gnomeski in real life!
      • Discussion about building a boardgame to teach about web3 and help with onboarding
  • Metadreamer

    • Prior call ran over and jumped on late
  • VanillaDelphia

    • Noticed MetaDreamer’s crystal-clear image and asked about his setup
      • Panasonic Lumex G9
      • Sweet light
      • Fancy mic on an arm
    • Deployed some new discord commands
      • !?Define- pulls terms from the wiki
    • Added world clock
  • Discussion around channel physical locations in the discord

  • When is the podcast with Vinay coming out?

    • 11/28
    • Recording the next episode on Monday
    • Vinay is going to interview next guest
      • Podcast focus should be on fixing the world
  • Eco Game

    • Vanilladelphia is enjoying it and may be spending more time playing than expected
    • A dedicated discord channel for the game is located under chill zone
  • Seed minting is coming at the end of the month

    • Will pull another distribution file together probably on Sunday 11/29
    • Will review file on Monday’s Inner circle call 11/30
  • Xenaida

    • Read manifesto and decided to join the call
    • Is an artist!
    • Portfolio includes:
      • Pottery, photography, stop animation, Singer, songwriter, poet
      • Focused on Music and Circus for the time being
    • Wants to learn and then communicate to others
    • Asked for a quick Metagame elevator pitch?
      • Massive online coordination game.
      • Fertile ground to experiment with gamifying the improvement of net human happiness
      • Draws some inspiration from Game B movement
        • Game A is zero-sum and focused on Centralized extraction of resources
  • Drew joined the call

    • Gave a quick rundown of the experience that lead him here growing up on a farm and then working in tech.
    • Sees metagame crossing into his Ag and tech experience.
    • Got into web3 through Cannabis industry after prior tech experience
    • About to purchase a 6-acre farm to make a permaculture food forest in vineyards/orchards. Western slope of CO.
      • Nitrogen fixing trees addresses soil health and sustainability. Reduces need to be hands on by creating a closed ecosystem for the nitrogen cycle.
      • In the design phase and debating on how much to focus on raw production versus creating an experience. Wandering forest or space maximization?
      • ¼ half acre for sandbox for experimentation in the front and will keep vineyard running
      • Documenting as they go and will share and will make MetaGame main place for that.
      • First MetaGame outpost for nomadic perma-culturists?
    • Someone else on the call mentioned that Kyle just joined MetaGame and is also a perma-culturist
      • Was requested that a new channel be established to talk ag/permaculture in Leisure
    • This led to a discussion about how cooperation and sustainable local food production will change the world. Especially as Covid19 highlights weakness in international supply chains. Many people on the call were stoked for what Drew shared and are excited to see him succeed.

MetaGame Community Gathering and Design Workshop


Scribe: defileZebra

Attendees: abcxd, Alec, Andrej Berlin, blake, dan13ram, dawg, Drew Harding, elee, eowulia, gabi, geleeroyale, Gnomeski, Heidi, Luxumbra, Magenta, Metadreamer (MD) Misanth, Niran, pacobacpac, penguin, peth §, Polycarp, taekikz, TheLoneRonin

Quick-ish summary:

  • I arrived at 12:45 EST/ 1845 CET but the meeting was already started, sorry my notes start late.
  • We have a list of efforts with steps broke down and champions assigned!


  • Everyone was collaborating on the Miro board “MetaGame Decision Jam”

  • Players wrote statements “How Might we….” (HMW) on cards

    • We prioritized HMW’s and deleted duplicate cards
    • Each player voted on the 5 most important cards
    • Spent 12 min to write down next steps to get to a solution for each HMW card
      • There were so many cards that 10 min wasn’t enough
  • Moving through cards that received more than two Votes (1 minute each)

    • Allow players to create quests by spending seed

      • MD-Higher effort, what’s the oracle?
      • Impact is medium-ish because it creates a use case for seed but may not revolutionize MG
      • Polycarp If someone wants work done, they can pay seed
    • Tighter feedback loop with bots and see expected earnings

      • Basically, what our friends at Source Cred are doing already
        • SC will have updates with additional functionality coming soon
    • Simple interface for supply and demand listings

      • P-Market would be interesting
        • Could have high impact
      • MD- Almost standalone product and bounty system as proposed
        • Could be lower effort to integrate with something that already exists
          • P mentioned Distric0x?
          • MD- Re-inventing Gitcoin
            • lower impact since this already exists
    • Give everyone a quest Journal

      • Similar to tighter feedback loops
      • MD- what are the quests, who will build out content and maintain it?
      • Impact is fairly good
    • Myspace approach and allowing customization

      • Custom backgrounds/wallpapers etc
      • P-thinks its important but not something to start with
      • Could be Low effort to make just a few changes
      • Cheivmintry has done some work on customization and Luxumbra might be able to help here
      • Move this higher
    • Best user experience with custom built integrations with

      • High impact and high effort
    • Universal react native + web app with push notifications

    • Connected graph of SourceCred instances tied to user identities

    • List of guilds with tags that could match users profiles

      • Once we have guild profiles this will be resolved
      • Paco’s idea- suggest guild within onboarding experience
      • Guild pages are already part of the plan
    • Have a way to create a task and assign points for completion

      • Similar to market discussed above
    • Create a catalog of different media

      • Low effort but high impact
    • Create a quest for self reflection

      • Misanth- get people to do this as a questline
        • Inspire rather than command
    • Regular rounds of incentivized voting

      • P-not a fan, negative impact to results if people are paid to vote.
      • Ideally we make decisions/votes that matter rather than pay someone to vote
    • Do Memes

      • Low effort high impact
      • Like daily quests
    • Quality control of library

      • High impact
        • Users first foray can be overwhelming
      • Requires decent amount of effort
      • Not hard but we need people to put in the time and effort
      • Someone asked what falls under quality control?
        • MD suggested that it’s like we want to trim the bushes and keep things well-groomed and optimized
        • Reacting to Wiki may support quality control
    • Create a space on wiki for playbooks and incentivize creation of content

      • High impact and medium effort
      • MD-Skill trees haven’t manifested into much yet
      • Not a technical effort but a lot of coordination effort would be required
    • Have a bot that asks what background is and suggests things that may be of interest

      • Effort- more web3 and not MetaGame specific, like choose your own adventure
      • Impact-decently high impact and mostly targets people not in web3.
      • Maybe not a bot
  • Dawg has to go catch a flight

    • Reminds the group that our goal is to decide what to do and understand why its important.
    • Get to a point where we can execute and then re-evaluate world state.
    • Also, best to copy cards to be able to refer back to prior decisions in earlier phase
  • Next step was to divide into steps and appoint people to work on things

  • Assign tasks!

    • Blake asked whether we should assign by task or by goal?
      • Consensus seems to be finding a champion for each column represented above
    • MD- existing bots are in python
    • Bot update column
      • Assign to Penguin
    • Simple interface for supply and demand
      • Paco takes this one!
    • Create a space on wiki for playbooks
      • Peth
    • Podcasts
      • GeleeRoyale will take this
        • Opportunity to standardized how we produce media
          • Look and feel
        • No docs exist yet on procedures/protocols of production
    • Mockups and quest journal
      • Champion- Polycarp
        • Blake wants to help too
    • Memes
      • Vanilladelphia nominated in absentia. :blush:
      • Misanth will get this one rolling
    • Personalization and custom wallpapaer. The person that takes this will need chakra(sp?) and design systems experience
      • Luxumbra working in Chievmintry and can help with this
      • Vanmoortel also had some PRs in this area historically and may be able to help but was not on the meeting.
    • Spec outcomes and create interface and define milestones
      • Polycarp
    • Daily prompt
      • Misanth
    • Guilds and linking members
      • MD

Until I figure out how to imbed images in this post, I will share that the pdf copy includes some screenshots and they are available right now in the discord, here:

MetaGame Community Gathering


Scribe: defileZebra ( DZ )

Attendees: Peth, heterotic ( H ), Metadreamer ( MD ), geleeroyale ( G ), Pacobacpac, Theloneronin ( TLR )

Quick-ish Summary:


  • Just before the meeting Luxumbra wallet was drained of seed :frowning:
    • Do not copy/paste seed phrases and be extra cautious where you get your wallet apps from
    • Still not certain on attack vector, but mistakes may have been made
  • AI and deepfakes
  • H is having docker installation issues, but working through them
    • Plans to work on app drawer and hoped to sync with Lux
      • Will collaborate with TLR on app drawer
  • Visa and Mastercard shut off Pornhub payments due to inappropriate content
    • Something like 80% of online porn market share is Pornhub
    • So far, they claim to take Verge coin and BTC
    • H knows a lot of performers, cam artists and dancers and is teaching one of them how to build NFTS
    • Crypto space in Jan/Feb is going to heat up due to paying baiters wanting to pay
  • Meta Radio
    • Newsletter comes out once a week
      • Peth would like a video to go out shortly after
  • G
    • Arrived with a terrible connection and we could not understand audio
  • TLR
  • DZ - asked about adjusting cred for a few channels currently at 2x
    • Would incent conversations to happen in wider membership channels
    • Similar discussion happening at SourceCred with respect to limiting power at the top
      • Utilize a cap or leverage a higher tax on higher ranks?
      • Currently 2.5% of all seeds minted go to the DAO as a tax on all
    • MD - Working on a visualizer for cred
  • Meta Radio
    • H had some questions around the logistics of creating a video from newsletter
    • Peth still needs to send G a few things related to meta radio
  • In the future Peth dreams of making Pula a Metagame outpost/startup hub!
  • Paco and Peth had a discussion about seed market today
    • Peth started making wireframes
    • Design call spoke of seed market but making progress today

