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Builders meet every week on Wednesday at 2pm UTC (4p CET, 10A EST, 7A PST). This thread will serve to archive the notes.


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Builders Guild 09 June 2021

Attendees : Luxumbra, Vyvy-vi, FearlessThompson, blake, Jonathan_p, dan13ram, Dysbulic, Peth, DefileZebra

Summary :

  • MetaCartel Ventures guild page will get some overdue attention today
  • Look for separate call to focus on effort to migrate the wiki into the game
  • Several players were added to the github org this week


I missed the first few minutes but here are some notes!

  • SackofJoy
    • Working on 581-“Show DAO memberships across…”
    • Having issues in vercel
      • Will split backend changes from the existing PR for frontend at Dan13ram’s suggestion
  • Luxumbra
    • Completed 550- “Finish the personality type…”
    • Sorted out some alignment and white spacing issues this week
    • Also been looking through roadmap at stale tickets and reaching out
    • Took issue 264- “There’s the "add new…”
  • Jonathan_p
    • Up and running locally and exploring code
  • Dan13ram
    • 503- “Add filters to /players page”
      • Making progress and happy with how it works
      • Still working on pagination
      • By guild filter is not available yet
  • Vyvy-vi
    • Worked on PR 600/601 to add metatags for imbeds on discord: will self-assign
    • Caught up penguin on bots and will work on that this week
    • Waiting on approval of preview deployment by using vercel
      • Dan13ram is on it and before the call ended has provided some feedback on vercel deployment failure
    • Was not active member of the github org, but Peth fixed this and also added a few others from the call
  • Blake
    • a designer that knows how to code and was encouraged to join builders
    • has been working on new mega menu since last week
    • Michiel suggested:
  • FearlessThompson
    • Here to serve as a bridge to the design guild
  • Dysbulic
    • No specific metagame issues but helping with code review
      • Mainly working on nft for metafactory
      • Bogey helping with 3d modeling learning 3js
    • Looking forward to upcoming Ceramic launch
  • Michiel
    • Editor for quest description complete and will work with Peth to test it
  • DefileZebra
    • Gathered old notes from discord into Notion for this call recently
    • It will be a challenge for me to commit to being on time for this call every week, but am happy to help anyone that wants to contribute as scribe
  • Urgent issue brought to the floor by Peth:
    • MetaCartel Ventures guild page still needed
    • They will have meetup on Friday and issue is 9 days old
  • Peth asked about Wiki migration that Lux and Dan mentioned?
    • Dan suggests that we rebuild rather than continue with more work on metatags
    • There will be a separate call for this effort

Builders Guild 16 June 2021

Attendees: sackofjoy, dysbulic, Michiel, blake, peth, dan13ram, jonathan_p, Dave, chair (came a bit late)


  • Discussed causes and potential fixes for the recent frontend build errors
  • Established new workflow for merging PRs from develop into master and want to make sure all reviewers are aware of this workflow
  • Reviewing and merging in PRs for several features and fixes
  • Discussing MetaGame Wiki and upcoming Playbooks UI (and Wiki migration)


Any specific things to bring up before diving in to updates?

Frontend Build Failing

  • dan13ram:
    • Frontend builds are failing on vercel and unable to find out why (since the last few PRs)
      • Undefined cannot be serialized — sometimes has to do with props being returned or could be an issue with urql
    • Do we have access to the backend logs?
    • Sometimes the backend is unable to respond in time
    • Which route is giving this error? Players?
  • Revisit conversation about moving to Hasura Cloud so that it’s always available
    • This will be a longer migration
  • dysbulic
    • Started this migration process but backed off since it would require a lot of changes and Hasura Cloud was on an alpha version (held off until Hasura Cloud was in a stable version)
    • There is an issue for this [#551]
  • Michiel
    • Will be setting up a meeting to discuss the migration (once we have a sense of how much time this will take)
  • Builds sometimes fail and sometimes they don’t — previous 2 builds didn’t fail, but a new one just did
    • dan13ram will take a look into this
  • sackofjoy
    • Will create a PR to bump up data limits on the backend to see if this helps


  • dysbulic
    • Focused on code reviews for the last week and is continuing to do so
    • Working on database structure for how raids are saved — this aligns with looking into Hasura Cloud
  • sackofjoy
    • Got recent changes merged and opened issue [#646] to get metadata for DAOs (from
    • Created [#647]for adding support for xDAI and Polygon NFTs
      • Attached PR for this
      • Will continue with this and will connect with dan13ram to troubleshoot frontend build issues
    • Will open a PR with a small patch for data limits
  • blake
    • Working on the Mega Menu
    • Needed to resolve some Chakra dependencies
    • Has desktop implementation ready to share with designers — can share once pushing a branch with the changes
    • Needs assistance integrating the web3 pieces (will link up with sackofjoy)
  • dan13ram
    • Fixed pushing developmaster branch
    • Every PR that is merged needs to always be rebased and merged on develop
    • We should write this review and merge process down in a GitHub contribution guide or in Builders Guild in Notion
      • Add to the workflow document that Alec started in GitHub
    • [#503]: Filters PR has been merged
    • [PR #645]: Added PR for infinite scroll on the Players page
    • [#655]: Found issue with the 3Box API response (happening for one user)
      • sometimes collectibleFavorites address field responds with an object, sometimes a single address
        • When doing a filter where dekanbro shows up, the players page breaks due to a GraphQL error
  • peth
    • No updates
  • jonathan_p
    • Metagame Wiki: Has a PR [#243] to fix [#231]
      • Need to locate 1 more link on the Substack/forum to include before page is ready
    • Working on MetaGame Wiki [#246] and set up an instance of Docusaurus v2 with NetlifyCMS and auth
    • Working to get the NetlifyCMS MDX plugin working — will share once this is in place
      • If we like this approach, will start working on migrating and upgrading our Wiki to use this
  • Dave
    • Observer with some questions!
    • Inquiring about some higher priority things further down the line:
      • Role selection during profile creation [#311]
        • Would we want to retroactively pull data in from profiles or would everyone need to go through and do this?
        • Main and secondary roles?
        • Who is going to be the builder working on this?
          • Could be Alec since this is currently pulling from the Discord bot
        • Select role in profile creation → Assign role in Discord
          • Needs some backend work before working on the frontend
    • Wiki Playbooks UI
      • Chatted about what’s possible for future features
      • What is possible within Docusaurus?
      • Can a player log in and bookmark lessons? What personalization can we add?
      • Dave to create an issue for this
      • See what is possible with Docusaurus v2 (will know more after we have NetlifyCMS MDX plugin working)
  • chair
    • Pushed the Coaching and Eth Swapper playbooks last week
    • Here and hungry to work, eager to learn!
    • Frontend dev (React primarily with previous Rails experience) — has done work with Docusaurus
    • Experience as a PM
    • Available to assist with Docusaurus v1 → v2 migration
    • Going to watch the Code Walkthrough video on YouTube
    • Will be gathering info and reviewing the Issue Board
    • Tutorials on the GitHub repo to get up and running — document anything that isn’t obvious or that doesn’t work
    • Can submit PRs for documentation
  • Michiel
    • Putting in the data for MetaCartel Ventures
    • Experienced issues with the develop → master branches and rebasing
    • Requesting assistance with data migration
      • Backend not deployed on every PR? Should be working locally
  • luxumbra.eth (via #builders-guild)
    • "Started on [#263] but had issues installing yarn packages so haven’t progressed with that but have been discussing the design with Dave in Github.
      Commented on / Put my foot in it on [#278], hoping to push that forwards
      I contacted the builders who were working on [#343] and [#385] to see how they were getting on and I believe these issues are now in progress or RobTobbas has contacted Alec for a bit more info on the codebase.
      I also helped some of the engaged octo builders and writers with git fu & PRs on the wiki.
      Approved / merged a few outstanding Dependabot PRs on the wiki.
      Also we had a call about the wiki and the next steps for that and jonathan_p has taken the bull by the horns and has been doing some experimentation with NetlifyCMS, Custom Components and using Github for authentication.
    • Another also, a few of us newer builders (mainly FearlessThompson on the organisation side) have been looking to organise a regular FreeCodeCamp session where we can support each other in levelling up our builder game. I think we may have one or two more experienced builders from the recent EOs who’ve said they will drop in to be a bit mentor-y. Details of these meet ups are in #:clown_face:-events-planning"

Builders Guild 23 June 2021

Attendees: dysbulic, Alec, Michiel, jonathanP, peth, chair, FearlessThompson


  • Discussed Hasura Cloud migration pros/cons and if there are other solutions to timeouts
  • Discussed progress on current issues and PRs
  • Talked about data models and layout for the guild page
  • Discussed collaboration and workflow between Designer Guild and Builder Guild


Any specific topics to bring up before diving in to updates?

