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  • Shorts have taken over social media as we all know, which makes platforms favor this type of content, and it’s on itself a great and engaging format to showcase the value of the ideas shared by our guests in the community calls. You’ve probably seen many shorts that are basically audio with some visual support, and it’s quite common to find them as clips from podcasts which are recorded live with cameras as well. It’s an interesting format of content for us to explore, that we’re not doing.

  • There is GREAT stuff being shared during our community calls, provided by great speakers, booked with the effort of our bridgebuilders. There’s generally not too much of an audience here yet, and just recently we’ve started archiving recordings of these calls, so they can live longer than just the duration of the call. Now we can recycle this long form video, and extract snippets of moments where key ideas are being shared, and share them on, for example, YouTube shorts, or Twitter. That way we’re getting even more value from all the work that goes into community calls.

  • It’s also a cool gesture to our guests to expand the reach of the presentation they made and time they put to prepare and assist to the call, and it might potentially be useful for them to have those ideas presented in this format for them to re-share. And if they do re-share with their audience, that helps us too at the same time.

What would it take?

At the very minimum, it would take:

  • Someone to go through the recording and figure out what moments of it can be made into clips. It has to be something short and concise, a consolidated idea, an explanation of what their service/product is and why is it important, the origin story of a DAO, etc. Value-packed, no fillers.

  • Same person, or someone else, does a montage and edit of the individual clips, in terms of the audio at least.

  • It should have a visual support, so we’d need someone to make a template. Here the effort will depend on how ambitious or practical we are:

Something simple:

  • A template with a design based on the community gathering shilling post, with the name of the guest, some relevant link, picture, etc. This is just a picture. Bonus: Some very simple animated effect that reacts to the audio track, make it animated, bit more attractive.

Something more sophisticated:

  • An animated 3D environment video template, that has a placeholder for the info detailed above to be inserted (of the top of my head, something with a TV where the only thing that needs to be changed is the picture and text inside it). This isn’t an impossible thing since there’s several 3D artists around in the community. But still a nice to have, not required.

In summary, we would need


  • Visual template for the clip


  • Record the community call and upload (already ongoing thanks to b0gie)
  • Pick up moments from the recordings that can be made into clips.
  • Put together and the audio clips.
  • Edit the template for the guest, put the audio track and export the clip.
  • Post it in the relevant channels.

Best if at least all the editing and posting is done by the same person. Others can support curate the moments to be highlighted.

Any comments? Who’s interested? :smile:

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b0gie will be working on the template, initially I’ll make the edits.

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Very interested! Descript can be powerful for beginners to use and make an hour worth of vertical content with the free version of their ai transcription editor.
I think we should definitely crowdsource the work of curating/compiling the best moments to clip using questchains since anyone can do that work, then our editors can discern best from those which ones they want to work on.

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Linking playBook deWork task link

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