🤔 How to Champion

WTF are Champions?

Champions are people responsible for running domains, specific raids & internal guilds.

Before starting a recurring activity or a raid and reporting its progress in didathing & coordinape, people will be required to officially propose the activity. Its ok to get started before asking for feedback or even reporting once or twice - but if its an ongoing activity that will be happening going forward & draining Seeds, there needs to be a proposal & a formal championing request for it.

Champions have full autonomy/authority in their circle as long as what they’re doing is not clashing with the overall goals & values of the community - feel free to be an asshole but don’t act surprised if the community wants to replace you :crazy_face:
In fact, everyone is meant to be replaced at some point.

  • Champions will most likely be championing for set terms of 1 or 2 seasons, having to write a new post & re-apply every X seasons.

How to Become a Champion

  • Write a post about:
    • What you want to achieve over the next 3-6 months
    • What you hope to get in return - a range of expected pay
  • Most importantly, make sure:
    • You start with a minimum viable solution to the problem you want to solve
    • To think deeply about how it relates to MetaGame’s current goals & purpose

The whole process looks something like this:

How to Champion

  1. Push your domain, guild or raid forward as you see fit.
    • Not alone! Get a deputy then try to build a team around whatever you are leading.
  2. Regularly report your progress & ask for help in the appropriate rings.
  3. Let us know when you can no longer continue fulfilling your duty - be it temporary or permanently.

That’s pretty much all there is to it :man_shrugging:

In a bit more detail…

  • Come up with a plan & write it down
  • Set a syncing schedule for your raid or guild & stick to it
  • Start pushing it forward
  • Find a deputy & other players to help you as needed
  • Summarize reports to the bigger ring
  • Make sure your workspace is up-to-date & people know what needs doing
  • Stay on top of your channels
  • Be kind & helpful
  • Know that it’s ok if you can’t do this, you can always gracefully step down :upside_down_face:


Championing something is to be done responsibly.

  • Yes you have authority in your domain but be welcoming & kind to other players
  • Ghosting on your responsibilities is the highest form of crime in MetaGame

Besides pushing your part of MetaGame forward, the most important thing is simply letting us know if you can’t. There is no shame in being unable to do what you set out to do, as long as you’re honest about it!

There’s a plethora of good reasons to stop championing: from realizing you’re not a good fit for the role for whatever reason, over whatever family or health related reasons to simply wanting to move on, maybe work for another DAO or start your own :man_shrugging:

  • We will still love you
  • Just let us know for fuck’s sake! :rofl:


Once you’re ready, go copy the Championing Template Proposal & get started!