Headhunting Raid 2021-2022

Headhunting Strategy v1.

The strategy contains three main quests. Each of these is explained below with a description, a specific KPI, and an expected time of delivery.

I. Headhunting


Bring highly experienced talent to MetaGame and make sure they become Players.

SMART goal:

Get at least one Junior Technical Product Manager to MetaGame and at least 1 senior Front-end developer by the end of February 2022.


One month of the Headhunting game has resulted in lots of insights. The main ones were 1) lots of people with the talent do not have the will to surf the learning curve, even if personalized support is provided. Thus, a lot of time is lost when talking to these types of people; 2) SEED payment is not predictable nor stable, so it is not realistic for people to leave their jobs to become full-timers when there are no guarantees in place; finally 3) We are looking for contributors that share a gaming vision, but they were looked in forums rather than in actual games! We need a change of strategy.

Regarding the 1st insight, a hypothesis has been established. The conversation starts with MG, its aims, environments, way of playing, and earning. Then if the person is still interested, the conversation continues, otherwise is finished. This has been tested for a week now, and it has proven to immediately filter these people while also attracting one to continue. It will be tested for another month and reported within the KPIs.The 2nd insight has also made a change in the speech. There is no anymore a USD salary description. Instead, historical facts regarding the SEEDs earnings are visually shown.

Finally, the third insight made a change of scope. Now four areas will be covered:

  1. MMORPGs: 2 hours, three times a week (T, W, F).
  2. Discord: 2 hours, twice a week in gaming and public digital good building servers (M, Th).
  3. Twitter: 1 hour, twice a week looking and engaging with #gamedev content (M & Th).
  4. IRL: Participate in the upcoming crypto events as a speaker, a walking-Shiller, or any good opportunity we can get to onboard people. 1 hour of research and contact these communities (T).

The main KPI is:

  1. #People turned into players.
    #Front-End Devs
    #Technical PMs

Secondary KPIs that will provide further insights are:

  1. #People contacted.
    #Front-End Devs
    #Technical PMs

  2. #People onboarded.
    #Front-End Devs
    #Technical PMs

  3. #People stayed for a week.
    #Front-End Devs
    #Technical PMs

  4. