Ideation : thinking how mymeta looks like in a small city community

So I want to think about applying mymeta concepts to a local community that has a coin.

In this idea, in the community there are members that are creating value through ways we here at MetaGame would be familiar…
project management, art creation, website building, shilling, event organizing, bridgebuilding, etc

But maybe also members that are businesses or farms.
Some of these can benefit from sourced integration with discord and discourse and mymeta.

The mymeta profiles could be used to spark collaboration on projects either to be on the crew marketing and building the dao, or on various projects related to say a farm member profile.

With dework integration, small tasks of things such as community cleanup could pay for collecting plastic and bringing to a center, for example.

Maybe labor hours tending to a garden. Maybe compost collection.

Achievement systems and certification badges can come into play to gain trust and access to newer bounties.

The mymeta of businesses in a network could connect with wallets and accept the local earned coin.

These mymeta businesses or places can have achievements in say sustainability.

How would this idea look like to you? I would like to spark a conversation about how these things could integrate.


In St Johns County, Florida the local businesses have a trade and barter system set up amongst each other. Each business chooses how many credits they wish to give to other business owners when they come to their store. it all averages out to a certain amount of trade and barter that each of these businesses want to allow and are able to take advantage of at other stores. this includes services and products. this has also allowed the businesses to do this in a legal framework where all those expenses can also be written off.
Web3 communities IRL could do the same with each others’ social tokens. As much as i hate to say it, Circles has a very good mechanism set up for this and is actually how the US gov circumvented local and international laws to pump USD into Venezuela for aid.


Why do you hate to say it? Circles seems like an interesting model.

Though I can see working towards maybe less ubi and more on the barter earn trade model?

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I think they put a lot of amazing time into the Circles mechanism and it is quite phenomenal. I just don’t necessarily like the big wigs they are connected to.

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I really love anything to do with talk of integrating MetaGame stuff into physical world stuff. What is the advantage of having a token in this kind of system, instead of say bartering/exchange economics in a fiat system?


The advantage I would assume is knowing where and what your economic activity in the Space is actually doing, and is worth… and Options. Like maybe not everyone want’s to take certain kinds of Value.

I think finding effective ways to Fund Reward and Train people into Permaculture Methodology would be an incredible series of “Achievements”

How to produce POAP’s that have actively available “Funds” attached to them somehow as these kinds of rewards. Even imagining “Charged Particles” type things that after they are “Earned” they somehow Bleed Value perpetually.


It’s interesting to see so many different kinds of interests – people are looking to develop in MG.

My thoughts in criticism form are that there is too much spreading out of interests – and that too many diverse interests make a less potent direction – in terms of being able to generate enough income in order to be really successful in a thing.

But, the diversity works well if it is a diversity of leaders who are themselves specialists.

Someone who will take the lead as a project manager for a series of Ocean Cleanups – or what have you, and figure out how to bring money into that situation.

Likely through some kind of NFT sale on a PoS chain, where a significant portion of the funds are allocated toward cleanup efforts, but a segment is kept for the MG treasury for seed.

So you can have your real world cleanup.
And you can account for it with whatever system you want to use – dework, or whatever, and the income is related to Seed.

Then, we can see “Sponsored by Metagame” “Organized in support with Metagame”.

But really – it’s “Organized by X Person, in partnership with Y Cleanup and Metagame.”

This way, that person can be starting basically a persistent – perennial sort of raid – and be a champion.


As far as more in-community stuff – there are two other ideas that come to mind:

  1. There was this MTV experimental thought thing that came up – this reality TV of DAOs. Get a house, and rent it out, and exhibitionist it - and then turn it into a hackathon / media hub / solar punk house.

  2. There are pre-existing communities all over the place – co-ops, and collectives and such. Permacultural workshop type places - as Apeiron is mentioning.

There is a weird distinction in here – which is difficult to get past, and it has to do with ideologues.

A lot of the people in these co-ops are sort of green anarchists – anarcho-primativists – or luddites.

Some of them are like – anti-capitalist – severely - but with added cognitive dissonance --the ones raging against NFTs on twitter.


I’d say breaking into these areas – it’s better to find the financial permaculturalists or the slow fooders – which would be sort of like a crypto integration into a farmers market - on an institutional level.

Maybe, like an alliance with pre-existing farmers, who all attend as small business representatives – these types can have an anarchistic / economic permaculture / community oriented libertarian sort of leaning – mixed with a pragmatic attitude toward business – because they understand they need to generate profit to live the life they want to live.

So, these people would probably be more amenable to starting a type of DAO, // simple gnosis safe, onboarded onto polygon, where some treasury of funds is deposited into Yearn, or Curve, or even Aave.

I would imagine finding small clusters of these people in rural communities of small towns, and then equipping them with information and setting up a financial infrastructure for them, – sponsoring that with seed, and exhibitionisting it as a sort of quest series.

You could create a crypto onboarding documentary which connects with those circles of farmers.

apolitical. – just about helping them better manage assets as a group, slow money –

economic permaculture.


funded with grants, and advertisement, and kickstarter.

This guy, Paul Wheaton, is a permaculturalist from missoula, MT, and he kicked ass on Kickstarter, mobilizing grassroots funding for permaculture education.

