Improving XP flows in Discord

With the new version of SourceCred, we now have some more tools at our disposal to improve the XP distribution in Discord. Here’s the main new features, and my recommended / proposed setup for how we should use them:

  1. Ability to specify role based weights (e.g. users without any roles can’t create XP by reacting, and users with higher rank roles will create more XP when reacting to stuff).
  • No role: 0x weight
  • Player: 0.25x weight
  • Bronze / Server Booster: 0.5x weight
  • Patron / Silver: 0.75x weight
  • Gold: 1x weight
  • Platinum: 1.25x weight
  • Diamond: 1.5x weight.
  1. Ability to specify channel based weights (e.g. certain channels will have a higher multiplier for reactions)
  • All channels by default: 1x weight
  • 0x weight: role-select, set-eth-address, events, xp-gains, megaphone, gas-prices, bot-spam, seed-market-alerts:
  • 0.25x weight: music, dapps-games, eco-thegame & voting (since people are reacting a lot more, but still valuable to make a poll)
  • 0.5x weight: my-thing, check-in, tavern, photoshop-tennis, , brain-exchange
  • 2x weight: did-a-thing, give-props, strategery, diamond-club, inner-circle
  1. Ability to specify a props channel (where the XP goes mostly to the person mentioned instead of the person posting

Other changes I made:

  • Gave higher weight to mglight and mgdark emojis (same as octo emoji now, worth 3x other emoji weights)
  • Gave 0 weight to :-1: and :poop: emojis

Here’s an overview of the XP before and after for the top ~150 players:

Let me know what y’all think of this, if anything needs to be changed / added, etc.


I think this is a great change and helps balance our SourceCred scoring with our discord process.

I think is is great to get the visibility of what is valuable and how scores are calculated! Thank you for sharing @METADREAMER

With respect to channels that have 2x weight:

I would propose that strategery, diamond-club, inner-circle be weighted at 1x, if not 0x. Those channels have limited membership and the members likely have plenty of skin in the game and likely a fat stack of seed already.

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