Last updated: 2020.9.17

This raid is about building connections within the MetaGame community through the initiatives like the friendship boosting, organizing events and experimenting with other ways we could do that.

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  • If you want to help with this, just post in this thread.

happy to help with this, reaching into some other bigger groups would be fun to recruit new members

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This one is specifically for building bonds within the existing community, but agreed, we should be interconnecting with other communities too.
Do you think that should be a raid too, or just a recurring quest/challenge?

Count me in!

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quest/challenge maybe but lets see

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Oh you’re already the champion of this one!

I think one way we could do this is by introducing a sort of an accountability buddies system.
Since the goal of MetaGame is to help people level up, it should naturally be encouraging people to chase their dreams, improve habits and become better versions of themselves, but that’s hard/impossible to do on a system-wide level. I tried it with #check-in but it doesn’t seem to be working.
Maybe we need a bot to prompt people to set goals & reminds them daily?
We can probably learn from Mochi and others doing similar things.
Maybe we should start a Habitica guild?