How to cadCAD 📈

In my experience, model scoping is actually much harder than writing simulations and analyzing results. I personally have some ideas around what kinds of models I would be building if I had more time to invest personally but rather than doing a bunch of scoping and trying to get the community to do those models, i am preferring to try to teach the skill of defining model scope.

That said, the past work most closely related to metagame is described here:

If you are interested in learning more @burrrata has been hosting DAO design 101 calls weekly on Thursdays. That would also be a good place to start.


For anyone who is interested in modeling and simulation, there is now a mini MOOC created by several members of the open source community; free access thanks to financial sponsorship by several organizations using cadCAD: Balancer, Reflexer and BlockScience.

To enroll

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Is this still quest?
I’ll do it anyway.
So interested in cadCAD.

@Michiel and I are thinking to go through the course above starting next week