Making Shit Understandable

Last updated: 14.9.2020

“I have spent X number of hours and I still don’t understand what MetaGame is” has been the most common complaint around.

This raid is all about making MetaGame easier to understand for newcomers but also optimizing things to make more sense for existing players.

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It’s an open end coordination game. How to work together in fun, rewarding and efficient ways. Upgrade communities.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking “What the actual F**K is going on here?!”

Good question. First, I’d like you to imagine a world like the one in Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. In this story, people live and work inside a VR world, as the old “real world” was inundated with social/economic issues, an energy crisis… and of course, climate change. Sound familiar? Welcome to 2020.

When I came across MetaGame, I assumed it to be a tokenized MMORPG like WoW or RS, but ya know, with NFTs n shiz. While I still believe it to be an “mmorpg” of sorts, it’s more like what Mauro posted here. A “MetaGamer” can contribute in various ways to further the community goals and projects.


Overview - -
Roles — – -
Phases – - -
MERCH - - -


Yo I fell into the metagame rabbit hole and boy is it a lovely and deep rabbit hole. I wanted to give my first impression and feedback as recommendations to make it easier for people to get a feel.

This is something I’m real interested in helping with. A self-organizing system is tricky to get onboarded into. It’s hard to explain a complex system with minimal rules. It’s a cool user journey problem.

Overall, I’d recommend using a Join Now flow or something along those lines. A step-by-step guide to make it easier to jump in. The Enter the Game sub section is solid, but tighting the user flow woudl really help.

Biggest hiccup for me was when I first landed on the website, I submitted on this page within the first 15 minutes. Then I realized it was somewhat limited so I looped back after learning up. It’s still not clear on the approval process and what happens next.

I’m gonna lay out a sketch of how the flow might work. You can also get a peak at my nacient mental model:

  1. Learn about Metagame
    Read the manifesto
    Learn up on DAO’s -
    Goals/ vision -
    I think parallels for us ignorant of DAOs help a lot. XP/ Seeds are shares and payment for services etc.

  2. Is metagame right for you?
    Roles you can play - investor, guild,
    What’s expected of you - time, buy seeds, etc. (this is still not 100% clear to me tbh)
    I felt a little weird getting asked to buy seeds when they’re a financial instrument I’m ignorant of.

  3. Apply to Metagame
    Only 150 people join so we’re selective.

  4. Join Discord
    While we review your app, check out the convo

  5. Learn up on the Raids and jump in the forum
    see what we’re working on and contribute.

Hope this is helpful and happy to jump in on any or all of this.


Is it possible to make meta game more understandable to non-players? I am a humanities person with no crypto skills, but I am trying to understand and follow metagame because it is relevant to building a better future and I can share what I learn with others like myself. And what exactly is a raid? Can you give examples? Where does one start? Thanks!

Hey there, sorry for the late reply. Yes it’s possible :slight_smile: , we’re currently working on simplifying introductions so the onboarding guide will be updated. Think of raids as joint projects that the community is working on, they’re divided into passive and active ones. Unlike quests in the #quest channel which are more explicit in their approach with clear instructions on what to do, quests in raids have to be figured out on your own through communication, coordination and research- check what’s on the menu in their respective threads and try to see what’s missing or what can you help work on. This is a little summary of quests ( - tell if you can’t access the link as it’s just copied from the chan on discord, it will have its on place in the future. This can all be found on our discord server. I hope i clarified at least a little :slight_smile:

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We now have a #better-onboarding channel on discord. Some active @innkeepers to help new arrivals find their footing.

Also this Notion guide

Plus #sign-post channel in discord.

And an #innkeepers-guild

Here’s a new Miro board for Innkeeping/Onboarding

Where can I find all of your info graphics cards in one place?


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Here’s the others @FearlessThompson has started

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Here’s some handy links too
Thank you @Misanth
Main Notion:
Welcome to MetaGame:
How to Meta:

Builder Path:
Github Repos:
Main Repo -
Wiki -
MyMeta -

Main Figma:

Current Notion #better-onboarding Raid

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…updated 22May

Now as part of the #better onboarding raid, and Metarhizzal Network rehaul… graphic one pagers have been pinned to appropriate channels as well.

All channels have been reorganized and categorized. Pinned messages and descriptions are being updated.

This raid has changed names a few times, but on discord has developed more with the #better-onboarding raid