Luxumbra champion proposal

Here’s my proposal to champion some core areas of our wonderful MetaGame.

What will I champion?

  • Monthly mint & compensation
  • 'Chievements system
  • Community domain

Monthly Mint & Compensation

I’ve been the Mint champion for a few months, was deputy before that and while the mint has not been without issues in that time, I’d like to continue in my role in making sure people get compensated (on time :sweat_smile:) for the value they create for MetaGame and the community.

What does a couple of seasons with me as a champ look like:

  • I will strive to make the monthly distributions happen on time.
  • I will maintain or help to maintain the Coordinape circles and keep members reminded of epochs and deadlines.
  • I will work with builders & the community to further improve the reward & compensation mechanics.

Achievements System

Now we have an operational achievements system after dysbulic & tenfinney built the MVP UI & smart contracts, we need to start using it. I would like to take up the champion role again and over the next couple of seasons push the system & the artwork forwards to the next level where we have:

  • Achievements getting sent out regularly; player of the month, patron of the season, ‘Buidl for a season’, etc.
  • 'Chieves for quest completions
  • Discord integration of 'Chieves
  • 'Chieves displayed in player profiles in MetaOS.
  • An improved UI for creating, managing & viewing 'Chieves.
  • Dynamic Player card NFTs for all Players & Patrons

Community Domain

I would like to take on the Octagon champion role for the Community domain. Chievemints, the Mint & Compensation are community focused raids and I have a decent, long standing track record as an innkeeper & being a consistently active, community focused player.

To do this, I will need a deputy like our Tommy, who has shown interest in and has proven track record at championing community related raids, innnkeeping, and the like.

MetaGame is its community. We’re building some cool shit fr fr but it is the community, the fam that make it the best DAO in the space. Life at MG went pretty quiet for a while there and we’ve certainly had our ups and downs but we can beat the bear and get the community buzzing again. Shit I will help lead us toward:

  • Bigger gatherings, more bridges built, more workshops.
  • Focus on community & player wellbeing.
  • Keep the rewards mechanics operating & find ways to improve things going forwards.
  • Stay true to the MG community and uphold & protect our values as an org.
  • Improve retention & engagement of our members.
  • Finally get NFTs done for Fallen Ones, Eternals / the OGs

How might I fail

I might fail. I won’t pretend - I have had unsuccessful attempts at being champion for a few things. Why? It might be Impostor Syndrome, or IS, or letting myself think that no-one cares about the raid in question (I had this on Achievemints when no-one would turn up to calls and I got ghosted by some people I was counting on).
What I won’t fail to do is inform the community / The Octagon if I feel I am failing or am no longer able to meet my responsibilities.

What I hope to get out of it

I want to improve my non-dev skills, overcome my Impostor Syndrome and earn some half decent $$$ while helping MG succeed. With regards to ‘expected pay’ - I’m striving for similar pay to what I’d get if i was working full-time as a mid level developer but am fully aware I might not get that with current Seed price action. I am committed all the same.

I pledge

I am currently able to commit full-time hours (35 - 45 hr/w) to MetaGame if required.
I promise to report on my areas of reponsibility, weekly, to the relevant channels and I promise to not ghost on my responsibilities. :octopus:


Im down to deputy// assist aswell if i can be helpful, down to invest same amount of hours for metagame.


I heartily support your election.

We need to start creating issues for the ’Chievemints site and begin to hash out what our set of potential features are & prioritize them.

@peth mentioned a NFC tap → POAP minting process that sounds like a really cool feature to audition with the membership cards that’ll hopefully be going out in a month or so. It’s just going to take figuring out gasless minting.