Hasura Cloud:

  • What’s the strategy for moving to Hasura Cloud?
    • Delaying this as long as possible to avoid using a tool still in beta


  • dysbulic:
    • Working on migrating to Hasura Cloud (original reason to move to Hasura Cloud was to resolve timeouts)
    • #551 May be having timeouts when pulling in 3box info, and switching to Hasura Cloud won’t fix this if this is the issue
      • Wants to try caching the 3box profile info in the Postgres index and check against IDX to see if there’s any updates
      • This info likely needs to be cached to be performant and this could be causing some of the issues
    • This also is an opportunity to incorporate IDX changes
    • Putting the 3box information into Hasura console and running a query causes a timeout, so this is likely what’s causing the issues
    • Frontend loads this information for all profiles that are visible, so caching this may resolve timeouts
    • Add an option for a manual reload
    • Will create an issue more directly related to this issue
  • Alec:
    • Been working on PR #517 for Onboarding
      • Pulling in Discord roles
      • A lot of time spent going through PRs and commenting
    • Emphasizing moving contributors along by reviewing PRs, issues, and providing feedback to help other contributors by moving PRs forward
  • jonathanP:
    • Look into IDX for auth for the Wiki
    • Is there a web3 way to provide auth for this instead of GitHub?
    • Feedback from Alec, Michiel, and peth:
      • Since it’s just a few people, use GitHub auth instead of working on web3 — consider moving to web3 once IDX in place
        • Can people edit the Wiki once they’re part of the GitHub organization
      • What about people who have never used GitHub? How would we enable this?
      • Getting this up and running is a high priority — need to onboard folks to be able to contribute via GitHub
      • Can we allow people from outside of the organization to submit pull requests?
        • Separate into another organization (outside of The Game repo) to fine tune permissions for contribution
      • NetlifyCMS still very tied to GitHub — authorizing via GitHub
        • This provides a more streamlined CMS interface as opposed to doing PRs through the GitHub interface
      • Create a Contributor Guide once this process is in place
    • Split up into 2 issues: Docusaurus upgrade and NetlifyCMS integration
  • chair:
    • Has worked with Netlify and is available for support on NetlifyCMS if needed
    • Set up locally (frontend, backend with Docker) but hit error loading the Sourcecred data and is looking at next steps for debugging local setup
      • Close to being able to pick up backend and frontend issues
    • Plan to find an issue to get started with by Friday
      • Suggested to look into #441
      • dysbulic mentioned adding ability to save a sort order to the skills and then taking the top 3 from a sorted list
        • This issue may need some UX and design work so this may be trickier as a first issue — will add design needed tag and mention to Designers Guild
          • Is there a way to identify issues where design has been completed and ready for development or is this a matter of pinging the Designers Guild?
  • Michiel:
    • Created insert in the Hasura console for the seed data and then force pushed to the repo for a migration
    • Quest Editor — need to find way to test submitting a quest (lowered the pSeed limit required for testing and then raised it back)
      • Can there be a way to test this without needing pSeeds?
        • Can make the pSeed amount an environment variable and then change required amount on production vs. dev
    • Working on internal guilds and guild pages data model
      • Will need to add a filter for this down the road
      • internal/external guilds but on the website, see external guilds
      • Are these sections in the guild one-pagers?
        • How should this information be stored in the database?
          • fields in the guild table → only for internal
          • 1 to many relationship with sections → put into sections
            • Will need name and content for each section on the guild pages
      • How is the sections issue (#264) going since this is related?
    • field is not found error after generating with Hasura
  • peth:
    • NetlifyCMS integration will improve Wiki workflow
    • What are the next steps for MyMeta and what do we need to complete to move to v1.2?
    • What are the next things to build on the MetaOS roadmap?
      • Separate discussion from the Sprint Planning — will have another meeting about this
      • Everyone should take time to think about what features are needed for this discussion
        • Identify a time for this meeting
      • Would like feedback from other guilds as well
        • Opening this up will get more input but may be harder to run the meeting — non-players joining as listeners via Discord Stage
  • FearlessThompson:
    • Can act as a bridge between the Designers Guild and Builders Guild
    • Will mention that designers can submit issues to GitHub and then these can be linked
    • If we add a Design Lane they can start using this
    • Designers and Builders being able to work in tandem can save time
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Builders Guild 30 June 2021

Attendees: Michiel, Alec, Bagholder McFomo, dan13ram, dysbulic, FearlessThompson, Felipe Veiga, jonathnp (20min late), luxumbra, ng, Pronoia, Rohekbenitez, Saimano, scottrepreneur, tenfinney, tommy, Misanth, peth, Musashi,Tatey180

Note: I came late to the meeting (~20 minutes). Alec took notes for the first part :raised_hands:


  • Welcome all new builders!
  • Reviewing the Technical Roadmap Brainstorm Figma and talking through roadmap and workflow
  • Discussing current GH issues and PRs

Discussion and Technical Roadmap Brainstorm

  • We’re moving the call to Discord starting today
  • Reviewing the technical roadmap in Figma:
    • Technical roadmapping session was yesterday
      • Existing roadmap issues in GitHub were updated, priorities re-arranged
    • Some items need GitHub issues created
      • FearlessThompson suggested a pairing workflow to increase accountability / throughput
  • FearlessThompson’s questions about designer-builder workflow:
    • What are the builders working on right now?
      • Several builders are working on existing issues and items on the roadmap
    • Are designers causing any bottlenecks? How can we most efficiently collaborate?
    • When builder picks up something from a designer, they can talk to each other
    • Michiel: Are designers aware of the Zenhub?
    • Builders can look at the Roadmap and create GH issues — coordinate with peth if an issue doesn’t exist


  • peth:
    • Playbooks UI: Needs proper interface
    • MyMeta, Quest platform, etc — lots going on, so would it make sense to possibly bring in Raid Guild to build the Playbooks UI
      • Put out a request to RG for people to pick up the project, but if no one replies in 2-3 days can put out to RG
    • Wiki
  • Alec:
    • Merged PR to attempt to fix the syncing with Discord ranks with MyMeta
    • Everything merged is now live
    • Pushed a commit to the Guilds Onboarding task — remaining piece is submitting form when people apply to join
      • Complete submission on form → manual approval process
        • Once this is done, Alec will create a PR
  • dan13ram:
    • Fixed a backend bug — pushed change for the 3box profiles
  • dysbulic:
    • Started in on Ceramic
    • Has local instance running and data loaded but no players are showing up (as if all being filtered out)
      • Zero players returned in dev
      • Filters UI — if someone hasn’t set their profile up this will result in an empty array
      • tenfinney willing to hop in and help troubleshoot
  • FearlessThompson:
    • PlaybooksUI — looking at this on Thursday
      • Contact in DMs — trying to get Dave involved as well
  • Felipe Veiga:
    • Newcomer — listening and getting up to date on what’s going on and see where to help out
    • Has a product working on ID solutions for DAOs and did a demo for Musashi
      • Allowing users to bridge identities across platforms
    • Going to check out the Zenhub and walk
  • jonathanp:
    • Look into the Playbooks UI and determine if I can tackle this in a timely way
  • luxumbra:
    • Working on #264 for the last few weeks
      • Added a screencast to this issue
      • Found someone who has done some previous work on this and will reach out to them
      • Meeting this week to discuss backend pieces with dan and Alec
    • Has done PRs and reviews on the wiki
    • Going to be working on Penguin’s team on HackMoney for next few weeks, but going to continue addressing GH issues/PR/reviews when able
  • ng:
    • New to builders, invited by METADREAMER through Twitter and has been getting up to speed with MetaGame
    • Will start picking up issues when ready — looking at higher priority issues
    • Helped out luxumbra with a web3 frontend question
  • Pronoia:
    • Looking at issue #264
    • New, getting up to speed with MetaGame
  • Rohekbenitez:
    • New to Builders, will start checking out issues
  • scottrepreneur:
    • Checking out the roadmap, especially related to Ceramic profiles
  • tenfinney:
    • New, so exploring and checking things out and looking at the roadmap
    • Interested in Ceramic integration
    • Interested in figuring out how to participate in the game — made some organization on the roadmap to see where voids are and how to fit in
      • Has built out some of these items in other projects, so going to see how to integrate and contribute to MetaGame
  • tommy:
    • Sitting in, seeing what’s going on
  • Michiel:
    • Has 2 PRs open — requesting review to speed things up
      • Issue with migration: there is a setting that changed — going to meet with Alec to troubleshoot
      • Working on Quest editor as well
  • Misanth:
    • What’s the most efficient way to direct new builders who want to join MetaGame?
      • Skillset and communication
    • If we get new Builders, where should they go?
      • Check out all of peth’s links
        • Backend/Frontend guides, code walkthrough video, workflow, Zenhub
  • FearlessThompson posted a link in #the-dungeon-walls for new Builders


Builders Guild 7 July 2021

Attendees: Alec, Bagholder McFomo (joined toward end), dysbulic, dan13ram, Dave, FearlessThompson, Felipe Veiga, Huxwell, jonathanp, luxumbra, Michiel, Rohekbenitez, tenfinney, peth


  • Talked about build processes (Docker, potentially Kubernetes) and how to structure PRs
  • Talked about Ceramic integration
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Discussed the Cryptovoxels/Donut skills for onboarding


  • Currently can’t check the build on PRs on Vercel, so dysbulic is creating Docker hubs and is working on Kubernetes
    • Needs to make a Dockerfile for the frontend
  • Ceramic caching is ready for review
    • dysbulic bringing up an instance on Kubernetes
  • Migrations not running in develop even after merging
    • There is a specific Docker image that will automatically run migrations (default Docker image doesn’t run migrations when starting)
      • One Hasura image runs migrations when it loads but the others don’t — can run a migration from local environment (specifying endpoint and password to connect to remote Hasura instance and can run migration)
  • There is a Ceramic hackathon on Gitcoin — may be worth checking out since working on Ceramic integrations


  • Alec:
    • Pushed develop to master branch
    • Has been approving PRs
    • Was troubleshooting issue with an env variable not getting set in a previous PR
    • Will be jumping back into Guild onboarding
  • dysbulic:
    • Working on creating Docker hubs and Kubernetes
    • Reintegrating id interfaces within Metagame so users don’t need to leave the site to configure their profiles
    • Working with Ceramic’s http api — in early release program for Mainnet so can access the Mainnet endpoint daemon
    • Has PRs and issues open with Ceramic team
  • dan13ram:
    • Working on pagination — bug with filtering (amount of filtered players displaying but doesn’t match the amount of players actually displaying) — dan not able to reproduce bug so has reached out to Alec
    • Working on mobile UI on the players view for filtering
      • Filters will display as full screen in mobile
    • Filtering by XP — some backend work is needed on this (going to look at how the bots are fetching XP by Season)
    • Filtering by Time Zones is tricky — working on improving the UX for this filter
      • Goal is to sort by city/country/continent
      • Users likely won’t know their UTC offset, so we would want to make as user friendly as possible — Dave suggested using continents
  • Dave:
    • Many ongoing quests and checking in
  • FearlessThompson:
    • Updating from the designers side in #the-dungeon-walls
    • Contacting jonathan about Playbooks UI — aiming to set up a group chat to work through this
    • Aiming to build this properly and plan it out
      • Set of features outlined — Dave and Fearless going to work on user stories
        • Jonathan researching what is possible to do with Docusaurus, and then plan for meaningful releases about each feature
  • Huxwell:
    • New builder!
    • Finished EthGlobal Hackathon, and is now looking to start contributing to Metagame
    • Full stack dev — Typescript, GraphQL, React, Docker
    • Interested in working with tenfinney — their hackathon project was similar to what tenfinney presented (skill donut)
  • jonathanp:
    • Did some work on the wiki:
      • Submitted PR for issue 256 to add the “last updated by…” to each docs page
      • Working on issue 253 to add playbooks to the CMS UI
        • Figured out the YAML errors in local NetlifyCMS builds with Docusaurus — left comment in the issue
      • Will determine availability to work on the Playbooks UI after attending meeting with Michiel, FearlessThompson, and Dave
  • luxumbra:
    • Hacking in Hasura to create migrations with the players profile
    • Was also participating in EthGlobal Hackathon over the weekend
    • Has been resolving PRs in the Wiki (and fixing some broken PRs)
    • Has more time now that the hackathon is done and will be jumping back in
    • Interested in building out the []( interface within Metagame
      • dysbulic has previous interface work to pull from
        • Need to switch to new version of 3box for linking
        • Ideal to switch to idx for accounts and then link to Sourcecred
    • luxumbra able to support Playbooks UI from frontend perspective
  • Michiel:
    • Built in MetaCartel migration
    • Paired with dysbulic and lux
    • Working on internal and external guilds and working on adding sections UI with lux
    • Asking Alec — do we want the backend and frontend separated in PRs instead of by feature?
      • Depends on size of the chunk of work — could be useful to design backend and submit as a PR and then do the same for the frontend
      • Vercel frontend that is put up during preview deploys points to the testing backend (which may not have the code that the frontend expects)
      • Keeping PRs smaller helps with reviewing
        • Split up PRs once they become too big
  • tenfinney:
    • Will be working on a potential new player walkthrough
      • Taking elements within Metagame and assembling them into a Cryptovoxels tour
      • Choose your own adventure — Player or Patron — in the walkthrough
        • Provide Seed rewards for new players who are orienting
      • Can do tours once per week and iterate on the process
      • Interested in onboarding process for Patrons
    • Created a playbook for personal use:
      • - donut chart with hyperlinks will be the tour
        • Each player can potentially have their own donut showcasing the things they care about — can we give players ability to create this and show their interests?
    • Anyone interested should check out Cryptovoxels after this Sunday


Builders Guild 14 July 2021

Attendees: Alec (joined 20min in), blake, chair, dan13ram, Dave, DrHongo, dysbulic, FearlessThompson (left early), jonathanp, metaverde, Michiel, Rohekbenitez, tenfinney


  • We had an extended discussion about the Playbooks UI and the Wiki
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Discussed the work on adding timezones to Player profile cards and what the intent/purpose of timezones are
  • We looked at upcoming hackathons (Browsers3000, Ceramic - Gitcoin, HackFS) and discussed overlap and community interest


  • Playbooks UI (Extended discussion):
    • Upgrading and building out the Playbooks — we want a lot of functionality that isn’t possible in Docusaurus (even with v2)
      • Docusaurus discussion:
        • Lots of changes from alpha → beta
        • Updating the current Wiki will be a lot of work
        • Skipping a lot of the features and going directly into MyMeta and working on the playbooks within MyMeta
    • How would we want to handle auth and Playbooks access?
      • If we move Playbooks into MyMeta, how would we be able to handle authentication for authoring and upvoting?
        • Store info in IPFS and then have an index in either Ceramic or in Hasura
        • Could be an interesting project for the hackathon?
    • Would this be artificial to limit to players? How would we balance this if it’s tied into XP?
      • Farming upvotes from non-players vs. gauging general helpfulness of the playbook?
      • Create issue in MyMeta? — change from Wiki to this? There’s issues in both the Wiki and MyMeta
      • Require a login (or a certain amount of XP/Seed) to create a Playbook and have then have the Playbooks openly available since they’re used for onboarding
        • Author could receive XP based on how useful the Playbook is (through upvoting) similar to the Discourse forums
    • How would we want to handle XP for Playbooks authors?
    • Are there any objections to moving this into MyMeta?
    • Do we have a design for the Playbooks UI (within MyMeta)?
    • What is the GraphQL schema that we’d want?
      • Add the playbooks and add things in as we define them
      • Make the PR small and go from there!
      • Create a table for Playbooks → add these manually and then go from there


  • Alec:
    • Pushing PRs through
    • Working to get XP syncing again
      • Working on role syncing with Discord and MyMeta
    • May ask for some React assistance for the form submissions
  • blake:
    • Has been working on the MetaMenu mega menu branch — dropdown Navbar designed by Dave
    • Visual UI pretty far along — will need to make some tweaks based on feedback
    • Wants to use 2 icons for badges to show XP and seed count
      • Has these images but encountered issue with importing
    • Will put these issues in Discord chat
    • Working on wallet integration — needs some assistance with the web3 side of it
  • chair:
    • Ready to start working on #441 (“Add top 3 skills”)
    • Design with 2 dropdowns — dysbulic posted a link to a drop and drop library that works on mobile and keyboard (
    • Look to having a single dropdown
    • Will need to set up a SQL table to store rank, user, skill
  • dan13ram:
    • Making changes to the Filters UI
      • Will be starting on sorting
    • Players UI: Thinking about removing About section and replaced with Timezone
      • Different — with About it’s more info about the players, but with Timezone it’s more about who to work with
      • What information do we actually want? Depends on how and why using the site
      • Removing space between Player info and Timezone — pull it up to the top so that Timezone feels more like a row across the cards and add some space between Timezone and Skills
    • Thoughts on including a CTA: self-id (Ceramic), or a calendar? Some CTA for contact
      • What is the timezone for? On its own it doesn’t mean much or convey a lot of actionable information
      • Ultimately we need a contact process (we may want to look at this once we have Ceramic, but Ceramic documents can only have 1 author)
        • Other people can reference your doc, but can only have 1 author
        • What about using OrbitDB?
    • Timezone filters now also show players in adjacent timezones (+/- 4 hours)
    • Fixed filter issues on mobile
    • Worked on #706 — added script to seed local database (pulls from prod to local)
  • Dave:
    • Would appreciate feedback and more conversations about Timezones when going to redesign Profile pages
  • DrHongo:
    • Jumping in as a new Builder!
    • In Raid Guild, interested in contributing to MetaGame
    • Has started checking out the walkthrough and Builder Quests
  • dysbulic:
    • Has been working on cache of idx info (specifically cache invalidation)
    • When someone accesses profile page the cache is invalidated, so next time they visit they get fresh data
      • OR if no one visits within 4 days it’s invalidated
    • Bottleneck library handles amount of refreshes going on at once (rate limits amount of requests possible)
      • Is a table needed to hold the ids of a player needing to be refreshed? do we need to do this and create a subscription to that table to drive into bottleneck?
        • Subscription would look for new entries in this table and then that would create entry in bottleneck to invalidate
      • Can a global Bottleneck be created within the Express server?
    • Posted about upcoming hackathons:
      • Ceramic hackathon in #events (August 2 - 14)
      • HackFS (July 30)
  • jonathanp:
    • Worked with Dave, Fearless, and lumumbra on Playbooks UI features
    • Submitted PRs for Wiki issues — adding last updated and also adding the Playbooks collection to the NetlifyCMS UI
  • metaverde:
    • Pivoting into working in MetaGame after Hackathon!
    • Working with chair to work on their blockchain game
  • tenfinney:
    • Getting familiar with frontend and backend repos!


Builders Guild 21 July 2021

Attendees: blake, dan13ram, Dave, dysbulic, FearlessThompson, Michiel, jonathanp, luxumbra.eth, Sergio Rojas, tenfinney


  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Discussed and reviewed various UI components
  • Talked about the Playbooks UI and approaches for product streams (FearlessThompson shared several ideas and strategies)
  • Talked through other UI updates and changes in progress
  • Discussed onboarding through the Wiki and Cryptovoxels


