House of Well-being

House of Wellness Raid by @P_V_F

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Let’s take the time and read this doc. It’s a great starting point for us all.

We can start by replying to which symptoms we relate with.

Here’s the thread that trigered this question, and the question:


@Misanth we shall go through this document in my Houseofwellbeing meetings.

Great job btw, I’ve suggested some modifications inside google docs.

Yesterday’s house of well-being report

Thanks @Pvblick Vniversal Friend :octopus:#9571 for hosting the call

@Bagholder McFomo III :octopus:#9024 @:octopus:Musashi13#5579 @:octopus: Misanth :octopus:#7407 Thank you also for sticking around :grin:

Basically I used the beginning of the call to share some insights I had the day before, mostly about psychology (And double thank you for everyone being so patience with me, specially to @Pvblick Vniversal Friend :octopus:#9571 )

I’ve read @Gnomeski :octopus:#0225 file with which I’ve related in many of the topics mentioned (even tho it’s a fictional document, it portrays very well real situations) I’ve replied to the post on the forum where I shared my personal view and asked all players a question ( You don’t have to reply to it, but I’m trying to create some kind smooth environment where we can all openly talk about these stuff)

Here’s the link to the whole topic on the forum MetaNews: concerns "about the expansion of scope"

We decided that a wiki with all the houses would be a good solution to have all the categories or “rooms” of each house laid out nicely and not interfering in check out the sketch in the attachment just to get the idea

Me and @Pvblick Vniversal Friend :octopus:#9571 will in a next session go through the whole flow in Notion, so eventually get some @Builder around to help out with the new wiki

We’ve also brainstormed that we could use NEOSRV to create a house of the well-being where you go inside and climb up to “Mental Clarity” :grin: but this will be later on, just leaving a teaser.

I guess I care for your well being, thus my curiosity about this topic. From player to player, we are all in the same page. So when you grab some time, read the document, write down your symptoms and either share them here or just bring them up in our next call (TBA)

@:octopus:Musashi13#5579 studied psychology, so we are counting on his knowledge to keep things smooth :man_gesturing_ok:


  • Make weekly open calls for open talks about personal issues
  • Go through the materials in Notion and clarify the flow