MetaGame Community Gathering


Scribe: defileZebra ( DZ )

Attendees: BighappyTrees ( BHT ), brucethegoose.eth ( BTG ), Max, Peth, Yalor, dekanbro, Metadreamer ( MD ), carlfartsen, proofoftom, scottprenuer, vengist, annaalexa, playwith.eth, taekikz, lkngtn, Youngkidwarrior ( YKW ), thekerp, saimano, santiago, Theloneronin ( TLR ), schiarizzi, lolo, Penguin, Vanilladelphia, heterotic, wonfiddy.eth, kewin W

Quick-ish Summary:

  • Several events this weekend
  • My Meta Profiles have an API that will be shared
  • Lots of overlap with our groups (Raid Guild, DAOHaus, and MetaGame) and will continue to have cross guild meetings in the future


  • Azimuth event this weekend, check it out here:
  • Buidlerburg
  • Carl from Raid Guild in Chicago joining us today
    • His Proposal just passed yesterday
    • Dev/programmer and currently a Technical writer at consensus
  • Peth asked for a volunteer to record this meeting
    • MD will capture video
  • Brief history according to Peth:
    • Raid Guild, DAOHaus, Metagame all these projects started within a few months of each other close to a meetup in Berlin
    • Metagame was to be an internal project for Meta Cartel
    • Side trip of a large crew where several ppl may have been tripping
      • Coordination was extremely difficult
    • By the end of the day Peth had an epiphany about how to organize
    • MD asked how did Peth get into web 3?
      • In 2016 as looking for place to park some money and found Eth
        • Was really excited for the revolutionary potential
      • No one is building a full system to become a new society and just decided to start working towards that
  • Peth shared Player list and profiles in My Meta
    • We talked about establishing trust
      • Someone suggested multiple levels like a basic trust and hard trust?
      • Bright ID
        • Has its own social graph
      • Using personal tokens is only feasible if every person has a personal token by default
      • Peth likes the idea of staking for someone rather than personal tokens
        • Someone brought up that slashing is used in staking to discourage bad behavior; how would that work for trust?
          • Maybe we could use a vote amongst players with something like Aragon court or Celeste(?) if there is perceived to be damage to MetaGame
  • DAOHaus project updates from Vengist
    • is the new v2
    • Using 3box for profiles to see NFTs and things
    • My meta profiles could provide a lot more human context than currently supported on 3box?
    • DAOHaus and NFThub both want to look at using My Meta profiles
      • MD will make it happen and get them set up with API keys
      • Currently pulls data from a bunch of places, not limited to 3box
        • Pass eth address and match with a player!
  • DAOHaus has a token coming that is currently only held internally
  • Different communities providing liquidity for each other strongly indicates alliance!
    • Vengist-Rising tide lifts all boats!
  • Metagame profiles aren’t fully distributed, 3box is working on identity index which is a better long term identity solution
    • MD -Transparency can mitigate centralization risk to some degree.
      • When everyone knows that everyone can see, can discourage bad behavior
  • MD- The most underrated part of SourceCred is that it helps reduce administrative overhead
    • Most people don’t have to talk about how much they are compensated
    • People can just focus on building
    • Governance minimization is one way to help things scale up
  • Possible ways of collaborating between groups?
    • Getting Daohous API key to use MyMeta!
    • Possibly make MyMeta Token?
    • Peth really likes DAOHaus custom backgrounds, can MetaGame have some of that?
    • Would like to have a DAOHaus button to launch a new Dao
      • Maybe from MetaGame Guild profiles or App Drawer?
      • Discord servers have good member management
      • Aragon has no notion of member
    • Vengist- would like to make it easy to setup basic discord servers
      • Ask a few questions like is your thing gamified? Is there a token? Etc.
      • Like push button launch DAO but maybe push button to launch discord servers for project/raid collaboration
  • Chievmint
    • Dekanbro using NFTs as an experience on xDAI
    • Written REACT hooks to pull that data with you
      • Using Chakra so should be pretty easy for Metagame to pickup
      • Dekanbro will share with MD
    • ChievMint call was yesterday
      • Roles baked into NFTs
      • Exploring each community hosting their own custodial relayer
        • Fund relayer by buying a gascan NFT
        • On xDai so hundreds of transactions per penny.
  • What is Raid Guild and what has it been working on?
    • Dekanbro
      • Has about 80 members either pledged or sweated in MANY different projects underway
      • Pretty powerful team with strong product backgrounds
      • Raid Guild is leveling up and going into its atomic era!
        • Commanding more reasonable prices for the work product
        • About $200k client funds funneled through them which is about $20k for the Dao
        • ~80 eth of member pledges
      • Focused on making partnerships with a vision to turn it into venture studio
      • Raid Guild provides the dev talent with some sort of equity share in a product
    • Vengist
      • Open grants product recently completed
        • Members helped build contracts and other members audited
        • There is no CEO!
        • The guild will be maintaining it and dogfooding
          • Autosplitter can be created and people can add streams to grants and split stream between workers
          • Currently using Sablier stream
            • Gasless sending and more autonomous
            • Looking forward to superfluid coming out
        • People that brought it to the guild wanted a way to fund eth2 builders
    • What else?
      • Raid Guild wants to be turnkey solution for building service guilds
        • Might be interested in integrating escrow into my meta profiles
      • Also working on Invoice initiative
        • Easy invoicing for work
  • theKerp is writing about dispute resolution right now, actually
    • building an escalation route
  • We had a quick tour of MetaGame raid map
    • Heterotic wants to parameterize the position of the nodes relative to rings
  • Taekikz
    • Asked what happens is Peth gets hit by a bus, does Metagame continue?
      • Peth said he was uncertain, while Metagame is continuing to grow there is some opportunity to decentralize and have stronger redundancy
  • Peth plans to start a new map specific for guilds
    • Guilders circle and map all the ways they could collaborate
    • After season 1 launch we plan to have a guilder meeting 1x per month
      • Vengist likes the idea of meeting up like this monthly
  • Wonfiddy.eth
  • MD shared that there is going to be a live concert of crypt musicians at Devcon 6 in Bogata.
  • We talked about staking seeds on a profile as an expression on trust
  • Heterotic asked about building a funnel for a non-player into MetaGame
    • MD suggested that we sit tight until colab line is integrated
  • Vanilladelphia
    • Will look at setting up colab line to use seed and pseed.
    • YKW had trouble getting multiple tokens to work
    • Entry minimum is 5 seeds for MetaGame Patrons
  • Kewin W gets muted
  • MetaGame Community Gathering 12/25/2020
    • Scribe: defileZebra (DZ)
    • Attendees: Misanth, Peth, heterotic, Tonga
  • Quick-ish Summary
    • General meandering conversation today on everything from the weather and covid-19, to Metagame XP, roles, restrictions and emojis.
    • Look for a write-up from Heterotic on Meme game, but may be a few weeks until after year end close is wrapped up.
  • Discussion:
    • DZ rambled on about the snow, terrible drivers, and longing to travel again
    • roles, restrictions and emojis
      • would be helpful to have multiple levels to view leaderboard, by roles would be cool. i.e highest score builder
      • semantic tagging is key for training AI
        • would help enable building models if we could semantically tag discord emojis/reactions
        • How do we start to do this?
      • Earn access to certain emojis?
        • currently we can restrict emojis by channel/player level
      • player level is manual in discord versus the player list, there is an opportunity to automate this but may not be a priority.
        • currently updates are manual
      • Where can a player access the XP/sourcecred data to tinker with?
        • There is active instance of XP cred in MG repo
          • Metadreamer had setup a visualizer, but may not be on github
      • What are the 8 largest XP nodes and how can we move them towards a drive/function?
      • mZ had shared a medium article on spatial analysis of github grants
    • Tonga joined the call, but is not yet a player
    • We poked heterotic about their background after drowning in their brain leakage
      • Father is history prof at Westpoint so traveled around to many military bases growing up
      • Has several bachelors degrees worth of undergrad credits
        • studied some physics and string theory
      • met (a person that I missed the name of) and then read Eagles Gift
      • Did some Tarot card reading
      • First job with database access was at a Medical Center
      • After .com bubble burst started doing taxes in spanish
      • now a CFO for a game and media company
      • prefers to play acoustic guitar when busking
        • trained on violin but plays keyboard, bass, and other strings
      • Math and spatial system theory
      • Will share some recommended reads in the discord channel
      • Will also share some words about memegame in the near future
        • Has plenty of accounting work ahead with year end close, so maybe in a few weeks

I’m so sorry I missed this!
So much irl going on atm… I looked at my calendar after-the-fact and was sad face.
TY for posting the notes so quickly!

MetaGame Community Gathering 01/01/2021


heterotic, Jord, Misanth, Peth, Yalor, mPrime, PlayWith.Eth, Spielley, Davidhq, DefileZebra (DZ)

Quick-ish Summary:

  • Scribe was late and missed the first 15 minutes, sorry.
  • Heterotic won a grant to build something for BZZ. Congrats!