  • Welcome to Sergio Rojas — a new builder getting onboarded


  • luxumbra:
    • Working on NFTA website with penguin — started at the MetaFest hackathon
      • Has been working on this project since last Friday
    • Michiel has some time to work on finish up the issue lux has been working on
  • jonathanp:
    • Not many updates for last week — thanks to lux for merging PRs for the Wiki!
  • FearlessThompson:
    • Working on the Playbooks UI with Dave
    • Prioritizing things in Builders Guild:
      • Looking into prioritizing visibility certain things on MyMeta such as how many players are displayed
      • Building more utility into feature that are more useful at the Player level (such as Myers Briggs, Team Dimensions)
      • Conversations on things that are useful for DAOs at the Player level, and wanting to expand on these features
      • Looking for feedback on these features (particularly related to LP)
        • May unlock certain views or additional data on players related to LP
    • From the MetaGame perspective, why are we doing this — what are we running into:
      • Not any specific problem, but looking at solutions for DAOs
      • LP tokens determining what is seen on MyMeta
    • How did we arrive at this conversation?
      • Has been doing research on what makes decentralized society’s sustainable — has looked at IndieStack
      • MG more like a cloud city than a decentralized society — need to look at financial elements that make a cloud city work
        • Many levels emerge: Identity level information, currency level, data level, credit level
          • What spaces are we currently lacking in MG?
            • Data on each player in MG — Ray Dalio and Bridgewater — entrants do personality tests and other tests to help with teambuilding
            • This data could be important and useful to folks starting DAOs — could build this out as part of MyMeta and potentially open source it
        • How can we fill the credibility gap — getting an idea of someone’s credibility based on certain psychometrics
          • Gate some of this info based on LP
          • Can boost liquidity within the DAO ecosystem — how to strengthen the entire DAO ecosystem?
      • Exploring ideas around how can MyMeta be useful as a product?
      • What would it be like to join the DAO most aligned with your personality profile?
  • dysbulic:
    • Fixed cache invalidation for saving IDX profiles into the database — PR #686 ready for review
    • Next up: Creating a UI for editing IDX basic profile into within MetaGame
      • Need revamp of the profile creating/editing process
  • Dave:
    • Has worked on UI designs for #441 Adding Top 3 Skills
      • Working on wireframes/clickable prototypes in Figma — working on mobile first UI design
      • This will be part of the profile setup process
    • Playbooks UI
      • Has posted the first iteration for the UI in the issue and in #designers-guild
      • Emphasizing on functionality and content
    • Has been looking at Chakra UI and what is doable from a design perspective
  • dan13ram:
    • Moving forward in the Filters UI
    • Has pushed an update to add XP per season — PR #710 ready for review
    • Working on the sorting UI and the loading skeleton UI
    • Reviewing dysbulic’s PR
  • blake:
    • Working on the MegaMenu (issue #641) with dan’s help
      • Resolved the font and icon issues (using SVGs for the icons)
      • Resolved some responsiveness issues with large tablet/small desktop breakpoints
    • Rendering XP count for users
    • Working on seed count
    • Preview builds for both failed — looking for some Vercel logs for some troubleshooting so can get up a preview deploy for Dave to check out
      • Likely need to show a Connect Your Wallet button if user doesn’t have it connected
  • michiel:
    • Working on issues related to our Sourcecred instance
      • Who on the team has access to the GitHub actions for the Sourcecred instance? Needs API access
      • May need to talk to Alec about this
    • Has been working on PR reviews
    • Working on internal Guilds
  • tenfinney:
    • Focused on Cryptovoxels — improving flow for new users
      • Will be focusing on Playbooks, possibly focusing on the IDX integration
      • Interested in web3 skills donut chart — working with DrHongo to use IPFS as the backend database
    • Wiki tour or Cryptovoxels tour → end up in same destination
    • Needs feedback from people going through Cryptovoxels — looking for user feedback and reviews


Builders Guild 28 July 2021

Attendees: Michiel, dan13ram (joined ~15 min in), Dave, dysbulic, FearlessThompson, jonathanp (joined ~10 min in), luxumbra.eth, penguin (joined ~30 min in), peth (joined ~30min in), TomBalls (joined ~30min in), Musashi13 (joined ~35 min in)

Scribe: jonathanp

Note: I came ~10 minutes late, so I missed the first few minutes of conversation


  • Welcome to new builder TomBalls!
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Reviewed progress on various UI components
  • Discussed the Necromancer Bot features that penguin and tommy are working on
  • Discussed tokenomics and ideas/UI prototypes around the MetaGame Seed economy


  • Keeping new builders engaged — do we want to be more active to keep folks interested in building and contributing?
  • MetaGame Personas Figma
  • Necromancer Bot Feature Discussion:
    • People will be able to use necromancer commands to show if folks are active, how much XP they’ve made since last purge, and also full stats (relating to necromancer info)
      • Would we then manually send a DM if someone is active?
      • What about automation to alert folks if they’re inactive — let them know that a purge is coming up and they’re inactive?
      • Allow for personal touch from Innkeepers — could we also allow for some messages to go out telling people that a purge is coming up and that they’re in the bottom 25% of experience
      • Could we allow players to set a status — still want to be involved but will be away for the next few weeks?
      • Adding a status report for the game — a UI that has a high-level rundown of membership, player status, etc.
      • List of players that are candidates for being purged
        • Would also allow for a high-level view of ongoing MetaGame activity
    • Add as much automation as possible while still maintaining a personal touch — want to avoid it being too cold
    • Possible rage quit function? Allow players to self-purge?
  • Tokenomics and other topics discussion:
    • Builders have input into contracts that can be created (and other things)
    • Frontend to integrate with Balancer — MetaGame Money Market Figma
      • Circle-voting on UI in the Figma
      • Will likely create a combination of the top-voted UIs
    • Central hub that addresses making MetaGame Seed economy more circular and well-rounded
    • Goal to build opportunities through things such as bonding mechanisms to incentivize folks to stay within community economy
    • Goal is to make Seed economy more sustainable - interacting with the Seed economy in ways that make it sustainable for the community
    • Could this landing page be a separate silo similar to how Sushi’s page structure is set up?


  • TomBalls:
    • Set record for quickest merge after joining Builders!
    • Getting a feel for everything — checking out some of the First Issues that are mostly frontend related
    • Mostly frontend dev → looking to jump into web3
  • penguin:
    • Looking to touch base with other devs about the Merkle tree
    • Michiel going to read through penguin’s resources and then may reach out to penguin
    • Working on a Necromancer Bot
  • Michiel:
    • Hasn’t done as much in last week, but looking to go into the Merkle tree with penguin
      • Going to check this out today or tomorrow
    • Looking to continue with the Internal and External Guild work
    • Will continue working on Sourcecred as well
  • dan13ram:
    • Working on Filter UI and sorting and refining the sorting process
    • Added a loading screen — replaced the spinner with a skeleton layout
    • Looking for review PR #724 - Sorting + Skeleton Layout
  • Dave:
    • Has been working in Figma for Playbooks UI and MegaMenu together as an integrated design
    • Design has been passed on to Blake to continue working on building out the MegaMenu
    • Dave will be taking ~2 weeks off
    • Playbooks UI is in wireframing and is in a good place for builders to start working — the building blocks are there!
      • Hoping to work similarly to how he and dan13ram worked for building out the Filters UI
      • Working in parallel with dan13ram was a great process!
    • Will be working on design for Office Hours when back from vacation
  • dysbulic:
    • Not as much new development this week — needs 3Box profile caching to be merged before being able to work on other things
    • Has done reviews and onboarding new Builders
    • Upcoming week is start of HackFS — talking to a team that may want to work on a project and this may take up some of dysbulic’s time
  • FearlessThompson:
    • Fly on the wall from the Designers
    • Can represent from different perspectives
    • Customer profiles from MyMeta — providing more context for what the product is (or could be)
      • Aiming to create a presentation about how MyMeta can look as a product — can help provide context for new Builders to help them engage more
      • Customer profiles can focus on how MyMeta can bring value to the DAO space
    • By customer profiles we’re talking about identifying stakeholders — when we’re talking about user personas we’re talking more about folks playing MetaGame
  • jonathanp:
    • Hasn’t built anything this week — but here to take notes and document the meeting!
  • luxumbra.eth:
    • Bringing some new Engaged Octos into Builders this week
      • Fullstack devs moving from web2 into web3
      • Added open-graph and social share to the Wiki
      • Keeping them focused and engaged in building
    • Going to put some new Wiki entries this week from Writers Guild


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Builders Guild 4 August 2021

Attendees: arentweall (came about ~30 minutes in), Bagholder McFomo (came about ~30 minutes in), dan13ram (came about ~10 minutes in), dysbulic, googoomuck (came ~15 minutes in), jonathanp, Michiel, Rook, TomBalls (came ~10 minutes in), b0gie (came ~10 minutes in), peth (came ~40 minutes in)

Scribe: jonathanp



  • Welcome new builders Rook, b0gie, and arentweall
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Reviewed progress on various UI components (sort, filter, player cards)
  • Discussed IDX and role creation as well as guild creation process
  • Had a conversation around displaying player availability and supporting collaboration


  • dysbulic met with blairv about using Docker Swarm instead of Kubernetes
    • Docker Swarm is simpler and more targeted and should be able to do what we need: run test environments when the backend has changed without needing to merge into the dev branch
    • Vercel runs the front end, Render runs the backend
      • Render has preview instances, but unsure how to connect these preview instances to Vercel
      • Is there a way to connect these preview instances to Vercel?
    • Michiel is unable to access Vercel or Render to set roles and permissions so troubleshooting is difficult
  • Can we create various roles with IDX?
    • For example, can we create IDX roles for guild creation?
    • Ceramic currently allows only 1 person to edit a file that’s created (whoever created the file has write access)
      • Could have someone create a file and pass ownership to someone else
  • How are guilds currently implemented?
    • Discord as a source of truth for guilds is still an in progress issue — unsure what needs to be done for this
    • Guilds currently in database have been entered manually
  • Thinking about ways for Players to get in touch with each other — availability calendar, Discord statuses, etc.
    • Office hours relate to this as well
      • There is an open issue related to this


