Meeting Notes from Builders Align

Builders meet every week on Wednesday at 2pm UTC (4p CET, 10A EST, 7A PST). This thread will serve to archive the notes.

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Builders Guild 09 June 2021

Attendees : Luxumbra, Vyvy-vi, FearlessThompson, blake, Jonathan_p, dan13ram, Dysbulic, Peth, DefileZebra

Summary :

  • MetaCartel Ventures guild page will get some overdue attention today
  • Look for separate call to focus on effort to migrate the wiki into the game
  • Several players were added to the github org this week


I missed the first few minutes but here are some notes!

  • SackofJoy
    • Working on 581-“Show DAO memberships across…”
    • Having issues in vercel
      • Will split backend changes from the existing PR for frontend at Dan13ram’s suggestion
  • Luxumbra
    • Completed 550- “Finish the personality type…”
    • Sorted out some alignment and white spacing issues this week
    • Also been looking through roadmap at stale tickets and reaching out
    • Took issue 264- “There’s the "add new…”
  • Jonathan_p
    • Up and running locally and exploring code
  • Dan13ram
    • 503- “Add filters to /players page”
      • Making progress and happy with how it works
      • Still working on pagination
      • By guild filter is not available yet
  • Vyvy-vi
    • Worked on PR 600/601 to add metatags for imbeds on discord: will self-assign
    • Caught up penguin on bots and will work on that this week
    • Waiting on approval of preview deployment by using vercel
      • Dan13ram is on it and before the call ended has provided some feedback on vercel deployment failure
    • Was not active member of the github org, but Peth fixed this and also added a few others from the call
  • Blake
    • a designer that knows how to code and was encouraged to join builders
    • has been working on new mega menu since last week
    • Michiel suggested:
  • FearlessThompson
    • Here to serve as a bridge to the design guild
  • Dysbulic
    • No specific metagame issues but helping with code review
      • Mainly working on nft for metafactory
      • Bogey helping with 3d modeling learning 3js
    • Looking forward to upcoming Ceramic launch
  • Michiel
    • Editor for quest description complete and will work with Peth to test it
  • DefileZebra
    • Gathered old notes from discord into Notion for this call recently
    • It will be a challenge for me to commit to being on time for this call every week, but am happy to help anyone that wants to contribute as scribe
  • Urgent issue brought to the floor by Peth:
    • MetaCartel Ventures guild page still needed
    • They will have meetup on Friday and issue is 9 days old
  • Peth asked about Wiki migration that Lux and Dan mentioned?
    • Dan suggests that we rebuild rather than continue with more work on metatags
    • There will be a separate call for this effort

Builders Guild 16 June 2021

Attendees: sackofjoy, dysbulic, Michiel, blake, peth, dan13ram, jonathan_p, Dave, chair (came a bit late)


  • Discussed causes and potential fixes for the recent frontend build errors
  • Established new workflow for merging PRs from develop into master and want to make sure all reviewers are aware of this workflow
  • Reviewing and merging in PRs for several features and fixes
  • Discussing MetaGame Wiki and upcoming Playbooks UI (and Wiki migration)


Any specific things to bring up before diving in to updates?

Frontend Build Failing

  • dan13ram:
    • Frontend builds are failing on vercel and unable to find out why (since the last few PRs)
      • Undefined cannot be serialized — sometimes has to do with props being returned or could be an issue with urql
    • Do we have access to the backend logs?
    • Sometimes the backend is unable to respond in time
    • Which route is giving this error? Players?
  • Revisit conversation about moving to Hasura Cloud so that it’s always available
    • This will be a longer migration
  • dysbulic
    • Started this migration process but backed off since it would require a lot of changes and Hasura Cloud was on an alpha version (held off until Hasura Cloud was in a stable version)
    • There is an issue for this [#551]
  • Michiel
    • Will be setting up a meeting to discuss the migration (once we have a sense of how much time this will take)
  • Builds sometimes fail and sometimes they don’t — previous 2 builds didn’t fail, but a new one just did
    • dan13ram will take a look into this
  • sackofjoy
    • Will create a PR to bump up data limits on the backend to see if this helps


