Because most people have one.
Mine is rock climbing, but due to recent shit I haven’t climbed in a while…
Started playing guitar again :man_shrugging:

How about you?

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So, hobby is what one does in a free time, yeah? Also not get paid for that :smiley:
I would say MetaGame contributions may be count as a hobby, :joy:

More commonly – I’d say painting. Decided to get better at it, now each day I practice some watercolour or procreate or doodling, whatever that may be. Eventually gotta make it to proper illustrations I hope :smiley:

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Rock climbing and console games with epic story lines (the last of us, horizon zero dawn, bioshock)!


TV Shows, Music, Gaming, Cleaning & Organizing my room. Also, I used to learn some Blender in my free time :slight_smile:

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I’ve got too many hobbies to be honest. At the time of writing, my favorite hobby is probably playing the bASS (slap like slappers). Unfortunately because of the great sequestration we currently find ourselves in, I haven’t been able to jam with my regular crew.

Other things I find to fill the time are:

  • Photography - here is my half assed portfolio which I keep telling myself I will finish. https://500px.com/edmcveigh

  • Reading - Another hobby I wish I spent more time on, although I do wind up spending most of my time on it. Currently reading The War of Art as recommended by @peth

  • Hiking - I need to get back into this one. I just love getting out in nature, I find this is the best way to clear my head; if only for a moment.

  • Art - I list this as a general category. I have been interested in art in all forms since early childhood. My mother is an artist by trade, working in all painting mediums, as well as printmaking. My art, when I’m inspired enough to make any centers more around the digital side. I used to love entering Photoshop, and Illustration competitions at w1k when that was around. At the present time, I have been focusing on pixel art mainly, trying to learn and improve.

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Rock climbing and guitar are my main hobbies atm, really glad that my gym is open so I can actually climb!

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