  • b0gie:
    • Has been working on a Flutter app before diving back into JavaScript
    • Potentially interested in becoming a builder — signaled interest in this path upon joining the Discord
    • Loves building things, but went 3d design route and wants to get back into coding
  • Rook:
    • Has been checking things out and is ready to start getting involved with building
    • Mostly done Matlab (scientific) programming and mapping but has been expanding skills into other areas (frontend, Python, data science)
    • Looking for a good place to start — is checking out the YouTube codebase walkthrough
  • TomBalls:
    • Has been busy lately, but has been diving in and checking things out
    • Looking to see what people are working on and looking to get back in and check things out
    • Has been getting a feel for the MetaGame stack — has been looking at the Wiki and Wiki issues
  • jonathanp:
    • Coming to take notes and scribe and keep informed about what’s going on while capacity is low for building
  • dysbulic:
    • Has been pairing and spending time debugging and getting the system to run
      • Progress made in this front!
    • Doing code reviews — hasn’t started yet on creating interface for editing IDX profiles within MetaGame — this is next on the list
    • This week: Will be doing more pair programming but also putting time into HackFS
    • Can we create various roles with IDX?
      • For example, can we create IDX roles for guild creation?
      • Ceramic currently allows only 1 person to edit a file that’s created (whoever created the file has write access)
        • Could have someone create a file and pass ownership to someone else
    • Pushed change recently to fix “anchors within anchors error” in Next
  • dan13ram:
    • Has been working to fix some bugs that are running locally
    • Found UI bug with cards not being same height, but has fixed this
    • LinkOverlay has been fixed
    • Been working on Seasonal XP and Total XP sorting
      • Now displays Total XP and Seasonal XP on player cards
      • Can sort by Total XP — when sorting by Total XP the card UI only shows the Total XP
    • Has been thinking about where in the UI to display the current season and how far into the current season we are
      • On hover show start and end dates per season? This would be difficult with mobile and LinkOverlay on player card
      • Current Season XP?
      • What about displaying the current season next to the Seed Price in the top of the page? → Current Season, Current Season XP
      • New MetaMenu will be showing the XP, so maybe could show the Current Season in the MetaMenu
    • Has upgraded to the new version of ChakraUI and has noticed odd bugs with certain colors in theme
  • Bagholder McFomo III:
    • Asking about the filters UI and availability calendar — has asked about this feature before
      • Player UI currently displays hours of the week that Players are available
      • We’re also thinking through office hours concept
  • arentweall:
    • Jumping in to see what’s going on and where they can help
    • Part of DAOhaus and Raid Guild — getting started with MetaGame and exploring
  • Michiel:
    • MyMeta: has been pairing with dysbulic and submitted 2 PRs
    • Working on errors as they popped up
    • Added documentation to the repo for builders
    • Has been working on other MetaGame related items
    • Working on Sourcecred account fixes and diving deeper into Sourcecred functionality and implementation
      • Has been time consuming because needs to import all the data from Discord, Discourse, GitHub, and other sources while also being sure to not disrupt the ledger
    • Thinking about how to create guilds, but this needs an admin role so we’re sticking with manually creating guilds for now — will be discussing how to integrate with Ceramic with dysbulic
  • peth:
    • Stopping by the builders call to see how things are going
    • Asking peth for access and ability to create roles — can Curious Octos join the builder calls?
      • Curious Octos can’t join, but Engaged Octos can
      • What about making the builders-dungeon available to anyone who has builder role

Builders Guild 11 August 2021

Attendees: Alec, blake (came toward end), chair, FearlessThompson, jonathanp, Michiel, Rook, tenfinney, thelsdj, peth

Scribe: jonathanp


  • Welcome to new builder thelsdj!
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Discussed and provided feedback on FearlessThompson’s myMETA presentation
  • Talked about onboarding pathways (Wiki, Cryptovoxels, Skill Donut) — tenfinney shared progress on MetaGame Cryptovoxels


  • Onboarding and Notion documentation structure feedback:
    • tenfinney — provide feedback on structure while working on the web3 skills donut and MetaGame Cryptovoxels
      • Current process is evaluating all the links he’s explored — creating a donut filled with all links he’s come across over the years
      • “Parent donut” having 5 journeys, one of which can be a MetaGame journey to help onboard folks into the Guild that is likely the best fit
      • 2D Path (Wiki, Notion), Donut Path (tree path), 3D Path (Cryptovoxels) all leading to onboarding into MetaGame Guilds
  • FearlessThompson presented myMETA Figma Presentation — notes included in Roundtable


  • Alec:
    • Has been working on Guild Onboarding last week and will continue working on it this week
    • Implemented the form persistence and will be doing some testing — will likely have a PR soon
    • Available to help Michiel with Sourcecred minting
  • blake:
    • Will be submitting a PR for the MegaMenu but has been having difficulty pushing changes to GitHub — likely due to branch being ~1 month old and quite behind the develop branch and will need to rebase
    • Has been encountering errors but has been working through it with help from other Builders
    • Working way through it and hoping to get the PR submitted ASAP
      • Alec’s notes:
        • If you don’t have a lot of commits, can start with a new branch on develop and then pull in the commits made
        • If you are rebasing and don’t have many conflicts, can skip them during the rebase flow — when pushing, any conflicts will show in the PR during review
  • chair:
    • Having local storage issues that are preventing them from working on The Game
    • Has been pairing with dysbulic, but needs to sort out these issues
    • Been running into issues with whatever process requires Xcode — encoutered this while working on the Top 3 Skills issue
      • Learned things about Hasura during pairing with dysbulic
      • Hoping to now make progress on this issue this week
    • There are several gotchas for getting started — creating a Builders Cheetsheet Hackmd (WIP) for builders
      • Will be helpful to do this while still getting used to the codebase
  • FearlessThompson:
    • In the coming weeks there may be an NFT army forming up to focus on the NFT work
    • There has been some interest from folks in using ChievMint again
    • myMETA Figma Presentation
      • Providing more context for any Builders that join
      • Addressing DAO credibility gap at scale
      • Addressing who is in the DAO, how they do their work, and what their skill proficiencies are
      • MyMeta is a tool to increase visibility and break down silos
        • WHO, HOW, WHAT, WHERE, WHY
      • Sourcecred is great, but limited in showing what a person has to offer within a community
      • MyMeta can connect Sourcecred with what folks are able to do
      • Building reputation that can carry across DAOs
        • Skill trees, web3 playbooks, psychometrics
      • Key to coordination game — leaderboards
      • Create more things that are beneficial to the commons at scale
      • Discovering different user personas within the communities: Web3 Curious, DAO Member, DAO Summoner
        • What opportunities does myMETA provide for each of these personas?
        • myMETA has potential to provide “one click utility for DAO Summoners”
      • How to measure value outside of Sourcecred?
        • Passion, Mission, Profession, Vocation
        • Assess these across many levels of the DAO community user personas
        • Potential to be the “Sorting Hat for humanity”
        • Create profile → run through assessment → determine DAO/cloud city alignment
          • myMETA provides Social Layer
      • Platform for onboarding folks into DAOs and web3 and helping them find the communities they’re most aligned with → goal to increase retention in DAOs and address rates of attrition in DAO participation
      • Trifecta: Recruitment, Social Media, and Web3
    • Context switching and UX — can be useful to include other metrics such as Myers-Briggs and other tests
      • Having a “personal assessment suite” built into myMETA can be helpful by providing more data points and more context around the XP generated by each player
        • How does XP connect to Player Skills? What do folks actually do?
        • myMETA has potential to provide more context and give insight into what each person does and what they’re like
      • Balance of radical transparency and radical privacy
    • Leaderboards and Profiles:
      • Want to be sure to not make things too competitive via leaderboards — healthy competition — want to focus on providing value and not gaming the system for competition’s sake
        • Keep emphasizing value provided
      • Guild Leaderboards?
        • Being mindful of not creating a hyper competitive environment that could be counterproductive to the larger team mission
      • What about adding passions and personal interests?
      • “Pokemon Cards” metaphor is effective — combining Players and folks to “build a perfect team”
        • Once Top 3 Skills is live this could connect and help folks with building out teams
  • jonathanp:
    • Here scribing — capacity currently limited, but still able to scribe and keep informed about Builders Guild
  • Michiel:
    • Working on the external and internal Guilds
      • There is now a label on guilds for external and internal
      • Need to insert internal guilds into the database
    • Has been helping folks with Sourcecred
      • Requesting some assistance from Alec with this
  • Rook:
    • Getting familiar with the codebase and processes
    • No help needed — diving into Notion and other onboarding materials
    • Asking question about updating Eth Address — can likely be done through the Discord bot (if this doesn’t work, let folks know!)
  • tenfinney:
    • Working on web3 skills and an NFT badge program
    • At around the ~75% mark for working on the web3 skills donut chart
      • Currently tied into the IPFS database
      • Exploring how IPFS and Orbit can connect with Hasura
    • Keeping track of progress that Builders are making
    • Is currently a Patron — focusing on moving onboarding into the MetaGame Cryptovoxels
      • Looking to integrate the Notion and Figma into the 3D space — goal to eventually do a “meet and greet” for Engaged Octos
    • Need artists working on NFT design so that they can focus on minting and then another group is able to focus on distribution
      • NFT creation flow: Artists creating content → Minting crew → Distribution crew
  • thelsdj:
    • Has been going through the code walkthrough videos and getting familiar with the codebase while checking out where to contribute to MetaGame
    • Did web1/web2 development, able to jump in and figure things out
    • Interested in DJing and music production, interested in music related NFTs — personal projects relate to music and maybe music NFTs
    • Looking to possibly pair with another Builder once becoming familiar with the codebase
  • peth:
    • Doesn’t have anything specific for Builders

Builders Guild 18 Aug 2021

Attendees: Alec (joined ~30 minutes in), ApeironCreations (joined about ~40 minutes in), Dave, dysbulic, Huxwell, jonathanp, luxumbra (joined about ~20 minutes in), lonely_dev (joined about ~20 minutes in), Michiel, natehubbit, Rhthm, peth

Scribe: jonathanp


  • :tada: Welcome new builders natehubbit and Huxwell :tada:
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Explored the new GitHub calendar view, and a new Epic added by dysbulic relating to IDX
    • Worked through some permissions issues that prevented folks from seeing the Epic