  • dysbulic
    • Focused on code reviews for the last week and is continuing to do so
    • Working on database structure for how raids are saved — this aligns with looking into Hasura Cloud
  • sackofjoy
    • Got recent changes merged and opened issue [#646] to get metadata for DAOs (from
    • Created [#647]for adding support for xDAI and Polygon NFTs
      • Attached PR for this
      • Will continue with this and will connect with dan13ram to troubleshoot frontend build issues
    • Will open a PR with a small patch for data limits
  • blake
    • Working on the Mega Menu
    • Needed to resolve some Chakra dependencies
    • Has desktop implementation ready to share with designers — can share once pushing a branch with the changes
    • Needs assistance integrating the web3 pieces (will link up with sackofjoy)
  • dan13ram
    • Fixed pushing developmaster branch
    • Every PR that is merged needs to always be rebased and merged on develop
    • We should write this review and merge process down in a GitHub contribution guide or in Builders Guild in Notion
      • Add to the workflow document that Alec started in GitHub
    • [#503]: Filters PR has been merged
    • [PR #645]: Added PR for infinite scroll on the Players page
    • [#655]: Found issue with the 3Box API response (happening for one user)
      • sometimes collectibleFavorites address field responds with an object, sometimes a single address
        • When doing a filter where dekanbro shows up, the players page breaks due to a GraphQL error
  • peth
    • No updates
  • jonathan_p
    • Metagame Wiki: Has a PR [#243] to fix [#231]
      • Need to locate 1 more link on the Substack/forum to include before page is ready
    • Working on MetaGame Wiki [#246] and set up an instance of Docusaurus v2 with NetlifyCMS and auth
    • Working to get the NetlifyCMS MDX plugin working — will share once this is in place
      • If we like this approach, will start working on migrating and upgrading our Wiki to use this
  • Dave
    • Observer with some questions!
    • Inquiring about some higher priority things further down the line:
      • Role selection during profile creation [#311]
        • Would we want to retroactively pull data in from profiles or would everyone need to go through and do this?
        • Main and secondary roles?
        • Who is going to be the builder working on this?
          • Could be Alec since this is currently pulling from the Discord bot
        • Select role in profile creation → Assign role in Discord
          • Needs some backend work before working on the frontend
    • Wiki Playbooks UI
      • Chatted about what’s possible for future features
      • What is possible within Docusaurus?
      • Can a player log in and bookmark lessons? What personalization can we add?
      • Dave to create an issue for this
      • See what is possible with Docusaurus v2 (will know more after we have NetlifyCMS MDX plugin working)
  • chair
    • Pushed the Coaching and Eth Swapper playbooks last week
    • Here and hungry to work, eager to learn!
    • Frontend dev (React primarily with previous Rails experience) — has done work with Docusaurus
    • Experience as a PM
    • Available to assist with Docusaurus v1 → v2 migration
    • Going to watch the Code Walkthrough video on YouTube
    • Will be gathering info and reviewing the Issue Board
    • Tutorials on the GitHub repo to get up and running — document anything that isn’t obvious or that doesn’t work
    • Can submit PRs for documentation
  • Michiel
    • Putting in the data for MetaCartel Ventures
    • Experienced issues with the develop → master branches and rebasing
    • Requesting assistance with data migration
      • Backend not deployed on every PR? Should be working locally
  • luxumbra.eth (via #builders-guild)
    • "Started on [#263] but had issues installing yarn packages so haven’t progressed with that but have been discussing the design with Dave in Github.
      Commented on / Put my foot in it on [#278], hoping to push that forwards
      I contacted the builders who were working on [#343] and [#385] to see how they were getting on and I believe these issues are now in progress or RobTobbas has contacted Alec for a bit more info on the codebase.
      I also helped some of the engaged octo builders and writers with git fu & PRs on the wiki.
      Approved / merged a few outstanding Dependabot PRs on the wiki.
      Also we had a call about the wiki and the next steps for that and jonathan_p has taken the bull by the horns and has been doing some experimentation with NetlifyCMS, Custom Components and using Github for authentication.
    • Another also, a few of us newer builders (mainly FearlessThompson on the organisation side) have been looking to organise a regular FreeCodeCamp session where we can support each other in levelling up our builder game. I think we may have one or two more experienced builders from the recent EOs who’ve said they will drop in to be a bit mentor-y. Details of these meet ups are in #:clown_face:-events-planning"
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