Integration of Proof of Humanity to MyMeta Profiles

Hello everyone!

This thread is meant as a place of discussion on the possibility of starting a collaboration with Proof of Humanity. At the moment, we are using Bright ID as a verification system, but incorporating Proof of Humanity as well, to My Meta profiles, could make us tap into the Proof of Humanity community which counts 10012 profiles registered at the time this text is being written. Their Twitter community has 13500 followers at the time being.

First, let me give you a little bit of context.

What is Proof of Humanity?
It’s a social identity verification system for humans on Ethereum. PoH combines webs of trust, reverse Turing tests, and dispute resolution to create a sybil-proof list of humans. (read more [HERE].(

How does Proof of Humanity work?
A human being has to take the following steps to enter the blockchain registry of Proof of Humanity (short tutorial. The long version on how to apply can be found HERE):

  1. Upload a picture facing the camera
  2. Upload a video stating the following phrase “I certify that I am a real human and that I am not already registered in this registry.”
  3. Fill in all the requested data (no “real” personal data is requested)
  4. Pay a deposit of 0.157 ETH to submit the profile

After the profile has been submitted, comes the vouching phase, where another registered person vouches that the person that just applied is indeed a human being. After the vouching phase, there is a 3-day challenge phase, where the profile can be challenged.
This is how the system ensures that no deep fakes, doubles, or whatnot enter the registry. People take part to hunt fake profiles because, for that, they get 0.1 ETH in case the dispute really shows that the profile they challenged was fake.
If the profile is not challenged during these 3 days, the registration is successful, the deposit is returned to the applicant’s wallet, and the applicant starts receiving 1 UBI token per hour.

Benefits for MetaGame:

  • increasing the reach by tapping into their community
  • new talent joining MetaGame
  • expanding the MetaGame horizon to the Spanish-speaking community (a big percentage of those registered in Proof of Humanity are from Latam countries).

People who already have a Proof of Humanity account could see MyMeta as a building block to work with, or directly use their PoH profile to connect it to a MyMeta profile. In either way, ppl might join MetaGame to display the work they are doing.

Vale, a new engaged octo, is also a very active community member of Proof of Humanity. He recently achieved getting the UBI token to Lemoncash, and in this way made it more usable.

Valen has already a dev (from Proof of Humanity) that could work on the integration of Proof of Humanity to the MyMeta profiles. The external dev is willing to have a one-time payment for the integration.

The questions are:

  • Does any of the devs here know how much time and effort would it take to make such integration?

  • Will it take time from our devs to provide the proper permissions to make it happen?

  • Can we handle giving SEED to an external dev for this?

  • How much SEED would it be fair?

  • Can we make it without requiring our devs to distract from the main builds?

  • Would it be suitable to have the new builders work on such integration instead?

Lots of questions. Your feedback is needed. This integration might yield greater benefits.

Waiting on your feedback and happy to answer any of your own questions. :slight_smile:

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