  • Michiel did an overview of onboarding and our ZenHub and showcased First Issues
  • Can we start using the Calendar view in GitHub? (new feature released this week)
    • This helps with planning and roadmapping for epics and milestones
  • Troubleshooting the ZenHub and Epics integrations and permission issues


  • Alec:
    • Finalized the Guild Onboarding PR
      • Could use a review but should be good to be merged — once this is merged, Guilds should be able to sign up on their own
        • Guild has to already have a profile (be a user in the database and be a server owner for the Discord since it links Discord server with our bot)
          • Pulls in data and fills in the data that can be pulled from Discord
            • Roles determine Membership status
            • Populates Guild Members table with the Discord users that have the specified roles
        • Next step is changing the UI for your own player and Guild pages to pull in the new data
  • ApeironCreations:
    • Diving into DAOs — got the Intro to DAOs course email from DAOhaus
    • Just jumped in — has been following other projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Clubs and other projects
  • Dave:
    • Mic issues at first! Questions reported via Michiel
      • Michiel has put comments in the PR
      • Playbooks UI — do we have a dedicated Builder?
        • Lower priority than MyMeta, but good if someone wants to pick it up
        • Finish MyMeta first, then focus on Playbooks UI
      • There is some overlap with what Huxwell did at the hackathon
      • Sort and Filter UI — reviewed by Alec and there are some comments about specific pieces
        • Needs to rebase
        • Issue: If filter selected → fails when clicked again
    • Add block sections for profile — do we have a dedicated Builder?
    • Saw that blake posted update to the MetaMenu
    • Looking for some Builders! Dave is available and is asking who is available and willing to help
  • dysbulic:
    • All work this past week was with HackFS
    • Reviewing, pairing, and closing issues — closed stale issues and MetaMask related issues
    • Created the Epic (Issue #769) for IDX integration (has 13 sub issues) and provided weights for each of these sub issues
      • Issues are connected to their epics (this displays in ZenHub) and can filter by epic
    • Does the Epic show up? Do we need Owner access to create and manage Epics?
      • is this an issue with the ZenHub integration? What would it take to fix everyone’s views?
        • Could be the ZenHub permissions for GitHub users
  • Huxwell:
    • web2 background
    • Exploring the DAO space
    • Planning to tackle some of the issues related to IDX and Ceramic
      • Picking 1 or 2 from here
      • dysbulic getting ready to dig into this on the backend — check out Issue #769
        • Has created an Epic and is working on outlining tasks and offered to pair with Huxwell on the IDX
        • We’ll still be using Postgres for caching, but IDX is the source of truth — but we’ll have a cache of it saved for performance reasons
    • Has used IDX in previous projects
    • Interested in participating in hackathons such as EthOnline
      • Some MetaGame folks are participating and brainstorming ideas
  • jonathanp:
    • Raid Guild Season 2 Cohort kicked off and we added some MetaGame tasks for apprentices — jonathanp is answering questions and will help direct interested Builders into Metagame
  • Michiel:
    • Shout out to Michiel for leading these weekly meetings! Has been doing lots behind the scenes with onboarding, welcoming, and reviewing
  • luxumbra:
    • Nothing to report on the Builder side, but has pairing with Michiel to work on Quests
    • Catching up this week with MetaGame
  • natehubbit:
    • New to the DAO space — has been reading through the Builder onboarding docs
    • Frontend developer with interest in crypto space — building familiarity with web3 and decentralization
    • Interested in working on MetaGame on a part-time basis
    • Comfortable with MetaGame tech stack
  • peth:
    • Keeping up on recent PRs — DAOhaus data, tests, etc.



Builders Guild 25 August 2021

Attendees: Huxwell, dan13ram, Dave, dysbulic, scottrepreneur, tenfinney, peth


  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Recapped and revisited some of the key discussion points from the Raid Guild <> MetaGame Dungeon Master meeting on Tuesday 8/24
  • Talked about IDX and migrating profiles onto IDX



  • Huxwell
    • Hacked with Michiel and dysbulic on the Ceramic integration
      • Starting on the Ceramic login — replaced the web3provider logic with the Ceramic logic
      • Gave a demo of the Ceramic integration (work in progress)
        • First step toward allowing people to log in and edit their profiles on Ceramic
        • Skills (and other Profile info) will be stored within the Ceramic profile
      • dysbulic is making a summary of the fields needed and the fields currently in the profiles
      • Not going to extend the basic Ceramic Profile schema, but will create another schema that is the MetaProfile
        • dysbulic has outlined the fields stored in idx and the ones stored by MetaGame in issue 757
        • Profile specific data in our Hasura → IDX
          • Need UI for users to add the missing data into IDX and then use Hasura as a cache layer
    • Are we able to edit the styles for the IDX connection modal?
  • dan13ram
    • Filled in and ran the meeting!
    • Willing to be involved in any Dungeon Master collaborations
    • Reviewing PRs and has some under review from Alec
    • Can start guild onboarding process soon
  • Dave
    • Back from vacation — focus on doing design for the remaining MetaMenu items
    • Waiting for more Builders to join in and work on some of the blockers
    • PlaybooksUI is a high priority — looking for new Builders to jump into this and work on it
      • There may be some new Raid Guild cohort folks who are willing to jump in
  • dysbulic
    • Started working on IDX integration with Huxwell and Michiel
    • Attended Raid Guild Dungeon Master call
    • Plans to continue with IDX
  • jonathanp
    • Has been spreading the word to the new Raid Guild cohort — some of the folks are joining conversations and want to be involved
    • Working on Dungeon Master in Raid Guild and will be attending future meetings related to the collaboration
  • scottrepreneur
    • Revisiting the conversations from yesterday about Dungeon Master and MetaGame
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Builders Guild 1 September 2021

Attendees: !Udit, Alec, Beyondr, Dave, dysbulic, fuser, Gnomeski, Huxwell, Istvan, jonathanp, kevinc, LeewardB, Michiel, ten_finney, tommymaher15


  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Reviewed and discussed some of the pros/cons/blockers for using
  • Discussed Good First Issues for onboarding new Builders, and how pairing/asking questions is an effective onboarding process


  • Welcome to new Builders!
    • Beyondr, fuser, Istvan, LeewardB, Nitegeist


  • Alec
    • Has some outstanding PRs
    • Merged Part 3 of the Onboarding Guilds into develop but found some missing Environment Variables and is working to resolve that (PR #794) —
      • Update: This has been merged!
    • PR #772 — followup that was approved by MetaDreamer but was blocked by 794
    • Will be working on setting Discord role through MyMeta (Issue #20)
  • Beyondr
    • Raid Guild cohort apprentice!
    • Listening in — still figuring things out and how to fit into the codebase
  • Dave
    • Showed the Figma for the MetaMenu and parts of the PlaybooksUI
      • Menu showing XP and Seeds — some of this functionality is up in the air
      • Seeds may eventually be changed to amount of pSeeds
        • Would showing pSeed be confusing for newer Players? What’s the most useful information to display?
      • Playbooks UI and MetaMenu is highest priority — looking forward to working with Builders on the Playbooks UI
      • Blake was working on MegaMenu but is on a break, DeBilder going to finish it up this week
        • Will do the remaining functionality in 1 PR and then adding Search in another PR
        • Integrating work from previous PR
  • DeBilder
    • Has picked up the MegaMenu issue and is working on a PR
    • May finish up the existing PR from Blake and then create a new PR for the remaining work (including Search)
  • dysbulic
    • Has sufficient consensus to add the metafam/assets repository as an XP gaining repo — could add an incentive to have folks curate an art collection
      • Each artist has their own directory in the repo — this will hopefully streamline art curation (currently art is spread around multiple places)
    • Has an outstanding PR
    • Been working on Ceramic — has an open question on their Discord about issue with connecting to their network. Ceramic has a default schema for the basic profile
      • Issue could be with their libraries, getting a type mismatch issue with Typescript
      • Worked with Huxwell and Michiel and started an interface for entering basic interface information (on top of the basic IDX profile)
        • UI for editing and updating the basic IDX profile → Additional profile
      • Requires an API key to authenticate
        • As a React app, we’d need to expose this key to the user for them to be able to upload files, but access to this API key allows them to also delete things
        • Will use a more traditional pinning service for the time being, but this also adds some complexity
      • Uses Filecoin to make longterm archives of files that are stored
      • Could we use a /upload endpoint and folks can make requests to this endpoint where the logic for uploading can stay
        • API key would then be on the server, but this could add workload tot he server
        • Our Express server is only accessed by Hasura
        • Could use Vercel serverless functions for this
    • When should we upgrade Nextjs?
  • Huxwell
    • Working on the Ceramic integration and (but this only works with Webpack5) which means we’d need to upgrade to Next 11
      • Next 11 has breaking changes (timezone library react-timezone)
        • dysbulic suggested making a second PR for this upgrade that also fixes the breaking changes related to it
        • dysbulic created an issue for this
  • Istvan
    • Available for PR reviews
    • Going to look through PRs for ones in need of review
  • jonathanp
    • Here scribing!
  • LeewardB
    • New Builder looking to tackle issues
      • Working on the Edit Profile Skills — happy to pair with tommymaher15 on this
        • Look into the drag and drop link in the issue
        • There is a component for doing reorderable lists, so check this out (
  • Michiel
    • Led the meeting and walked through open issues, PRs, and progress folks have been making
  • Nitegeist
    • Raid Guild Season 2 apprentice — working to get set up with the MetaGame codebase
    • Will jump in once they wrap up some Raid Guild cohort projects
    • Going to start checking out Zenhub to get familiar with the issues
    • Has read through the Roadmap and Builder onboarding materials
  • ten_finney
    • Will be attending frontend workshops (Playbooks UI in particular) and plans to jump into creating components
    • Aiming to improve dev skills, and has done a 2 week sprint on learning Chakra UI
  • tommymaher15
    • Has been looking for good issues to work on while getting a feel for how MetaGame is structured
    • Learning about how Hasura queries and pulls in data
    • Excited to try find and work on newer Good First Issues
      • Issue #278 may be a good issue to check out — dysbulic working on a form that will need styled
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Builders Guild 8 September 2021