  • Yalor
    • How is Metagame membership going?
      • Membership remains exclusive
      • Responses to “why do you want to join?” help filter out responses such as “…I like xDai”
      • Maybe we cultivate a MyMeta collab with Gitcoin?
    • Gitcoin kernel scholarship
  • Heterotic
    • Did a whole bunch of blue screen clips on meta 41 newsletter, will share
    • Won a grant
    • DZ asked “So what is semantic tagging?”
      • In ML idea is to teach computer what speech is
        • Tag words as nouns, verbs, etc.
        • To teach computer to know is take text with other words and put them through ML ingest.
        • A specific word may be categorized as a noun in one place and verb in another (“Gerund”).
        • Computer learns to make a prediction, is this a noun or a verb?
      • Teaching AI to derive meaning from statistics of text/tags.
      • Good news is that we are already doing semantic tagging
    • Heterotic previously built a Google Map for Greyhawk with 390 nodes
    • Looked at Ocean protocol a little
      • Get data out of ocean protocol into the visualizer

My connection dropped :frowning:

  • Spielley
    • Back for the first time in 6 months, been busy coding since July
    • In the final stretch and hope to launch Alchemics(sp?) in January
      • Borrow against stable coins
        • Asset generates yield and pays off loan
  • Davidhq
    • Was back and working on profile setup but lost his work with error profile already exists
      • This could be an issue for others and someone else might just move on and not bother reporting
      • Will either share in issues and ideas or report a github issue
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MetaGame Community Gathering 01/08/2021

  • Scribe: defileZebra (DZ)
  • Attendees: Misanth, Peth, Blake, heterotic, mprime, Drew, penguin, TheLoneRonin (TLR), Kyle, futch420, Yexzu.eth, krokodil, MaxProfit, koH, The Great Nope, b0gie|yexzu.eth

Quick-ish Summary:

  • We had some discussion about producing food, inequity such as the gender pay gap, and rewriting the law with AI and ML.
  • There is a critical need to work on gas consumption reduction associated with minting given the price of gas today.
  • Still wanting to build a BZZ SRC bridge to Seed (using EIP 1155) hit up Heterotic if you have a clever suggestion about using storage space, you like to build bridges, or might be able to help with translation.


  • DZ
    • Starting a day job on 1/22 and will take a 2-week break from 1/22 to 2/5 for training. Expect to be available for meetings on lunch break starting 2/8.
    • Will report back asap if there are any issues that would prevent 2/8 return
  • Drew
    • Working on Metafactory roadmap stuff
    • Preparing for the move to western slope CO
      • Permaculture orchard plus vineyard
      • Tasting room/fruit stand?
    • Web3 governance plus agriculture to create a Community farming network?
      • Dreams of building out dedicated guild around permaculture and food networks
  • TLR
    • We haven’t seen this much wealth inequality since the French Revolution
    • As value of crypto grows, we may see more buying of a piece of Example_Country and create a place to be.
  • Penguin
    • “BaseX “ or “Xbase”
      • Buying an Island
  • Drew
    • SeaSteading is similar in concept but has more logistical challenges than building a city
  • Heterotic
  • Kyle
    • Excited for more opensource AI being published from universities
    • Currently working on concept for educational system designed to increase human capital
      • Recording a zoom session and apply AI to create a transcript of conversation.
      • Avoid redundancy in validating or appraising effort
      • Leading predictions of job loss may be a faster crisis for humanity than climate change?
        • 26% of jobs predicted by 2030
      • Wants to build a decentralized and scalable way to focus human capital
      • Springboard as an example
        • If you qualify for “free” class when they place you into a job they take a very heavy slice of pay (30-40%?)
  • Futch420
    • Corporate labor force was expanded in the not distant past with the addition of women. Women are more affected by Covid and the gender pay gap exasperates this.
    • Domestic labor has been undercompensated
    • Laws created to make it harder for sex workers to earn money
  • TLR
    • The way we as a society measure value seems to be a taboo topic
  • Heterotic
    • Homeostasis and balance has been disturbed
    • Municipal eco resiliency project
      • Permaculture in urban settings
    • Who among us has food sovereignty?
      • Crickets
  • TLR asked Heterotic to expand
    • Consider, what is a solid homeostatic turnover rate in the metagame?
      • Answering this question would resolve onboarding and ownership frictions
      • Maintenance of the population within a defined set of nodes
    • Saw a lecture at UC Boulder in ‘93 on the nature of the exponential function
      • In the 1950s it was possible to calculate Gaussian function on petrol consumption
      • Prognosis was that between 2020 and 2030 nation-states would have to control strategic reserves and confine them to the use of the military
      • Actually, a Gaussian function
  • TLR asked Heterotic to expand on “Vertigo” as an important aspect of play
  • Yexzu.eth
    • Excited to finish the video
  • koH
    • Saw the metaverse through yexzu and maxprofit
  • Heterotic asked for clarification on Runway Security role
    • Runway Security if for those working to onboard more patrons
    • Landing crew is the navigator- helping new players figure out what they want to do to contribute
  • DZ inquired about the Treasury
    • How much of the Treasury would the 3 eth minting swallowed
      • Peth estimated ~50 eth, so that would have been 6% to mint
      • Will instead mint and disperse
  • Consensus: We really need a second layer solution
  • Someone (didn’t catch who) mentioned Ever Finance
    • They want to reduce uniswap congestion by putting it on airweave
  • TLR
    • Bridges to Uniswap to Solana?
  • Heterotic
    • Still needs a BZZ SRC bridge to Seed
    • Has a meeting with dev about BZZ grant on 1/29
    • Please reach out ASAP with any suggestions or creative ideas how to use this storage.
    • ERC-1155 is the bridge
    • SRC and ERC bridge is being worked on but has what may be Kanji characters and having issues with translation
  • koH recently helped Yexzu.eth get ENS name setup
  • Shit talking commences, jokes, laughs, good times. Join us next time.

Something like this: ? or…

S1W6 Community Gathering

6pm CET
22/01/2021 Scribe- Gnomeski

Contributors: Peth, Cryptic1,
MD, Bagholder McFomoIII, Balsrech, Nemo, Tommy, Tommy (2), Eric,
MLIBTY, Metadremer, Heterotic.

Quick-ish Summary:

(Following first time. Down
the Rabbit Hole, created and organised by @mprime. Subject - Chaos
Magick, AMA with Gnomeski)

  • We heard about some of the related backgrounds of some Fam members, well worth checking out when headhunting for your projects or hitting up for their skills and/or knowledge.
  • Definition of Founder and League based Perks as well as Patron perks is an ongoing issue to be clarified further. Awareness raised of this to move forward with.
  • Importance of more clarity required around communications between workgroups, and regarding accountability for lapsed commitments was introduced. To be explored further to aid efficiency of MG projects.
  • Thanks to all who attended.


  • People Introductions. General chat about issues and ideas, Founder perks, Patron Role.

Cryptic 1

  • Cryptic first discovered Crypto through being in energy industry and how much power was being used for mining. Looked into it more and found Ethereum. Worked with partners around Texas to check out security tokens. Found MG via Discord RNG and Friends with Benefits.

    Link to RNG discord


  • Rng really cool with many OGs who have loads of useful knowledge about game design and mechanics of use for MG.


  • Fascinated that MG exists and glad to have found it. Got into Crypto after long time in China. Been doing mining. Interested in what Drew was saying about Lucid dreaming anchoring methods. Wants to follow up with Gnomeski about seeds of intent.


  • German guy got into Crypto in 2018 and ever since. Works with Santiment. Doing tech support work. Generalist, magpie for new topics. Love gamification and excited. Friend of Nemo.


  • From Balkans lots of time in Crypto doing on chain data analysis on blockchain. Lately in lots of investments. Looking to help out with Github issues. Currently doing NFTs on proof of experience systems with some friends.


  • Part of APY vision who provide liquidity. But they have poor tools to analyse what they doing. Tommy is doing this now. Found MG via Raidguild. They are hiring engineers if anyone is up for that ask Tommy.


  • Studying computer science. Recently started newsletter, learning having fun and part of some hackathons. Wanting to be involved and learn at the same timme.
  • Peth - directing Eric to builders guild.


  • Got into crypto 2018 via DADA NFTs and other digital art is of interest. Building crypto parcels at mo on MG? Follow up.

Peth - Founder perks
Link in
Townhall to dump Pls
people please
give Feedback
on the
Document as


  • Found MG through 1hive and Bloom. In Costa Rica organising off chain intentional community works by Sociocracy. Interested in using crypto space for developing this. Doing stuff with Giveth at the moment.


  • Great people doing phase 3 stuff.
  • MD Really into potential for Sociocracy and important to look more at this. Sourcecred looking At this very thing.


  • Problem between How much is too much chasing people vs supporting people. Boundaries around communications to discuss more in future.


  • How to work with me on MyMeta where you can specify how much you are happy to be pursued, hassled or whatever as guide to follow up boundaries etc.


  • Important to look at what responsibility means. Holding people accountable for commitments they have made.


  • We should include maybe in onboarding. Tommy to do a talk on Sociocracy next week in Rabit Hole slot of Community Gathering.


  • Expectation setting people still in hierarchical mode from outer world. Likes tasks coming from bottom up. People empowered to push things forward for themselves and just check in it is cool with others. Promote autonomy, self starting etc
  • Nemo
    • Agree no hierarchy but if community makes processes just for streamlining development. But good to move ahead at good speed. Planning to raise a topic to explore this as an issue to develop.


  • Big problem is how hectic stuff is so much info. Info overload. Be good to have more specific teams co-ordinating actions. But we wanna minimise the number of edges. Some people could have role for ensuring communications between workgroups so people can focus more specifically on tasks rather than trying to always take in the whole of MG. (scribes note- Major role for this?)