There’s another guy named Skeeter:

He was in Okanogan, WA - and was a total schemer, very clever, business person / wildcrafter / permaculturalist.

These guys in okanogan are who I’m thinking of specifically, about the slow food movement in that area – reasonable people. Maybe just not DeFi Literate.


Both the MTV “DAO Haus” series – and the Slow Food Documentary are serious projects, and would require full time attention – and groups of people who were hustlers. – they are both educational / entertainment / inspiration products. — DAO Propaganda Performance Art.

I’d say that is the closing phrase:

DAO Propaganda Performance Art.


This wouldn’t be a MG project… just a concept that could fork and apply mymeta and the way of SourceCred and achievements and such

It’s an application of using the mymeta profiles applied to a completely different project. No incorporation with seeds

Was more thinking creating a forkable process and package for small groups


Lots of co-ops and permaculture education groups and work trade places could use something like that - but would likely need to be introduced and onboarded.


But what if they were already half way onboarded. How could the concept work. For a community already looking to do it

And if they had their own team, nothing to do with MetaGame, but maybe incorporating mymeta

With plenty of resource

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Thank you for the great reply AND including such great links!! I think your speaking right up my alley for sure!!

Permaculture and Crypto have the opportunity to create an incredibly Abundant Edge!!

I think you should further follow that chain of the Social and Intellectual barriers when it comes to Permies and Crypto.

I don’t Blame them certainly… I was a part of that similar crowd once upon a time.

appealing to small business owners and other “Edge” type permaculture peeps seems Very keen!!

I know I was personally somewhat cautiously brought myself to the web3 world Via the path of Passive Solar Homes, Permaculture, P2P/GameB, then Web3…

So maybe this idea of Passive living and Financial Literacy is a good path to further follow for onboarding prowesss


over a long enough timeline these reward-based initiatives, as you explained here, is a practical way to make a huge difference in small or forgotten about communities. No gov middleman to pay out the doers (taxes for the recipients is a whole other ball or gunk), and it’s a great overarching universal plan. Similar to how the carbon offsets tokens we will pay for can be used to go right into conservation initiatives.

At some point we could get in line with all the others that will be good candidates for the +/- $500M “doing good” that FTX/Bankman-Fried and other web3 patrons is committing to over the next few years.

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And this is where something like Dework can fit nicely. Getting people to understand the “Web3-token economy” is difficult, but if we only have to train the X-person and they distribute the end-reward, it’s a pretty nice system.
As we all probably know, a ton of charity money is wasted at the hands of the system and not much makes it to the moment and time where the most impact is happening on the ground.
Something like this gets us one step closer to where we need to be.


This is feckin awesome work here.
Celo RIO refugee relief.

Loving UBI Blockchains angle also.

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What do you mean by big wigs? @Musashi13

Thanks @tommy for starting this topic.

I’m still skeptical in how could DAO help out communities in a sustainable way (that’s mostly because I’m slowly expanding my knowledge in web3)

Dework sounds great. Let’s say person X, managing project X in a local small scale, wants to use Dework to get some funds from Patreons and for organizational and financial distribution purposes. Person X has to make an initial investment to use Dework?

Correct me if I’m wrong.

If I would be person X, and don’t trust / understand any of these tokenizations, I would rather use trello, for example.

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And you know, these groups could actually pay for training rounds on how to set this up, learn basic tokenomics, learn various tooling and generally any other educational service that we could provide while MyMeta and wiki still stays open-source and free.
People here may sometimes want to stay away from the idea of providing educational resources for money because essentially we are also giving knowledge out to the world for free, but providing an actual structured training program which itself has costs is a different thing than knowledge curation.

@tenfinney this is also a very good idea. Teach people as much as they are comfortable learning. We don’t want people to get terrified and they don’t even need to be onboarded in the whole space if they don’t want to. However, they can benefit from it anyway. I am not sure if Dework in its current state will be enough for achieving such a kind of adoption and I think that it would be more in tune with the spirit of decentralization to have people apply themselves for work they want to do rather than have another sort of middleman in charge of distribution.
But again, you know… people might also need to learn that this direct sort of decision making is a possibility in the first place and that may be even more difficult.

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Context: Eu Comissn is giving away funds for more sustainable projects. I assume sismilar is happening with other comissions around the world. These funds are basically what we pay in taxes (I really don’t know much about how taxes work tho, so please correct me if I’m wrong).

So we would use Dework with MG system integration (as in we apply our current system of rewards in it) so anyone with a sustainable project, can invest something affordable and get financial help as the project progresses, sticks to a sustainable path and keeps the human factor as one main priority?

At a long-run: Would it be useful to contact big comissions like Eu, to help them stick with these goals, and maybe prevent corruption?

I have to inform you that there is a great deal of corruption already in EU funding programmes. I know for a fact because I and other people I know have applied for them in the past. Erasmus, Euraxxes, ERC and all that good stuff often have superficially “progressive agendas” seeming like they do give a flying fuck for sustainability, the refugee crisis and LGBTQ stuff. There is so much hypocrisy going on and most of it is a public relations scheme to create an image of “The Big Saviour”. In fact they are not different than getting funding from VCs (Venture Capital Firms), since they do have their own vested interests.
One thing to always do in order to see this is “watch where the money flows from” and you will see that Deutsche Bank sits behind a lot of stuff. Just sayin’!

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