Inspirational Projects

Habitica (open source)
A self-improvement app which uses game mechanics, such as leveling and hit points, to motivate players to live healthy and productive lives.

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What! Habitica is open source? :scream:
Habitica is pretty damn cool, everyone, btw.
It’s kind of sort of like MetaGame except just for personal development.
An extremely gamified productivity app, you set up goals, habits & to-dos, get XP level up, buy items etc. There’s a “guild” and “party” system but it’s very limited.
Opened this when I was trying it out a while ago:


Arcade City is an emergent global network of resilient communities. Join us.

The power of cooperatives

We’ve built in Austin the world’s first and only peer-to-peer rideshare+delivery network owned and operated by its drivers. It’s a scalable model of resilient community self-organization that we’re now expanding globally .

Learn more in this case study of Arcade City Austin from the Sustainable Economies Law Center. Then decide: will you join a guild or create your own?

They even call them guilds? :scream:
You work for Arcade City?

To understand where Swarm City is today, you have to somewhat understand how it all started, and how Swarm City was formed. Swarm City began as Arcade City, which was a decentralized ridesharing platform on the blockchain started in 2016.

I think is open source

Bounty Hunter (Complete Work)
Bounty Host (Post a Bounty)
Bounty Sheriff (Review Submission)

metagame has lots of similarities to a bounty hunting platform.