Attendees: Alec, Dave, Huxwell, Istvan, jonathanp, Michiel, tenfinney, tommymaher15


  • Dave presented the onboarding and edit profile flow and we had a discussion providing feedback
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed


  • Dave Role Selection / Onboarding Flow / Edit Profile feedback:
    • Michiel feedback:
      • There has been discussion about if we want to keep this flow since we’re moving toward integrating Ceramic with user profiles
      • Would we want the flow to be changed to a single page / edit profile flow?
        • Need to get consensus about the path forward
      • What would the Role Selection look like on mobile? How would drag and drop look like on mobile?
        • Have the cards be clickable → “select as primary”
      • How can we reduce the amount of resources and dev time needed so that this can go to market?
    • Onboarding/Edit Profile flow:
      • Most polished part of the MyMeta website, so how can we keep this flow?
        • How can we streamline this for the edit process?
    • Huxwell feedback:
      • Reviewed Ceramic’s Basic Profile schema — Huxwell and dysbulic have followed this schema for the profile overhaul
      • Editing profile details on MetaGame or → would be the same user data
      • MetaGame profile prefills with the data from profile
        • Eth address is linked to the ID, so pulls profile info
      • Identity Link Services: can link social accounts (such as GitHub, Discord, Twitter) to profile
        • Could eventually migrate the set address flow that is currently in Discord
      • Now that the form is functional, next step is to create the MyMeta Profile schema → frontend enhancement — will also be adding other fields that dysbulic is defining
        • This form needs to be combined with the Role Selection flow
    • Dave questions:
      • Where do people go first for onboarding? There’s the Wiki, the Discord, MyMeta? CryptoVoxels?
        • What should people do first? Go to Go to Discord and connect wallet?
      • tenfinney: What is the quickest journey?
    • Onboarding flow: multiple steps (stepper upon first login)
    • Editing flow: single step (such as editing profile)
  • What Discord bots could we whitelabel and provide to other communities? (Issue #510)
    • How heavy of a lift is this?
      • Alec: ****Could potentially be a lot of work to separate some of the logic — would need to evaluate what is useful for communities and then how we’d need to organize it to meet their needs?


  • Alec
    • Working on syncing roles with MyMeta and Discord, and this would be part of the MyMeta onboarding flow (and the Ceramic profile form)
    • Also asking the question of “Where do potential players start?” — do they join the Discord first? Is this necessary?
      • Role Selection may not work properly without this step — could be built so that this isn’t the case
      • When we move to Ceramic our core architecture may change
    • How close is the Ceramic integration from being useful?
  • Dave
    • Shared the UI for the Role Selection redo - Issue #311 (Add the role selection…)
      • Alec is going to be the designated Builder for this
      • There is detail and discussion in the GitHub issue
      • Tested one of the concepts with users and got initial UX feedback
    • Connects with the Issue #441 (Top 3 Skills)
      • Role Selection will be using similar approach (drag and drop UI)
        • Can drag primary role and place into the Primary Role/Secondary Role selections
      • Aiming to build accessibility into the functionality — should work with assistive technologies (click instead of drag and drop)
    • This is the onboarding flow but doesn’t show up until a Player edits their profile
      • How should this be integrated into the new user onboarding flow?
    • dysbulic has listed out features and data points that should be editable in this flow
  • Huxwell
    • Has been pair programming with dysbulic on the Ceramic integration and the form UI
      • Did a screen share of the Ceramic onboarding/profile flow (see notes in the Discussion section)
    • Will be working on fixing some tsconfig build issues
  • Istvan
    • Picked up a migration ticket that is related to Issue #441 (Top 3 Skills)
    • Is looking into the Next.js upgrade, and will pick it up if no one else is interested
      • react-timezone is a potential issue here, LeewardB may be working on this so potential to coordinate and collaborate on this
  • jonathanp
    • Scribing
    • Following up with Raid Guild Season 2 cohort folks to keep moving forward with onboarding
  • Michiel
    • Suggestion: Integrate the onboarding wizard and keep the Ceramic profile piece separate and unmerged and then once ready, connect the form to Ceramic
  • tenfinney
    • Will keep an eye on the affiliations field in the IDX schema — could this relate to the House of DAOs?
      • If someone is in MetaGame how can we know what DAOs they are in?
  • tommymaher15
    • Currently working on a Playbook

Builders Guild 22 September 2021

Attendees: Alec, Bagholder McFomo, bends, Dave, dysbulic, FearlessThompson, Istvan, jonathanp, Michiel, Polimyl, tenfinney, Udit-takkar, vid


  • Followup discussion about UI design for Top 3 Skills and Edit Profile and had a conversation about how UI patterns for the Top 3 Skills may be reusable elsewhere
  • Discussed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed


  • Alec

    • (I had to leave right at 11 and missed Alec’s update)
  • bends

    • Listening in
  • Dave

    • Covered the Top 3 Skills topic via the feedback in Udit-takkar’s update
    • Looking for discussion and feedback on Edit Profile
      • There is a thread in Builders Guild channel
    • Demo’d the Edit Profile UI / onboarding
      • Walking through the wizard that first time Players experience
      • View Profile will have editable fields — Modal window displaying form to display fields that can be changed
      • More complex, MetaGame-specific aspects may use components from the Onboarding UI
  • dysbulic

    • Did code reviews this past week
    • Continuing to work on the IDX integration, but IDX keeps changing the library and this is introducing some bugs — needs to check his code due to this
      • Experiencing bug with how IDX saves profile and header background images — these need to be saved into IPFS and those URLs are saved into IDX
    • Libraries are getting more stable and are stable enough to continue working on this integration
  • FearlessThompson

    • Nothing to update right now
  • Istvan

    • (update via chat)
      "I’m still working on the upgrade ticket:

    Still stuck at the TZ picker component incompatibility:

    Will try to come up with something."

  • jonathanp

    • Scribing for the meeting
  • Michiel

    • Facilitated the Builders Align meeting
  • Polimyl

    • (update via chat)

    “im currently working on setting up an environment on google cloud + github actions workflow in which the backend and frontend get deployed to on every pull request (
    didnt have that much time to work on it since last align though. will probably be finished before the next align if all goes well.”

  • tenfinney

    • Pulling together web3 wired things from Scaffold Eth
    • — posted several Chakra components
    • Taking common Scaffold Eth branches and connecting with Chakra components
    • Open source Chakra Pro for web3
    • How should Lux and tenfinney document their work they are doing with Scaffold Eth?
      • What is a specific deliverable or project they’re working on that can relate to MetaGame?
  • Udit-takkar

    • Shared screen showing fix for Edit Profile Guide is Glitchy (PR #835)
    • Showed a wireframe for Add Top 3 Skills and has questions about the UX for adding a custom skills
      • Players can add skills for themselves that are outside of the table — user added skills won’t be added to the initial list, but should likely be considered if doing auto complete for skills
      • How do other sites deal with this (custom tags)?
    • Dave’s feedback:
      • Lots coming together (including Role Selection) and this could be a similar UX pattern where users select roles (or skills in this case)
        • Working from both ends on this — solve for one use case can reuse the same UX pattern for both of these (and also likely again in the future)
        • Can see that this is useful, but is wary of spending lots of design time on this right now
    • Plan is to first create this UI without the custom skills, and then integrate in the custom elements down the road
      • Considering the component from
      • Dave working on a prototype
  • vid

    • Working on Edit Profile (Issue #278) — coordinating with LeewardB to see what progress has been made
      • Design is ready to go

Builders Guild 29 September 2021

Attendees: !Udit-takkar, Dave, DeBilder, dysbulic, jonathanp, LeewardB, Michiel, Polimyl, tenfinney, vid, peth

  • Apologies if I missed anyone or any updates! I had a spotty connection during this week’s meeting.




  • Reviewed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Discussed feedback and talked about the Edit Profile/View Profile and Top 3 Skills features


  • !Udit-takkar

    • Working on the Top 3 Skills feature — has been aligning with Dave and other folks for UI design and feedback
    • Has been making progress toward implementation and is rolling in changes and feedback
  • Dave

    • Working on the Top 3 Skills and Edit Profile/View Profile features/experiences
    • Had a thread gathering feedback and aligning around this feature and user flow (new users go through the wizard onboarding, and then existing players will be able to edit their profiles directly on the Profile page)
  • DeBilder

    • Focusing on wrapping up MetaMenu this week
      • Working on the search functionality — is there an Issue for this?
        • Part of the larger MetaMenu issue
  • dysbulic

    • Working on Ceramic/IDX integrations
    • Using library stream.js but having type issues due to TypeScript dependencies mismatch from library
  • jonathanp

    • Taking notes, choppy connection so no voice today
  • LeewardB

    • Pairing with vid on the Edit Profile feature
    • Recapping the feasibility thread:
      • New edit profile experience to be blended with the View Player page — if viewing self, each section will be editable
      • Have wireframes for this — feeling through what forms/inputs go into what sections
        • Making progress on breaking the inputs (for the edits) into sections
      • Will have new designs for Editing and Viewing profiles (for folks who are already onboarded but needing to edit profiles)
        • Will align with IDX profiles
        • dysbulic: Has a mock data structure for use in the component — this will match the structure that the IDX Basic Profile schema
        • This isn’t a blocker, but rather it’ll prevent the release of the Edit Profile feature since we’ll want to release once IDX is ready to go
  • Michiel

    • Facilitated the Builders Align call
  • Polimyl

    • (update via chat)

    "im still working on

    after a discussion with alec yesterday i will probably have to rewrite some stuff since one apparently cant change which backend the frontend is using after the frontend has been built.
    i should be working on that over the weekend and hopefully we have a working deplyment system until the next align."