  • I been throwing round lots of emojis. Raid emoji is being used to alert to raid like suggestions, or fulfilments. Use this as a request emoji for quests and project organising. To signify recognition of work being done which is towards Raid completions. Useful to use emojis specifically so they speak to others symbolically, enhance signal quality.


  • Time to make space for structuring in a non corporate but useful way. Organise in next 10 days.


Wedneday 7pm CET meeting about Governance and organisation.

To do = Organise meeting for dot voting
on Patron perks.


  • Need to get further feedback on what Founder and League perks can be, what do people want them to be?
  • Organisational optimisation in ways that are non hierarchical but still improve efficiency. Boundaries around communications related to accountability over unfulfilled commitments to be discussed further. Meeting was set.
  • To explore more – Sociocracy.

Organisation Meeting 27/01/2021 7pm CET

Scribe: Gnomeski

Contributors:Peth, Nemo, Misanth, Heterotic (Het),

Penguin, Hammad, Avalon, Cosmic, Gnomeski

Quick-ish Summary:

  • Need for Project management needs to be met by better systems of co-ordination, accountability, blocker identification and removal, weekly check ins by Champions. Interaction between Shepherds and Champions as key infrastructure. Fractalising of organisation into more focused work groups proposed as proven more effective and scaleable system to emulate. Zenhub proposed as a better tool for now. Possible development with Metamaps may help overall visualisation by the end of the season.
  • Meeting with newer members highlights the current difficulty of finding where to apply themselves; again enforcing the requirement for higher organisational capabilities to increase capture and utility of everyone’s potential.

Agenda: Today we are discussing organisational

efficiency in MetaGame moving forward.



  • Hard to keep up with all the Github issues. Some other cases where there it is unclear who is working on what, some things not getting done. Working out timeframes based on abailitiea and availability.
  • Blockers in coding etc not being flagged up very well. A place to track all these things. We currently have Notion to try and track but it is not all there.
  • Maybe everyone could use Github management tool.
  • Use a task board. Between Shepherds and Champs work out time frame.
  • Weekly see what progress is and what is blocking.
  • Reasoning is this can make better performance.


  • Gellee has installed Zenhub may help.


  • Zenhub good. Also enables difficulties of tasks and is more proper project management tool, only works well if someone is keeping it on track organising it etc. Especially as this is different to a company due to fluctuating availability of people and changing people working on projects.
  • Can work in a fractalised way rather than just 1 big thing so it more projet sprecific as is less info overload. More focused. Eg Metamaps team there should be weekly updates and calls for keeping on track.


  • This is very focused on Github where not everything is. Important to have GH tools that are specific. In terms of adding apps. Is there a way to extend existing operating system. Our system can be a way of project managing in itself. Such as in an rpg you have a map as to where to go for quests etc. This is one of the purposes of Metamaps.


  • As MD was saying separating into work groups is really helpful. Maybe teams of 5 and then an overall Project manager to bring all these things together. Bit like using post it notes. We need to use this ‘getting tickets done’ system, hit groups. Super efficient.


  • Agree with all of this. Reason talking about GH due to talking about project management systems for building with Peth in DMs. Does not matter tho which side people are working on. We develop an effective structure it can be applied everywhere. Say I am Mymeta Shepherd. I can go to Champ find what’s going on, who is doing what and do weekly check ins etc. Good place to start at east. In other guilds things may be different so we need to pay attention to those also.


  • Justifying iterations. Looking at Silo effect with vids and Annalese as an example.


  • Proposes making a structure to work from to begin with to get going with things, but must go.


  • Specifically invited Nemo to help with tech side specifically as there are some others to manage other things.


  • We are gonna need logistics support and agile development. We need a unified way to view these things. Metamaps needs to provide that functionality. Interim lets go ahead with Zendesks or whatever as we build our own thing.


  • Unifying layer is Sourcecred. As MG grows and we get beyond 150 it will fractalise with many splinter cells. There needs to be some autonomy for these groups as it will get beyond constant mangeability.


  • We need to find help for newcomers and those who have been here a while but are stuck


  • I see what you mean about Sourcecred as being unifying layer.
  • Goal with Metamask is to have our own unifier, it will be a good visualiser. If we integrate quests and raids as nodes on this visualiser it could be great project management tool among other things. The more we use Sourcecred as thing increase in complexity the less we understand our own value system so that’s the value of having our own system.


  • SourceCred starting creditor design sprint soon and so end Feb should have strong prototype for it. So we working on micro plugins for eg Scribing, see who was there and award XP as an example. Eth addresses are not in SC so that’s an issue at the moment the current system is hacky. IDX is now on testnet.
  • link from townhall dump
  • Once eth addresses are fixed we can removed address book and go straight to MyMeta and that incorporates this stuff then.


  • Is this all thru 3 ID connect not bright ID?


  • I frame UI pop up allows you to connect wallets, platforms multi connectable.


  • 3ID is a set of api made by 3box for ceramic(edited) And data storage

  • MD So your 3ID is separate. Unique identifier for IDX. Allows you to create a link to different accounts


  • Newcomers looking to work on stuff. Bunch of questions.


  • I am a digi marketer and new to Web3. Digi marketing related.

MD - Writers guild.


  • So am trying to find out how to see where the writing is happening, writers guilld just seeing things like some poems etc How to become involved is uynclear.

Peth - Is general chats about writing, acts like a base for the


  • So we have this idea of Channel leads. It puts commitment on them and can be hard to leave or how does it happen? Does not make sense to have person stuck in that for a long time. So maybe do time bound thing.


  • Camps are for like aligning interests
  • I recently did a thing about propaganda in Artists guild about that but there could be a role for writers there for example.


  • Yeah as someone interested in writing I hear you. Seems currently the Writers Guild is like a place to put self forward in general. Difficulty of knowing where the work is. Often people running certain quests will be doing there own writing on it so there is not like a definite role for writers. Keeping in touch with new developments in chats can be a way to see openings. Quests and raids on Notion can act as a map of projects to pursue to find if they need writers.

Avalon - Good to hear the lay of the land.


  • Ask not what you can do for MG but what MG can do for you…
  • Needs to be self directed to some extent as to where you can fit in. Is pretty permissionless in some ways. You could say write an article we did not know we needed but it works well for example.

Avalon. - Who can I speak to for about content creation.


  • Peth is writing Newsletter. Wiki is another place. Notion is another place Misanth could be good to chat to.


  • I am new and still trying to work it out!


  • Me too still after a year! Lol


  • Familiarising with GH and understand what is happening there.

Peth - Check out builder guides.


  • Link to project board for MyMeta that is better organised with a list of issues.

  • Alec is working on App draw. You could set up Bright ID if you want. Plan to make a newcomer builder channel. Actually just use builders guild.


Plan - send people to Builders Guild to get them oriented.
Specifics about building.


  • So far what is built is more of a cultural framework is that right? How is it a game?


  • MetaGame is real life.
  • There are game environments though which we want to take off discord into a game environment. Some amazing people could get involved from Webverse. So like you could walk around into guilds, plant Seed for real in Liquidity Garden etc. Create real world value while doing this.

Stopping scribing… 1 hr up and talk left Organisation specifics.


Currently systems need upgrading is agreed by all. Specifics for
the ultimate system are open ended and will no doubt evolve many
times. Seems Nemo initial system is a good place to start with a
strong emphasis on fractalised development for the future to
implement scalable solutions that aid specific foci for workgroups,
as different tentacles of the overall system. Visualisation tools in
general whether Sourcecred, Metamaps or both systems are essential
still for the overall picture. There is a general consensus that
organisational systems can be used in a minimally hierarchical way
to improve the productivity and harmony of Metagame.

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Better On-boarding Meeting 28/01/2021 10:30pm CET

Scribe: Sparrow

Contributors: ApeironCreations, Bagholder McFomo III, d3centr0z (d3c), heterotic (Het), kyle, peth, Scott Wilson, Sparrow, Uranus, wonfiddy.eth

Quick-ish Summary:

Discussion of the items from this analysis of the current on-boarding system:


#1 Rabbit hole is deep. Things are overwhelming.

  • Peth: Vetting process. Not really there for MetaGame, kind of on purpose. If you don’t deliver, you don’t earn XP / SEED, so it is a self-enforcing system.
  • Het: Vetting would make it feel like a conventional job. The rabbit hole is the vetting process.
  • Sparrow: Effort required should weed people out organically.
  • Het: Something in between what we have now and setting up a formal system. Future staking for raids will also mitigate. Player limit is sufficient to remove most risk.
  • Peth: Pay attention to getting players from different backgrounds.
  • Peth: Find better way of recruiting devs from web 2.
  • Het: Different kinds of people, different needs, need different pathways - proto pathways are already there
  • Het: Metamaps can map links between funnels for progression. Important for game balance.
  • Kyle: tracking player paths may be useful

#2 Definition of seed for the uninitiated

  • Kyle: no definition on landing page
  • Peth: perhaps should be on some other page, but purposefully ambiguous
  • Kyle: make the point that the people who create value are the ones who receive it
  • Peth: tokenized value
  • Het: avoiding mentioning seed to devs straight away gets the ‘right’ kind of devs; patron path does talk about seeds (obviously) - things need to be separated into their own page & links set up, though for better on-boarding flow.

