Luxumbra to champion the Achievements Raid

Greets! :beers: lux here,
So it came up in chat the other day that we still don’t have an Achievements champion … and we definitely still don’t have any achievements (since season 1)! I’d like to have a good go at championing this raid because it is an aspect of MetaGame that’s been neglected for too long imho.

Any decent video game makes a thing out of levelling up…those little drum rolls and text flashing up on screen when you gain a new skill point in crafting or dual wield, get a new perk or a new skin. It motivates us and keeps us playing the game. Yes we have XP in MG but we don’t always make a big or even a smol thing of it when someone levels up or does something great, apart from giving some props. Currently our only gauge of achieving things in MetaGame is XP number & rank go up. Giving out achievements & POAPs in the form of NFTs on a regular basis will help to boost morale, show off our personal MG wins on-chain & flex the sick creative skills we have in our community and opens a lot of cool stuff we can do with NFTs. It would also decouple success in MetaGame from just being measured by XP gains. Plus, folks do love a good POAP.

So what are my plans for Achievements you might ask…well let me tell you:

I’m not one for talking on a bunch of calls and am even less fond of running them, so I don’t plan to have 3 meetings a week to discuss what’s happening. I will post regular updates (Here & Discord) and attend the champs ring calls and I would like to form a small team to help with the raid as it develops. If you’re interested in helping out, let me know.

I’d like to learn more about NFTs and would love to be involved with a raid with creative & community focus and help deliver something that I feel will add great value to MetaGame … and those who eventually use it as a whitelabel product.

Salary expectations: 0.3btc per month. jk jk

Achievements roadmap

This month-ish (Just noticed the date :grimacing: )

  • Mint & send out a smol set of achievement NFTs for last season, on Polygon

    • This set will include:
      a. Player - Season 4 Player for all players of season 4
      b. Patron - You guessed it, NFT for all current Patrons
      c. Champions - All champs of S4 get an NFT (this time round, using the guild crests that @Gnomeski designed, with perhaps some S4 related edits)
      d. Ranked players/patrons: All Ranked players/patrons to get a polygon minted version of the badges Manu / parsley_3d made that we minted on xDai (via Chievmint) for season 1.
      e. Player of the Season (?) - Best player in S4
  • Plans are underway to get the basics in place - Michiel and I have been looking at smart contracts and talking metadata and hopefully manu can access the artwork for the rank badges and I will rally artists for the Player & Patron ones.

  • Want to start simple, get some out and then build on what we’ve got.

  • Define the achievements we want to recognise - I have ideas but I’d love to hear others thoughts.

I have very little smart contract experience and have only minted my own NFTs on Rarible and OpenSea. I know Michiel has done some work with them and wants to develop those skills, so if @tenfinney, @dan13ram, penguin or anyone else wish to weigh in also, please do.

Too much to achieve?

Next month

  • Build a small crew of folks who want to help drive this raid to success! Builders, 2d & 3d artists and those who can produce music. Aiming to get some fresh (as in new, not prince) artwork done for end of season 5 awards.

  • Further develop the smart contracts (builder availability pending) or at least clarify what we need beyond the basics. Would like to use Chievmint as inspiration. Dekan built some fab functionality into that dApp and it is a real shame it dmi.

  • Get discussions going around the MG Achievement UI and have an MVP in place for the end of the month (builder/my time availability pending) or early March, even if it is a skinned scaffold-eth app.

  • I would like to introduce NFTs / POAPs for guest writers, speakers or at least get art work underway for these.

Too ambitious?

Into next season & The Future

  • If it is considered important enough and when the MetaOS quests UI raid is complete, I would like to turn some builder focus to the Achievements UI. @vid and I think tommymaher have shown interest in working on this when they are available, after Quests & the landing page. Michiel is already helping to figure out the smart contracts.

  • Discord integration of achievements (Bring back the >>snoo & 1up), Auto DMs to players who level up with a link to claim their NFT, NFT gated minter roles in the UI and Discord.

  • Storing chakra theme data for MyMeta in an NFTs metadata so folks can chose their theme by NFT.

  • Possible addition of an NFT gallery in MyMeta that supports 3D artwork. With 2 or 3 of the builders taking an interest in threejs & the whole 3D/Metaverse/VR thing we could build out something pretty cool. If an NFT has 3D artwork, we could add a gltf URI to the metadata and display a 3D view of it in the gallery, or have it as a background.

Lots of ideas on where we could take this raid but would love to hear others thoughts on how we can develop this. :slight_smile:


Chievmint or Tenfinney’s Polygon NFTs contract sound like a good start.
Still a shame ChievMint never found its champion :confused:

Sounds great!

I think it would be a pretty big win if there was at least a bot congratulating people as they move up a ranked league. Right now the bot auto-changes their role but there’s no “ding” moment & players rarely congratulate each other as its hard to notice…

But also… Given Achievminter is kind of a sub-role of the XP Fairies, which don’t have a champion… :stuck_out_tongue:
Its a big bite to try to champion both, but if you’ll already be tracking big contributions that happen & rewarding some people with unique achievement NFTs, as well as helping with the mint, maaaybe you could also be rewarding these people with some initiative suggestions or props. :man_shrugging:
Just putting it out there for possible consideration, def don’t want you overcommitting, feeling anxious & burning out.

Thank you for putting this together, looking forward to seeing some achievements! :beers:

Aye, @Michiel and I went over tenfinneys polygon contracts and the chiev ones. tenfinneys contracts look quite complex and the chiev ones, whilst on xDai, give the core functionality that I think we want. Initially, I just want an MVP contract to mint a first batch from and go from there.
It is a huge shame that ChievMint was never successfully championed. There’s a big part of me that would like to resurrect it but I don’t think that is what we want now.

This would be great and surely not very tricky to implement. A link to claim your NFT could be added too (once we have minting shit & a UI in place)

:rofl: maaaaaybeeeee.


I really love the initiative here. I am really trying to offload a lot of time consuming items on my schedule to help this initiative as well as what Vid is proposing via Quests. I can commit to staying engaged and will insert myself where I think I can make the most impact. At the very least, I have been gathering the assets you will likely be using and planning a great way to demonstrate the Initiative you are spearheading with the tools you will likely be using. I can also help with the NFT parts where it makes sense (either technically or as support).

Not kidding. Seems reasonable for a full time grinder with the skills to make MG great! $100K/year should be in our cross hairs especially if MG get’s proper funding.

Yes! I don’t know much about snoo and 1up but I like rewards and perks for retaining user engagement, especially for engaged octos.