Hey MetaGame, you owe us some XP!

I swear I searched everywhere, but couldn’t find the old Seed Reparations thread :grimacing:

This is a thread about reporting things that seem to be wrong with the XP distribution.
Everyone, please go through the sheet or just report whatever you think is missing.
We want everyone here to be compensated fairly, and right now it seems not even the top contributors are rewarded completely fairly :grin:

Who do I think has been mistreated by the SourceCred bot?

First off, Marko.
Based on the people above him on the leaderboard, it seems he wasn’t properly rewarded for designing the profiels & the profile creation flow. Arguably for decentralion it’s ok to be above him since even though he didn’t contribute much to MetaGame directly, he did create SourceCred itself. I don’t know how much time mZ invested & I appreciate his expertise, but although work on cadCAD modeling might be useful at some point in the future, the design is probably more valuable right now.

Polina, missing initiatives.
It was her idea and she ran the community feedback form & the Monday & Wednesday community Q&A/Brainstorming sessions.

Mateo, made the house of metafam
Probably the smallest thing that’s missing. Just need to get him on Discord and post in the I-did-this channel, that should fix it.

Matija, drew the wiki icons

Me, missing some shiet

Looking at the SourceCred graph, although I have a lot of Seeds, it seemed weird I only have 2x Yalor’s, since he joined a few months after I started MetaGame, stopped actively contributing around March etc.
I even went ahead and asked him what he thinks: image
Though he’s an incredibly humble man & probably loves me too much, so don’t just take his word for it.

What do I think is missing from my XP?
So far, the only articles I wrote that are properly accounted for through initiatives are the “founding articles”, and I wrote a lot more after those.
The main thing I wrote after the founding articles was the manifesto, which took probably more time than some of the founding articles combined. Also had to completely rewrite the WTF is MetaGame article. Another one which took a long time was Building Successful Teams and shorter but notable Guilding 101.
Of the more important articles, there were also Decentralizing Access to Opportunity, How MetaGame Really Works.
Then there are the status updates some of which are pretty long:
6 Months of MetaGame, Quests, Achievements & Interspace, Can We Do It?, What did MetaFam Do?, What’s Up With MetaGame?, Summoning & Other Stuff, Community Feedback & Updates, Seed Reparations & Other Shiet, DAO Hack Month, Seed Market etc.
To be fair, I did get some XP for posting these articles in the announcements channel but getting a few reactions from some people is only as valuable as 1 reaction from me, so some probably got the same amount of XP for retweeting something as I got for spending hours writing some articles.

Then there are the 5.5 MetaView podcast episodes I edited (points to Yalor for writing the notes)

But the thing that probably takes me most time here is probably best described as something like community/project management. Always trying to engage people, welcoming, talking to & answering the questions of everyone joining us, everything on the forums. Coordinating with all the contributors, always pushing the whole thing forward & trying to keep everyone accountable by pinging them, checking up on the state of raids etc. etc.

Worth discussing. :man_shrugging:

What do you think we are still missing?

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