#3 Landing Page / First Impressions

  • Kyle: Some colourful info, sort of sales like, the scope of what we’re doing & why people should be excited about it. Tricky, because we don’t want to say ‘hey if you want to make money, come work on this project’
  • Het: agreed with suggestion for a testimonials section on the page.
  • Sparrow: Highlight diversity
  • Peth: like the 14 reasons why I like MetaGame
  • Kyle: We’re a lot of cool things, we should convey that
  • Kyle: Make a team photo - maybe like the one in photoshop tennis?
  • Uranus: The way that is presented is important.
  • Het: SC data could be used to map … or a pop up of their MyMeta card
  • D3c: Are we talking about attracting? Or are we talking about retention.
  • Peth: Retention

#4-6 abstractions, already covered (Het) in the interest of time, we skip so we can be sure to get through most pressing / low hanging fruit.

#7 Adding role process to typeform

  • Peth: Role selection will be part of the MyMeta profile creation, which will be used to apply.
  • Peth: there is an issue for this, just need implementing
  • Uranus: This will help because there isn’t one single flow

#8 set-eth-address (going away) / in general flow on Discord
See The Metarrhizal Network

  • Het: Pinned messages and descriptions
  • Uranus: High level doc created, listed on Notion, ready for someone to do the re-org
  • Het: MD mentioned ceramic integration IDX, perhaps this superceed this?
  • Het: this will remove #set-eth-address and automate some of this
  • Peth: sourcecred will integrate ETH addresses

#10 discord chaos

  • Het: the game is accessed through the app drawer, notion, discord, etc. will be accessed from there

  • Kyle: roles restricting information, fine-tuning the #signpost channel, no info overload in this channel

  • Uranus: Metarrhizal Network could be of use there

  • Peth: still need another place for links to notion, forum

  • Kyle: make signpost easier to find

  • Uranus: add signs as you go up levels, would be really nice

  • d3c: do we know the churn rate?

  • Het: how many are in The Fallen?

  • Kyle: inkeepers are much much more valuable that originally realised. We can filter info & do all this stuff, but the real solution needs to be a quest for personal onboarding

  • d3c: someone to follow up, maybe an internship

  • Uranus: MetaBuddy, Guardian card in tarot as an additional role on top of other role

  • Het: RPG have prestige class, built off what skills you develop, ways to move laterally across classes

  • Het: Also ties in with MetaQuests, as this gives us information, let’s us help player progression

  • Kyle: we’ve added a lot more roles, use roles as a way of self-identification - perhaps a problem that contributes to overload

  • Sparrow: People don’t know the consequences of selecting roles, this should be made clear

  • Uranus: perhaps delay selecting until after ‘initiation’? Separate skills from role selection

  • Het: each of us create a story for ourselves about our paths

  • Kyle: avoid choice overload

  • Het: 4 base classes: social, raider/builder, artist, rogue - presented as choices as first, then refine later

  • Bagholder: talking about info overload, I selected Mayor, because I wanted an overview of everything, some sort of unification. Knowing what’s being worked on and understanding the priorities

  • Kyle: Mayor is a varient of Rogue

  • Uranus: seeing everything doesn’t help if you don’t have someone to explain it to you

  • Peth: one of the reasons there are all of the roles is that it allows people to see what kinds of roles are valuable to us

  • Kyle: roles act as communication channels, tagging roles

  • Het: request for Kyle to review MetaQuest, and SEED mini quest which is good for onboarding, MetaSkillz standard (links to these and more in Townhall dump … Discord tutorial (How to Meta)

  • Uranus: text based RPG (props to Penguins), conversation explained everything, really simple, really effective

  • Peth: build out Notion, move into onboarding bot when ready.
    {ed. note: Notion now has ‘warm up quests’]

Kyle needs to DJ, meeting wrap up :partying_face: Hope the party was rockin’!!


MetaGame Community Gathering 2/5/2021

  • Scribe: defileZebra ( DZ )

  • Attendees: Misanth, Kyle Stargarden, peth, mprime, sparrow, Drew H, Metadreamer ( MD ), heterotic, Davor, Mlibty, CarlB, Bau, Scottrepreneur, taekitz, TheLoneRonin ( TLR ), Dysbulic, L-KH

Quick-ish Summary:

  • So much excitement for lucid dreaming that we discussed for nearly the whole hour.
  • Taekitz is serious about the open offer to mentor the social engineer that was impersonating peth don’t need your eth


  • Mprime shares that our agenda today at ~15 after we will use 15 minutes for Drew and Hamad to discuss lucid dreaming.
  • Update from Peth on Alignment , our face-to-face gathering to build together for 4 weeks
    • Plan is to convene 3 weeks before season 3 launch which would be roughly middle to late May
    • Setting a date continues to prove challenging due to the pandemic
    • Maybe we should consider Season 4 launch instead, which would be roughly September
      • Heterotic shared that the Travel industry is expected to be impacted for as much as the next 7 years.
      • Sparrow suggests that September may offer the most likely shot at becoming reality as it would fit nicely between Summer relaxation of restrictions and next Winter’s potential to see restrictions tighten up again.
    • MD wants to do some VR chat/meetup in the interim
    • Metafest came up and some discussion around venue determination
      • Would Gathertown be reasonable for something like this?
      • Heterotic has an affinity for imbedding jitsi into everything, but namely interspace
      • When is Metafest?
        • Was initially suggested at 2 weeks before season 2 launch, but is still ultimately to be determined at this time
      • MD : if we want to use Gathertown we will need to muster our artists to help create content for the space.
      • Someone suggested we consider using Minecraft
  • Swarm hackathon Monday (liberate data platform) will be on Gathertown
    • (Someone, possibly mprime?) Shared that Gathertown is a closed source commercialization of the Chaos computer club’s “ Work Adventure ” which in the past had supported as many as 20k participants.
    • MD : Gathertown is not open source
  • Now lets talk Lucid Dreaming!
    • Discussion lead by Drew and MD
    • In the interest of full disclosure, Drew does not consider himself more than amateur with interest in researching this topic because he finds it fascinating
    • What lead Drew down this path? During his first year of college was a enthusiastic psychonaut. Began to recognizing states of consciousness. He wanted to dig deeper into some “cheat codes” for reality.
    • For MD , he was digging around to explore the need for humans to sleep, shortly after high school
    • Focused breathing as a technique
    • Drew was exposed to some similarities between dreams and DMT
    • MD : One thing that he got out of it was freedom. Being unafraid of consequences. Revealed that nothing stopping you but you, actually. Creating a self-imposed mental prison or sorts but that one can work towards architecting their own reality. Realize that “real life” is a lot like a hallucination.
    • Drew shared that when you recognize you are dreaming and you become lucid, it can be very exhausting. Not necessarily a restful sleep.
    • DZ asked about heavy cannabis users dreaming less
      • Taking breaks from cannabis can certainly increase vividness of dreams
      • Drew: Does not feel prevented from dreaming, but may be harder to connect and recall dreams.
      • First step is to improve dream recall
        • Start keeping a journal and write down recollections
      • Next, try to figure out how to recognize you are in a dream
      • Melatonin can be helpful
      • Drew mentioned a product called Pure Sleep by Clif High.
        • check out his work on linguistics. He created web bot.
    • Dream is a chemical experience exerting small amounts of DMT
    • Psilocybin is close relative to DMT
    • MD : Not trying to take control of dreams and views that as a life lesson. Less control you try to exert the better things will seem. Go with the flow. Let fate take its way. It can be liberating to know that you don’t need to have all the answers.
    • MD : Dreams are all just a chemical hallucination and always has been.
    • Kyle asked: Have you had any experience with lucid dream after meditating? Drew has experienced this once. Kyle’s most profound lucid dream was after meditation.
    • Biggest problem with learning to lucid dream is waking yourself up with excitement
    • MD and Drew had a discussion about lucid dreaming and without any direct discussion on the matter Peth was also discussing the same topic. Strange coincidence and what if there was some sort of psychic connection or energy exchanged.
  • DZ asked whether it was actual Peth or imitation Peth and derailed the conversation about dreams while we talked about the recent incidents of a Peth imitator soliciting crypto from other players.
    • As a sidenote and just to clearly reiterate: “Peth don’t need your eth”
    • We talked about Karma
    • Peth imitator is playing finite versus infinite game
    • Positive sum and negative sum games
    • Taekitz seriously wants to mentor scammer if they dare accept his offer
      • Promise not to dox the scammer if they accept
      • Give the scammer an option to learn to focus their skill towards doing good instead of just simply preying on others.
  • Kindness and happiness
    • Working towards the benefit those living around you makes you happy.
    • Talked about how Bob Marley never locked his doors.
      • Didn’t see it as creating opportunity for theft. If someone wants something, they will just take it, maybe they need the stolen thing more than Bob Marley did.
    • An effective way to increase base happiness to help others.
      • This is in fact a selfish act to increase your own happiness.
    • Someone brought up some research that found (approximately paraphrased here:) that the happiness of spending $1 on someone else makes you 10x happier than a dollar spent on yourself.
  • Are there any lucid dreaming questions, has anyone had an awakening they wish to share?
    • TLR - does not record dreams but is really into dream moods.
      • TLR doesn’t lucid dream, but remembers parts of dreams. Recently had a dream that car was stolen. Could be a sign of having somehow been stripped of identity, or maybe just disgruntled with the status quo. Dream moods can offer different interpretations for the same thing.
    • Drew shared that dreaming of losing teeth if often interpreted as a sign of financial trouble.
  • Meeting ran over and the scribe had to drop at minute 67.
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MetaGame Gathering 2/7/2021

  • Scribe: defileZebra ( DZ )

  • Attendees: Sandy_Magical, Gnomeski, Heidi, Heterotic, Misanth, Sparrow, Dysbulic, Avalon, D3centr0z, Peth, Neo Preacher, Tommy, WhyIdWander

Quick-ish Summary:

  • Recent events highlight the urgent need to declare what behaviors will not be tolerated and come up with a plan to address posts that are not reflective of the inclusive environment we wish to create.
  • Consensus was that we need more active moderation within discord, but this is much bigger than a one-person role.


