Last updated: 2020.9.17

This raid is about building connections within the MetaGame community through the initiatives like the friendship boosting, organizing events and experimenting with other ways we could do that.

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  • If you want to help with this, just post in this thread.

happy to help with this, reaching into some other bigger groups would be fun to recruit new members

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This one is specifically for building bonds within the existing community, but agreed, we should be interconnecting with other communities too.
Do you think that should be a raid too, or just a recurring quest/challenge?

Count me in!

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quest/challenge maybe but lets see

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Oh you’re already the champion of this one!

I think one way we could do this is by introducing a sort of an accountability buddies system.
Since the goal of MetaGame is to help people level up, it should naturally be encouraging people to chase their dreams, improve habits and become better versions of themselves, but that’s hard/impossible to do on a system-wide level. I tried it with #check-in but it doesn’t seem to be working.
Maybe we need a bot to prompt people to set goals & reminds them daily?
We can probably learn from Mochi and others doing similar things.
Maybe we should start a Habitica guild?

I think the buddy system idea is in the right direction. I watched the Deep Work video on skill trees that @peth posted, in the video he mentions at some level (maybe after lvls 1-11) that contributors have a buddy with an ‘expert’ to help excel further up the skill tree.

I also would like to collaborate with champion @mprime on some more ways to create inter connectivity. The rabbit hole segment on the community calls has been going great. What else can we start?

I’ve noticed a few various brain exchanges about meeting up and chit chatting, but as far as I can tell, brain exchanges get posted then rarely followed up.

At least that has been my experience when following the emoji prompts from the poster, to receive more info.


Indeed. Brain Exchange is not being actively used for people to connect as I hoped.

I’m twirling in my head with a proposal to replace the channel with a mini-game that also builds your own skill tree.

Then, by seeing other people’s skill & interests trees, I hope it will become easier and more common to connect with others. For quests, and for fun.

I may try to prototype this with the excuse of MetaFest.
Let me know if you want to brainstorm with me on it @Tommy (or anyone else).


And here’s the proposal: RFC: Skill Tree Discord Mini-game

I think the channel just needs someone to organize the learning sessions for things that receive multiple emojis.
Just to comb through it from time to time, see what has most reactions & contact the player who posted about it asking whether they are interested in doing a session on it…
If it turns out good, we can push further on getting more people to post there.
Maybe @metaverde is interested?

Also watched this the other day:

Think it would be great to have a system like this in place, where players can find 2 other players interested in the same topic & learn together - don’t even need a teacher player, just 3 curious players exploring together.

I think the mini-game idea is also pretty cool, but maybe it should be an additional channel not replacement for #brain-exchange @mprime?

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Indeed, this is a useful aspect of the channel. And my proposal is an attempt to amplify this aspect. Making it easier to post and engage. So we have more and better data.

In my head, what I’m planning is brain-exchange v2.0. But who knows what comes out of it.
We may keep both or ditch one of the two… I’m open to anything.

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I also posted in tutorials, a slight proposal to start a Student Solidarity guild with regular hack calls in the dungeon. And working group meetings rotating topics of interest such as Solidity, NFT minting, etc.

With guest master tutors that can offer some guidance. And a Notion page to store resources.

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If we start a Student Solidarity Guild, the champion can comb the brain exchange and schedule ‘courses’?

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I think you meant Solidity and the ac kicked your booty?
But Solidarity also works for me.

I’m down to work with someone on this.
1Hive is also planning a Solidity learning group.
It would be nice to have a bridge channel or collab for Solidity at least.
Hmu dm’s on Discord if I’m not responding to something here.
Next week MetaFest will be hectic…
I’d like to get started on the Solidity thing ASAP though.

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No I mean Solidarity. Like students coming together for all things. One of them being Solidity.

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