Launch of XP and Quest System + Whats Next for MetaGame

Updated version of what are XP & Seeds can be found here


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After many weeks of deliberation, bug fixes, and data wrangling, we finally have a working Quest system to give XP for all the work that was done on MetaGame prior to enabling SourceCred, as well as all the work done that wasn’t tracked by SourceCred (e.g. the people who helped with Intercon, people who attended community calls, etc).

This will allow us to create ongoing Quests to make it easier for community members to become “champions” and earn XP for contributing to MetaGame in a more meaningful way than just forum / discord / GitHub interactions.

Crash Course (READ THIS)

Things have been changing a lot and we know it’s very confusing, but now that it’s settled in a bit we can hopefully shed some light on all the things. Here’s an excellent guide written by @burrrata on what XP and SEED are and how they work.

📊 How do I earn XP?

Experience points (XP) can be earned by anyone anytime by engaging on Discord, writing on Discourse, and laying down code on GitHub, or completing a Quest. You earn XP when you create content and/or when people reference or react to your content. We also have Initiatives to recognize contributions that happened off-line and reward them with XP as well.

Due to the way SourceCred works (PageRank) the more XP you have the more weight your engagement has. This creates a soft sybil resistance where random accounts or profiles can’t easily embed themselves into the contribution graph without actually contributing.

Because XP is earned via contributions and engagement, which are always fluctuating, XP scores are always fluctuating. They are not fixed. Think of them more like an element or the weather. XP is very real, and has very real properties and effects, but it’s more of a force of nature than anything.

🌱 What is SEED and how do I get it?

SEEDs are awarded based on your XP. More specifically, your XP earned per week through direct actions as well as the XP that flows to your past contributions as people engage with them over time. As a result MetaGamers are playing an iterated game with long-term incentives for collaboration. You receive points for making it easy for others to use and contribute to your contributions. This creates a living ecosystem of value. More value, more XP, more SEEDs.

📈 WTF is the SEED Market?

The SEED market exists to support value creation. By giving people a way to buy and sell SEEDs we create a community currency. This allows MetaGamers to earn things like character profiles, earn membership/ governance rights, and the ability to support the valuable work of others in a postiive-sum way (boosting).

MetaGame will create a market on a bonding curve and buy up the initial supply. This will create a price floor. A small fee will be charged to people buying into or out of the SEED market, however all SEED transactions within the Metaverse will have full value. This incentivizes local engagement and spending within the MetaGame universe.

SEEDs will be allocated to contributors on a weekly basis. The goal is to have more SEEDs coming in through profile creation, membership dues, and in-game features than there are going out via SEED allocations. In this way MetaGame has a runway of SEEDs to support the community until SEED demand eclipses supply. Then number go up.

⚔️ What can I use SEED for?

SEEDs are essentially “loot tokens”. Adam C wrote an excellent article recently talking about why tokens like SEED are one of the most important emerging asset classes in web3. Here’s some things that SEED will be used for:

  • :compass: Staking on Direction / Priorities (Futarchy-ish)

  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Source of Income

  • :classical_building: Membership Dues

  • :rocket: Tipping / Boosting other players

  • :european_castle: Creating Guilds

  • :handshake: Paying For Goods/Services from other players

  • :crossed_swords: Creating Quests

  • :martial_arts_uniform: Buying digi-physical items / wearables

  • :money_with_wings: Collateralizing your Identity (personal tokens “Web of Trust”)

If anyone is unsure / confused about any of this stuff or how it works, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS! We’ve been in the weeds with this for long time now and want to make sure we communicate the XP system to the best of our ability, so please help you by asking for clarifications so we know what things make sense and what things we need to explain better. No such thing as dumb questions, feel free to DM me as well :slight_smile:


If you would like to learn more about the XP system and how it works, checkout the SourceCred documentation on Cred. P.S. Cred and XP is the same thing, we just call it XP in MetaGame.

If you would like to learn more about how the Quest/Initiatives system works, please checkout the Initiatives section in the SourceCred Docs.


Keep in mind that these XP distributions aren’t fully accurate / finalized and are subject to change as we fix some bugs in the XP system and add more missing data. Please bear with us while we iron out the kinks.

Details on missing data

The biggest issue remaining is some users who have GitHub accounts but not forum accounts are not getting the proper XP showing for their contributions. This is most evident from the GitCoin Round 4 donations where people like Ven have a lot of XP for their large donations, but it doesn’t show up in the graph properly:

The Quest1 completions aren’t on the graph as well since most of the users dont have associated forum / GitHub accounts we can link to (only discord).

What’s Next?

Now that the XP and Quest system is good enough to cover most things, where do we go from here, you may ask? Here’s a rundown of what’s on the horizon:

New DAO Launching with SEED Market (early June)

We will be migrating the existing Aragon DAO into a new DAO using 1Hive Gardens as the basis. We will deprecate the old SEED token and issue a new one alongside the launch of the SEED Market which will allow anyone to buy and sell SEEDs on a bonding curve. A portion of the GitCoin funds will be used to initialize the curve and buy up the initial pool of SEEDs to be distributed to the active players in MetaGame.

MetaGame Profile Pages (mid June)

Profile pages and the backend infrastructure / backbone of MetaGame is in active development. We estimate that the first version of the profile pages will be ready by mid-June. This will make it much easier to become a player, discover other players, and keep track of your rank / XP. If you want a deep dive on how we are implementing it, check out this post by @pacobacpac.

SourceCred Beta 1 (late July/early August)

The SourceCred team is full steam ahead on getting SC into a well packaged “feature complete” state by this summer. This will allow us to improve the visibility into and functionality of our Quest/XP system and will allow us to really push the needle forward on developing out the rest of “The Game”.

Evolution of Interspace (game devs / artists needed!)

Here’s a thread detailing what we need to build for the actual game interface for MetaGame. @jadbox is interested in exploring this but we need more firepower, so if you have experience with game design / development / art etc please reach out! Lots of XP and SEED awaits…

The Future: A SocioEconomic Web of Trust

Once the profiles and XP / SEED market are working and stable, the next major priority will be building out the “web of trust” with personal tokens on player profiles, where your identity and alignment with the MetaFam is defined by your bonding curve based personal token collateralized by SEED and held by other members. Essentially what Adam is talking about in this tweet.

Apologies in advance if I missed anything, please let me know and I will make edits to this post. Hope this helps bring some clarity into what’s going on and where MetaGame is headed. If anyone has any thoughts, concerns, worries, frustrations, or anything to share at all please reach out to me and I will be glad to listen and help.

Much love to all the MetaFam, here’s to the future :octopus:


Yoyo! Great post overall. Does a lot to help grasp the grand picture of MetaGame. Or a least the current state of it.

Couple Qs -

In order to do so, did you have to manually go through all the records and transpose that manually into the XP graph?

So from what I understand, the MetaGame community’s main current focus is to get all these 5 ‘pieces’ working together. Then gradually use them to organize work within the Metagame community itself (already started with XP graph). Then abstract that into a higher level solution integrating everything (SourceCred & SEED + profiles + Interspace & Web of Trust) and make it available to other communities which may want to adopt the whole package.

Let me know if it is more or less the big picture here!

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This post did well to clarify things.

Have another question though. I seem to have understood that only a select few emojis would be accounted in XP calculations. If it is the case it would be great to make this information available to all

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Nice stuff!

On thing that might be helpful is a quick guide to claiming SEEDs