  • We need to onboard more diverse players and foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.
  • Gnomeski submits the following text in #townhall-dump as a suggestion and conversation opener:
    • Possible Addition to the Guidelines?
      • Welcome Newcomer and Congratulations on having found your way to our home. We all like a laugh, often of a slightly darker shade. Metagame is pushing boundaries for all and wants free thinkers that are aligned. We are all about inclusivity and the only people we do not tolerate are the intolerant! Prejudices, sexist material and the like are not met with silence or acceptance, this is an advance warning. We have an Executioner!
      • There are 2 Channels available for people to explore ideas that may not go down well in polite, yet funky society, where you can fill your boots. They are Taboo and Sex Channels in the Discord server. In all other Channels and in the Discourse Forum lets preserve the precious and fun, progressive revolution that is the Metagame Community for all.
      • Vision, Unity, Action and Respect…
  • DZ is not caught up on text channels so Uranus gave a rundown of recent events:
    • There was some arguably inappropriate posting. Others noticed silence. Assumption was made that not addressing the post was tantamount to condoning its content. There was some direct messaging to the original poster, but nothing addressed publicly.
    • Uranus responded and thought it quieted down but saw another, notably articulate, justification of the behavior
    • There was backlash about censorship
    • Uranus feels its important to shine light on any behavior that leads down a dark path.
    • There was a motion to create a safe space to allow NSFW content/expression and new channels were recently created
    • This issue has created a significant distraction but there is a need to act swiftly
  • Heterotic
    • In permaculture, shit happens. We need a place to put the shit. Ideally, we would not shit where we eat.
    • We as a collective do not have the professional expertise to deal with some of the crazy shit that has come up.
    • Feels that we have been co-opted into a culture war and is not a fan.
  • Sparrow
    • When something like this happens in the future, lets decide what we will do so it doesn’t create such disruption.
    • Are we sure that as a group that we do want to include more women?
      • Is this a resolved goal? – “Yes” says Peth.
  • Peth
    • It is a stated goal to expand diversity and there is a quest to bring in people with unique backgrounds. Peth is interested in suggestions on how to further articulate and clarify.
  • Uranus
    • Item 1 on agenda is making the space balanced and clear what we are about here
  • Sandy
    • What is the profile that this group has attracted and why do you think they are attracted?
    • Peth: Initially we heavily attracted people in crypto space. Seem to have picked up some token pump/4chan crowd along the way recently.
  • Neo Preacher
    • Not here to defend personal views or make people think like me
    • Permaculture is what attracted them to Metagame
    • Always been weird but open minded and really values people
  • Uranus
    • Really important to establish that this isn’t a witch hunt.
    • How we deal with inappropriate posts needs to be sorted out and declared
  • Heidi
    • What are the limits of free speech here?
    • Is there something we can agree on that is so counterproductive that it doesn’t require community pushback and can be codified as a rule?
  • Dysbulic
    • Feels like we are drawing a line when there has only been one single infraction
  • Sparrow
    • The image was one time, yes and was acknowledged in an earlier thread. However, in all of the text-based content there have been other occurrences and nothing was said.
  • Dysbulic
    • Negative state feedback- suggests ignore it
  • Sparrow
    • This wasn’t a one off. When other statements have been made about women nothing was said, but it took an image to have this discussion.
    • Concerned about the underlying tone. It’s not overt, it’s not all the time, but it goes unchallenged.
  • Possibly Peth or Uranus? I missed the speaker here:
    • We have framework…let’s not delete posts but we need to be able to move things where they need to go.
  • Heterotic
    • Has shit that she wants to accomplish with MG tech like planning a society based on respect for space.
    • The issue is about what you do in our space
    • Mentioned being repeatedly misgendered by other players and is tired of correcting errors at this point.
  • Uranus
    • Is there per channel moderation in discord?
    • Are we going to moderate and how?
  • Gnomeski
    • Pointed out that a “Judge” role has a massive conflict of interest if they are acting as both a prosecutor and a judge.
  • Consensus established that moderation needs to happen, the question is how.
    • Uranus proposes that certain people have permission to move posts
    • First send a DM to the original poster and encourage them to move the post to a more appropriate channel
    • At that point, if they refuse or fail to respond take a screenshot of post and delete it. Move screenshot to the appropriate channel.
  • Dysbulic
    • Suggests that a bot would be more effective or even using emoji as an impromptu voting mechanism
  • Heterotic
    • The game is the space we create
    • Take Mentorship more seriously
  • Sparrow
  • Heterotic
    • Who is in charge of the discord space?
    • Peth shared that Diamond level players have moderator permission in discord
  • Sparrow
    • Let’s start documenting who is involved on which projects/channels
  • Sandy
    • Joining us today for the first time after being invited by Kyle.
    • Had some technical challenges and couldn’t hear our first ~20 minutes
    • Sandy is a life coach with decades of experience and specialization in teaching clearing to groups or organizations
    • Will invite some other talented people to metagame that might be able to help us
    • “Never upset for the reason I think” - in my own upset there is usually something deeper at the core of it. In order to clear you must own you own upset.
  • Gnomeski
    • On language and owning your own issues and feelings with “I” statements.
    • The structure of communication can alleviate the game of ping pong that often results
  • Sandy
    • Is extremely careful with self-talk
    • never language anything that isn’t desirable
    • if not hopeful then you have something to clear. This can be a lot about what you say, but just as important is what you think.
  • At this point I had to drop, but Uranus may append any further notable information that I missed.
  • Not sure if the call was still going or not, but Avalon shared this timely newsletter about creating digital spaces that are welcome to everyone :


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MetaGame Community Gathering 2/12/2021

  • Scribe: defileZebra ( DZ )

  • Attendees: Misanth, sparrow, mprime, Dysbulic, hameedb.eth, penguin, Regenesis2020, Tommy, , Peth, Metaverde, Kyle Stargarden, Tien, GeleeRoyale, blairv, WhyIdWander, karmaticacid, L-KH, Pacobac, Bagholdermcfomo, Carl B, Indigo, Magenta, MLIBTY, Danibelle, Gnomeski, TheLoneRonin, mZ, Taekikz, Tonga

Quick-ish Summary:

  • Tokenomics and Sociocracy on the ground in Costa Rica. Big thanks to Tommy, Tien, and Regeneis2020 for sharing with us your world. Sorry to our Permaculture enthusiasts if you missed out!
  • As our guest speakers wrapped up, we continued to explore the social aspect of Metagame. A day later and I am glad to see action, a plan, and progress towards closure.


  • Recording: Penguin will record? GeleeRoyale is already rolling.
  • Tommy, introduces: Regenesis2020 and Tien who will be sharing today. They are co-council members living on the land in Costa Rica.
    • Share how blending tech and Tokenomics with on-ground projects
    • What got you into this and background?
      • Regenesis2020
        • Studied Socio-biology- who is happy and well? and why?
        • Seems that humans that live in villages do best.
          • Both Intentional and natural villages
        • Found permaculture and sociocracy
      • Tien
        • Started 8 businesses
        • Macro-economic financial planner
        • Started writing book about solving 12 root problems
          • Planting trees
        • Left USA 2 years ago
      • “La Diamante Bridge Collective” (aka LDBC throughout the rest of this doc)
    • Regenesis2020
      • Making decisions through Sociocracy
      • 25 kbps fiber in jungle
      • Local U and enviro club
        • Fizzled out but then brought it to valley
      • Sociocracy 3.0 and all
        • Open source
      • Many volunteers so progress can feel slow at times
      • Divided land project and bridge collective
        • A cell that has divided
        • Membrane
        • Edge is where the action is
    • Tien
      • Working groups etc.
      • Slow but in a spiritual way
      • Volunteer velocity allows them to be better
      • Bamboo circle- bamboo is a beautiful source of so many things
        • find, harvest, dry/treat, design. build
      • Sociocratic circles allow the un-objectionable ones to rise up
      • 3-4 months ago, scavenged some bamboo and are now building first structure
    • Tommy,
      • Tokenomics introduction
      • Sent some people to bamboo building immersion in another community node and brought skills back to the group.
      • They are currently figuring out: how do we properly track participation and what does on ground SourceCred look like if you aren’t checking in on discord server?
    • Regenesis2020
      • Regenerative farming enthusiast
      • 18 yrs of regenerative aggro-forestry
      • Centropic agriculture from Brazil- bio intensive
        • Plant seeds directly into ground and avoid nursery so deep roots
      • Low to the ground, mid canopy and taller
      • Cicadas are out and make a sound bath
      • Working with the plants daily
      • 60 species of stingless bees in Costa Rica
      • Many local native plants
      • Joy of working with the land is the best bliss
    • Tien
      • Welcome in a great amount of diversity
      • Eco villages may have popped up in places without the best soil
      • LDBC - wave of collectives have arisen
    • DefileZebra asked: How many people do you have currently and how many can you support?
      • Was just 4 people full time 4 months ago
      • Just recently they asked who intends to be here 100% and dedicate their time
        • ~20+ raised hands so 20-25 ppl
        • As for the specific capacity of land? It is calculated that they could support as many as 52 people before it strains the land
      • Welcome and find the right fit for however many show up for this army
    • Penguin asks the important question: Is there enough food?
      • Currently have sufficient stocks in perennial greens without a greenhouse
    • Sparrow asks about community composition
      • Eco villages in EU have run into frictions because of intergenerationally
        • Aging population of founders
        • Accepting families
      • What is your overall composition and has there been any planning for families with small children?
        • Yes. Regenesis2020 has 16-month-old
          • As many as 8 children bouncing around
          • They have several local elders with 15+ years
          • Work parties 2 days a week but on the land 4-5 days typically
    • Metadreamer asks about Sociocracy: how is that working out?
      • Metadreamer noted that MG likely needs more structure and guidelines
      • (didn’t catch who responded, maybe Regenesis2020?) A: Required a lot of dedication and it is notably slow in the beginning
        • Decentralizes the power into the hands of most affected and most invested parties
        • Advises that each circle and meeting should have clear purpose/driver/agenda
        • Facilitators are critical to help keep everyone on task because time is precious and they unite and amplify energy
      • Tien says more on challenges:
        • Everyone wants to work with bamboo
        • Some people didn’t have the time even though they joined the circle
        • This issue shows u pretty quickly
        • Take space for discernment
        • Passionate, but do you have enough time for bamboo commitment
    • Tommy,
      • Seen similar structure can be observed in MG, in LDBC they call focused groups “squads”
    • Gnomeski is interested and inquired on the Tokenomics aspect
      • Assume you have a Map of land and a list of priorities. What system is LDBC using to track efforts?
        • Regenesis2020: LDBC has discord even in the jungle!
        • They have channels recently that function like our like did-a-thing and give-props
        • Haven’t set up emoji system just yet
        • Have scribes and facilitators as well as milestones
        • Collecting donations in a few different ways
        • Systems set up for making proposals and prioritize those
        • Incorporating conviction voting as well as Sociocratic objection voting
        • They are interested in putting SourceCred on the ground
    • Metadreamer shares some insight on SourceCred:
    • Penguin asks about motivation and how do LDBC rewards volunteers
      • Tien: Kindness of the heart
      • Started work group to get people engaged and getting hands into the land and serve Mama Gaia
      • Over 12k volunteer hours
        • 3k holes dug
        • 3k trees planted
        • Probably something like 10k seeds earthed
    • Misanth asks about how they help people that have a hard time with transitioning from old life?
      • Tien: this is a very important question but they don’t have the answer
        • introduced Sociocratic objections
        • They have ways to help but clearly not all the answers
        • Took him 7 years to transition, personally
          • A lot of spiritual work, financial work, and surrendering of objects
        • Working very hard to find 3 basic channels to answer that question better
          • Desire to create 3 paths, for those that: 1) have got money 2) those with no money but plenty of time 3) those with a little bit of both