  • tenfinney

    • Asking if we could send profile data to IPFS and then send directly to IDX to bypass some blockers
      • dysbulic: Everything works but doesn’t pass the type check in linting — code works and is writing the Basic Profile to Ceramic
    • Looking at ways to be effective without impacting other progress and features
      • How can help shepherd other Players who are interested in growing their skills and growing into becoming Builders?
      • Getting on a call with tommy and exploring Web3 wired templates (Scaffold Eth + Chakra) — will be having open sessions where folks can ask questions and participate
        • Help streamline getting into Scaffold Eth since it’s daunting to get started
      • Will be letting the MetaGame Players guide this process and discussion
  • vid

    • On standby most of the time for alignment and discussion — this week will be working on the Edit Profile feature
    • Working on the modals — check out Chakra’s documentation as a starting point for some of these components
    • Will reach out if any assistance is needed
  • peth

    • Planning out the feature releases and who is working on them

Builders Guild 6 Oct 2021

Attendees: !Udit-takkar, dysbulic, jonathanp, Michiel, Polimyl, scottrepreneur, tenfinney, vid, ApeironCreations, peth


  • Reviewed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Discussed the transition from IDX to Glaze and what we’d need to upgrade to utilize this
  • Talked about the Edit Profile/View Profile and Top 3 Skills features and looked at the Figma for the designs


  • !Udit-takkar
    • Merged PR for a fix for the Edit Profile Header being glitchy
    • Working with Dave on the Top 3 Skills feature and is waiting on the UI design
      • Dave made mobile version and other UI updates
  • Dave
    • Unblocked the Edit and View Profile UI designs
    • Has been adjusting and tweaking the Onboarding Flow UX and design
    • Finding low hanging fruit to adjust in the Profile pages and has created the design scaffolding with all of the sections
    • Will be providing high-fidelity mockups to folks these features
    • Checking implementation of MetaMenu and adding small comments in GitHub for fixes such as the home link
  • dysbulic
    • IDX being discontinued, and they’re switching to a new system called Glaze
      • IDX repo no longer exists — redirects to js-glaze repo
      • Problem is that Glaze uses Webpack 5 — last week dysbulic worked on resolving IDX version and TypeScript errors
        • Solution was to upgrade yarn to yarn 2 — asking if it makes sense to switch to Webpack 5 and switch to Glaze
          • Next.js v11 uses Webpack 5
        • We’d likely want to do this now since if we don’t we’d have issues with future updates
          • Slight differences from IDX
    • Need to upgrade to Webpack 5 — this is blocking transition to Glaze
  • jonathanp
    • Scribing for the Builders Align meeting
  • LeewardB
    • Shared the new Profile page update that Dave has created
    • Pairing with vid on this feature update
      • vid working on the page, LeewardB working on the popups for each section
    • There will be 5 different Edit Profile popups (1 popup per section)
    • Will have a prototype in the next few days for folks to check out
    • Currently has a version with the forms embedded into the page — working on styling these and then will pop them out
      • Functionality will be blocked until we figure out Glaze, so working on the UI elements
    • New user Onboarding UI will be the same — the Edit Profile for existing users is in flux as Dave, LeewardB, and vid are working on it
  • Michiel
    • Facilitated the Builders Align meeting
  • Polimyl
    • (update via chat)

      i have finished my pr last weekend and am still waiting for someone to review it (

      if that gets merged i will probably try to optimize the docker images or improve the preview deployment process a bit.

      • Question on PR: Noticed that they’re using Google Cloud — is it possible to move to something else?
        • Is this an issue with Google as a company?
      • There is a yarn task to populate the localdb with data (seed local db)
  • scottrepreneur
    • Could be good time to set up a meeting to discuss Ceramic and resurrecting the Profile conversation for upcoming S3 cohort
  • tenfinney
    • Continuing with the Chakra starter templates
    • Starter templates, Carbon Credit initiative
  • ApeironCreation
    • Checking out things — hanging out with Raid Guild and LexDAO as well
    • Has pulse on events and will start mentioning and inviting folks to them in the Discord, but is wary of using “@ mentions”
  • peth
    • Updates from Panvala Community call
    • Wants to set up a MyMeta call potentially for next week
  • vid
    • Pairing with LeewardB and Dave on the Profiles feature
      • Shared a screenshot of the Edit Profile page in Dungeon Walls
    • Has created PR #854 that fixes Issue #853 that are ready for review
      • Update: Merged as of 10/7/2021!


Builders Guild 20 October 2021

Attendees: Dave, dysbulic, jonathanp, magenta, Michiel, scottrepreneur, tenfinney, luxumbra, vid


  • Reviewed ongoing work on open issues, PRs, and any help needed
  • Discussed issues around transitioning to Glaze and the Webpack v5 upgrades that need to be done to support Glaze


  • Ceramic
    • dysbulic been working on EthOnline project and created a data model that was uploaded to Ceramic
      • Wasn’t able to use Create React App at all and rebuilt from scratch to be able to use Webpack v5 to use Glaze


  • Bagholder McFomo III
    • Hanging out and checking in!
  • Dave
    • Delivered first pass of the Role Selection UI that is part of the onboarding wizard — waiting for some adjustments and to work on implementation with Alec
      • There is a thread in the builders channel with the Figma file
    • Progress indicator in the modal needs to be improved
    • Standing by for other quests and design work
    • Doing some catch up work for the design system — now that there are new UI components could someone update the design system and Storybook?
      • jonathanp and scottrepeneur can help get someone up to speed with Storybook and Chakra design system
  • dysbulic
    • Upgraded EthOnline app to Webpack 5 and added polyfills
    • Plan to get through upgrade to Webpack 5 to use Glaze
    • Looking to see what this looks like for upgrading (Next 10 → Next 11?)
      • Will be tackling this upgrade after the Sovereign Data
  • jonathanp
    • Scribing for Builders Align call
    • Familiar with Storybook and Chakra design systems — can be available to help get a developer up to speed but doesn’t have capacity to own this
  • magenta
    • Listening in!
    • Coming from Anchor DAO
    • Learning dev skills
  • Michiel
    • Facilitated the Builders Align meeting
  • scottrepreneur
    • Getting to the point where Dungeon Master will be using profiles — Season 3 kicking off in November so looking to keep conversation going with Ceramic profiles
    • Laying our RG specific data over top of the Basic Profile schema
  • tenfinney
    • Doing a Chakra demo and pairing with folks
    • Starting with Chakra forms
      • Using a hook to push interested folks into the Discord
    • Spinning up some Playbooks
    • Paired programming session this Thursday — hoping to broaden participation to include new players
    • dysbulic looking for a more granular way to track time spent (Sourcecred views all pull requests with largely the same weight whereas there are features that take significantly more time)
      • Able to add additional graphs to Sourcecred calculations via a third party plugin
  • Luxumbra
    • Wiki fixes:
      • Fixed the 404 from landing on /docs since it required docs/home — Lux added a redirect to fix this
      • Google Analytics now tracking on all pages
      • Drawer for mobile has been fixed as well as some other longstanding bugs
    • Bacon has been maintaining the Wiki
      • There have been some discussions with redesigning the Wiki homepage
    • Interested in picking up Issue #337 Build the Dashboard that vid is also working on
  • vid
    • Did a PR for the Edit Profile UI
    • Made and shared a PR template (PR #873) — what should be included in a PR
      • May look into creating an Issues template as well
    • Will be pairing with luxumbra on building the Dashboard
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Builders Guild 1 December 2021

Attendees: Alec, Dave, dan13ram, dysbulic, fiyin, Firat Story, HBesso13, IsraelRex, Jackman, Michiel, perbruno, Polimyl, tenfinney, Luxumbra, Misanth, vid


Some discussion on how timezones are currently handled. They were implemented by dan13ram and dysbulic is working on them atm.


  • Ceramic verifitcation now only github, there are serverless function to verify other social. will also help others when we can offer this
  • Running our own instance would be a solution, polimyl working on this
  • tested for storing assets, for security we have to proxy


  • doing pr’s, lot of stuff in review in a while
    if yours is stalling pls dm alec, dybullic or michiel
    xp for review is doubled in sourcecred to speed up reviews
  • wanna do deploy to master so the bot is updated
  • rank sync not working 27 people have bronze which should be 21
    on render is a script that runs daily, sync sourcecred with own db, updated memory
  • #739 only show players with profile / mostly done / related to ranking, now not all are shown which is confusing
  • archive TheSource after new bot moved to master / Bot repo can also be archived / instance of this bot can be shut down (where is the instance)


  • getting up to speed after being away
  • #264 picking it up, work out schema first. Will be working with lux and michiel to progress


  • ui/ux designer
  • getting in touch with dave

Firat Story

  • understanding codebase / test / issues
  • most are related to design parts which are already done to someone
  • needs help with finding issue


  • getting updated
  • after care new builders :smiley:


  • ui/ux designer
  • getting in touch with dave


  • not responding


  • #911 megamenu issue, asks dave about the colors


  • in chat


  • pair programming with dysbullic on Ceramic / Glaze


  • working on mint mainly

  • reviewing pr’s

  • dashboard seeds feature

  • prob do some cryptovoxels work for carbon offset


  • reboot chievmentry? vid talked about some achievement system, set up a lettuce to discuss


  • dashboard progress
  • monthly dependabot updates if someone wanna takes responsibility
  • think about implementing the same process as for champions


  • working on landing page
  • being an old time baller
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