  • Bagholdermcfomo asked whether we actually need NSFW channels after sharing they recently decided severely scale back their participation in this collective space.
    • This kicked off another very intense discussion. For the sake of healing, I will not share any of those notes.
    • However, I will leave you with this if you have made it this far: Violence or threats of any kind will not be tolerated, full stop. Please be you, but always be respectful of the space we share together while we build out our collective future. If you see something unbecoming in any of our various channels (for now) please hit up your closest metabuddy/Innkeeper/Judge/whomever. It looks like @Uranus will head the charge to work through drafting and publishing more specifics and further direction over the coming weeks. Help out if you have constructive input to offer, but don’t snooze on it because we intend to move swiftly. Much love, Metafam!

MetaGame Community Gathering 2/19/2021

  • Scribe: DefileZebraemphasized text
  • Attendees: mprime, Sparrow, Misanth, dysbulic, Tommy, blairv, scottpreneur, Gnomeski, Ayen, TheLoneRonin (TLR), Bagholder McFomo III, Peth, GeleeRoyale, WhyIdWander, Hoppy, echojuliet, Davor, luxumbra.eth, Dan13ram, Jsimbouras, Uranus, MLIBTY, Michiel, Penguin

Quick-ish summary:

  • Mythology with Sparrow! Links between the brain, heart and gut biome. Impact of Myth in shaping society.
  • Links below about gut health
  • MetaFest vetting ideas to hack on: notion


Mythology with Sparrow


  • Mythology with Sparrow!
  • Fascinating topic for Sparrow and encourages questions
  • Mprime helped structure everything and framing this talk
    1. how do you define Mythology? History or Fiction?
    • Sparrow views of myth dovetails with lucid dreaming talk. Intimately connected to dreams and the unconscious
    • Theory about collective unconscious made up of knowledge and imagery that we are born with and is shared through others via symbol, pattern.
    • Myths and symbols are shaped by culture and change over time. Not fixed
    • Overlap and combine and humans weave them into stories that we call mythology
  • Sleep is critical to humans
  • Gut Bacteria links us
  • fulfills a psychological need to connect with unconscious
  • Interaction with the world and myths guide us
  • telling of myths (tend to be oral) helps story come alive
  • myth gives access to connection to dreams
  • Other question from mprime
    • Famous mythological universes and how they are connected
    • Each society throughout time and across the globe has developed their own system of mythology
      • Same kinds of stories
      • There was a time before anything existed
      • why do we all have a need to imagine a time which doesn’t exist?
        • every society has an existence story
        • all have flood stories
        • virgin birth
        • trickster characters that teach in a not so nice way
        • can go around in circles
          • what came first, the myth?
        • What Myths are we as a new society going to create?
          • Gnomeski has started creating the lore
          • Sparrow is fascinated by a new Myth and what we will say about ourselves
        • Last question: Personal favorite myth or story
          • Much overlap across time and space
          • Ragnelle and the Green knight…. similar to the story of Skeleton Woman
            • both are about individual sovereignty and being able to choose your own destiny
            • Led Sparrow into deep examination of choices and how she made them.
              • When she wanted to do something was it internal want, was it what she thought she wanted, what she thought others expected she should want?
            • About there being situation where someone is abhorrent and outcast. Cast aside through one means or another (enchantment in Ragnelle) an act of compassion and kindness coupled with acknowledgement of individual sovereignty changes situation totally and completely. Turns everything on its head and makes everything right again
              • kindness and compassion are necessary but must be coupled with individual sovereignty
              • Really interesting bit about skeleton woman. Fisherman ensnares a skeleton woman in his net. He attempts to flee but is also entangled in the net. Runs back to his Inuit hut. Shuts the door and is breathing heavy and sees that she is still there. He freezes and just watches for a while. (Sparrow notes that that pausing the in the midst of chaos is often the best course of action). After the pause he is curious and he untangles her from the net and observes she is disheveled (leg bone running through the rib cage). He carefully takes each piece back in proper config into a human. Then because he has done the work and was tired and stressed and goes to sleep. In his sleep he has a dream. The story doesn’t say what the dream was about, but it makes him cry. Has a tear on his check. Skeleton woman touches the tear and it gives her life. She sings her own flesh back onto the bone, the hair onto her head. She becomes a complete woman again and then she lies down next to him. The key turning point was because of a dream.
            • Examining the stories and hearing the lessons they are trying to teach allow for discovery and self-improvement
            • Like Metagame Lore and Myths creating now
              • Consider the myth of economies and money
              • before bitcoin people believed in the tangibleness of fiat currency and belief that economy is something real
                • We see now that it really is just a cultural fiction that we all agree is true and it becomes real
                • but we can choose to believe something else
              • Open floor for anyone else that has a favorite Mythology?
                • Gnomeski likes Thor and his hammer (Mjölnir) He has all these masculine qualities. Loki the trickster is involved and steals hammer. Cant approach the fortress of the gods. Thor has to dress as a woman and is presented as a bride to the giant. At the alter he grabs hammer and smacks giant
              • Tommy, asked to hear more about gut bacteria and neurology
                • more neurons in the gut than the brain
              • Many things have been narrowed since Rene Descartes
              • as many neurons in the heart
                • heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart
                • So the way we imagine our own physiology is not always accurate
  • Blairv
  • Likes how Sparrow links myth building with Sleep
  • Sleep unlocks new ways of thinking
  • how we can we change the system
  • Sparrow: Culture of business and almost pride about lack of sleep
    • worth based on how productive someone is?
    • as a group we are trying to live on less and less sleep and that impacts our ability to make decisions. Brain chemistry and sense of control over your lives.
    • Stay awake for 3-4 days and see how you feel
      • Note that is just an acute situation
      • chronic situation 4/5 hours per night over extended periods of time and the affects accumulate and you don’t even notice. Like a frog in a pot of boiling water.
  • Gnomeski
    • Notes that imagination works hard under sleep deprivation
    • seek consultation under sleep deprivation and forcing unconscious to become visible
    • trapped in insomnia?
  • Sparrow
    • Vision quest is intentional
    • such a powerful tool can be helpful in acute situations
  • Switching gears to MetaFest:
    • is there a place to find people to collaborate with?
    • Mprime has a project idea and is curious about the best place to vet it
      • mprimecan do the backend but looking for someone familiar with javascript libraries for visualization for a micro raid for MetaFest
      • Someone suggested to put it on notion.
      • Propose tackle skill tree with hack/project raid to create a channel where people can post interests and people react
      • This would supply a map of topics and help build a mini skill tree from what’s in the channels
  • Tommy asked Sparrow for resources about gut health:
  • Sparrow shared in the townhall-dump channel:
  • Other hacks in mind for MetaFest?
  • Type forms for MetaFest, everyone is encouraged to fill one out
  • treasure hunt in crypto voxels
    • most of the NFTs are designed
  • Art jam with live minting!
  • day with music and Djs
    • MetaRadio- who is the champion?
  • Raffle tickets
    • for NFTs
    • There will be an NFT puzzle too
  • Prize pool/bounty for hackathon
    • What will be offered?
    • Will discuss more on Monday in Champions Ring
  • The Purge
    • Luxumbra looking for people to help with the purge/executioner
    • Today we have 180/190 players currently and need to get down to 150
    • Tracking in Notion by player
    • What is patronage and what are the benefits?
      • Need a definitive list of benefits
      • page about seed but nothing specific about patrons
    • Add a column to track unique executioners
      • Vanilla helped scrape a user list to support the effort
      • Filtering in notion
  • Uranus: suggested combining Metarrhizal network with player list and roles
    • who is doing what and where?
  • Procedure docs for purge and scribe?
  • Uranus serenades the call!
  • Scam Dms, if you see them in the server please report them
    • we have some walls to minimize autospam
    • be careful
    • tag a judge or hit up online Diamond fam
  • Michiel
    • New developer joining us today!
    • Interested in basic income from data generated
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MetaGame Community Gathering 2/26/2021
• Scribe: defileZebra (DZ)
• Attendees: mprime, alibyte, groovy, Jsimbouras, Misanth, Tommy, Wonfiddy, b0gie, MetaDreamer, TheLoneRonin, Sparrow, Penguin, Peth, Nirv, Metaverde, Davor

Quick-ish Summary:
• Today’s rabbit hole was with WonFiddy on LED based power sports
• Minting an NFT with a huge embedded video file involves crazy gas costs due to data size, even though gas isn’t relatively terrible.

Rabbit Hole:
mPrime brings us to the Rabbit hole with Wonfiddy, today we talk about LED based power sports
• LED power sports is pixel-based tech taking LED and putting them on an array. Staff, chucks, hoops, bands, gloves, all are options. Microlight tech on silicon based PCB.
• Tournaments for cash are extremely demanding on the muscles.
• mPime: Do the lights feel the speed?
o Wonfiddy: Yes, accelerometers.
• Next thing on video was an S-staff
o all based on flow
• Dragon staff.
o Multiple dimensions spinning at the same time
• Power gloving
o Aka Wimp Olympics?
• Mprime: how do the tournaments work?
o Digital submissions with deadline
o Tourney is usually broken up and based around a particular skillset/moveset
o Whip momentums and flail are a couple of examples on the video
• “Glorbiting”
o Orbiting and gloving at the same time
o Like a string with crazy knots with what looks like a gyroscope of light spinning in the middle
• MetaDreamer: So excited for people turning these moves into NFTs
• “Triple show” on video next
o As you might imagine, 3 actors = usually 6 hands.
• WonFiddy serenaded us with beats and lights! So awesome, and I’m sorry if you missed it.
o Will become an NFT series of 10
o Need to sort out some details around minting them and moving them.
o Large video file on chain is mucho gweis
• Video playlist that Wonfiddy curated before putting on a show:

• Defile: What language/tools are used to code the lights?
o Phone for the User-friendly gloves
o OSM does have to be coded. Possibly C++
 Has a USB B interface in the bottom.
 Can tap into the db and program anything!
 Something that is now discontinued :frowning:
 There is a company that Wonfiddy is working with and they are in pre-seed now.
• Lights all connect to a Bluetooth hub that uses to communicate? And programs it through his phone.
• Mprime: micro controller in each light?
o Wonfiddy: Streaming through infrared white light with memory on the chip
• IOT integration from audience?
o Program the audience
o Interactive venues
o AR
• Wonfiddy: “Mocap” (motion Capture- this was a new one for me) is the future of VR
• MD: Nice Mocap suits are like 10-15k…but they are coming down in price
o VR is still missing micro expressions and body language.
o Once we have good motion/face cap will make us feel much more present
• Penguin?: How much are these toys?
o Wonfiddy: Smart gloves retail for around $125. Mid tier around $60 on avg
o Pixel screen staff
 prices are actually increasing.
 6 inches is the smallest one for $599, 10 inch $1500-2k.
 Sky is the limit on custom features and bells and whistles (as much as you can spend)
• Due to the high cost of gas for video NFTs we started talking about layer 2 options like xDai and Matic
• Tommy, shared:
• MetaDreamer shared for turning drawings into NFTs
• Avagatchi doing stuff next week on matic
• MetaDreamer: Next seed distribution amounts updated after updating weights
o Davors design work still needs an initiative, and likely to continue to be adjusted
o If no feedback in the next day or two will put the vote on chain
• MD: Eventually we hope to open a liquidity pool on xDai

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Metagame Community Gathering 3/5/2021

• Scribe: DefileZebra
• Attendees: Misanth, mprime, Metaverde, Sparrow, eowulia, dysbulic, TheLoneRonin, luxumbra, Bagholder Mcfomo III, Tommy, , penguin, MLIBTY, VanillaDelphia, Avalon, Peth

Quick-ish summary:
• Misanth led a discussion about Visual Expression

Visual Expression with @Misanth :octopus:!

• Visual Expression with Misanth!
◦ Thinks of Visual Expression as a way you can put things into the world
◦ Example mural of Whale with a bunch of garbage in it
:black_small_square: makes you think
◦ Banksy and imitators
◦ Architecture
:black_small_square: Socialist versus Renaissance Architecture
:black_small_square: Oppressed versus encouraged to express themselves
◦ We watched this together:
:black_small_square: Your footprint
◦ MetaVerde: nightmare Elk in Portland
◦ Visual Art can be anything
◦ Penguin: Artists visual style and colors used says a lot about them. Non-Verbal communication can be accomplished with color
◦ Misanth: can really instill a certain emotion through imagery
◦ Saturation in film
◦ frame rates can have impact on creating emotion
◦ CocaCola- experimenting with single frame and selling popcorn.
:black_small_square: Penguin: This can be easily weaponized against us.
• Trust in Realty
• hunger at McD’s
◦ Tommy,: Mentioned a billboard advertisement in Costa Rica for Covid encourage you to stay inside. Body bag with a foot sticking out with a body tag.
◦ VanillaDelphia: EU and Canada cigarette packs
:black_small_square: Sparrow: Studies show that gross image campaign hasn’t made any difference to smokers. Nothing has been more impactful than banning indoor smoking.
◦ Someone mentioned tax increases as a deterrent
:black_small_square: Sparrow pointed out that if a Government really cared about health it could make smoking illegal full stop. They won’t do it because of money, the loss of tax revenue.
:black_small_square: Bagholder: How unattractive those photos were had them keeping smokes in the pocket instead of out on the table. Wonders if that influenced habits, out of sight out of mind?
:black_small_square: Penguin: Visual imagery attached to cigarette packs can have more impact on those around them versus the smoker. “Daddy is that going to happen to you?” That has impact.
:black_small_square: Bagholder: Ostracization. Self-exile could have additional impacts for the smoker.
:black_small_square: Tobacco companies using color instead of “light”, blue now equals light.
:black_small_square: MetaVerde: On the topic of Color, example from Antique Road Show. Dyed black curtain. A famous Quilt making machine at some point went into a phase of dying everything black.
◦ VanillaDelphia
:black_small_square: Masters of communication through architecture were the Soviets.
◦ Misanth: When does a meme become propaganda?
:black_small_square: Or is it from the start?
:black_small_square: Metaverde: What isn’t propaganda anyway?
:black_small_square: Penguin: anything trying to change a way of thinking is propaganda
◦ Car Accident/Death Memorials
:black_small_square: Communicates to others that this is a dangerous section of road
:black_small_square: Happens organically, there was no campaign
◦ Tommy,: Costa Rica has the ‘~Mountain of Death’. Not because of cars. Coffee transport to the Ocean and was very dangerous.
◦ Misanth: if everything is propaganda, all we can do is pick who we want to brainwash us.
◦ Penguin: power of images. In donut economics discusses that pictures are infinitely more impactful than words. Original econ books had no pictures.
◦ (I missed the speaker here) You don’t have to passively accept what propaganda you accept. You can choose what you take in visually and orally, and how it affects you. More complicated than food, bit esoteric but this can be worked on.
◦ News is often simply trying to induce a reaction
◦ Misanth plays the Promo video with sound!
◦ Other videos shared in townhall during the discussion about Visual Communication:

• Bagholder: After a few days off, coming back to discord and feels disconnected. Idea to help combat this by something. Memey weekly newsletter in a single image as a weekly update.
◦ Visual explainer. Similar to chainlog but for discussions.
◦ Maybe we should have a Dedicated lurker role that does an update like this.
◦ Vanilla: Proposed a scribe for each house?
◦ DefileZebra: This really sounds like Champions Ring.
◦ Sparrow and Uranus working on metarizal network and that will be a big help
• Penguin answers some questions about Champions Ring
◦ Monday meeting and sync up with leaders
◦ task and leadership based rather than playing the game
◦ mprime: Champions Ring is accessible to anyone if they can commit to lead a project
◦ Penguin: These leadership roles are often taken rather than given.
• Bagholder: Observed that embassies are top position in the discord but there is not much communication through them.
• Penguin: Bridging with embassies could be more effectively used
◦ Would have to post messages in each guild one at a time rather than like an announcement
◦ We are limited to just 10 announcement channels by discord
◦ after MetaFest we can look at potentially reconfiguring webhooks to allow announcements to scale.
• When it comes to Discord and structure there are plenty of opportunities to improve
◦ Still the same human capital and still limited by our availability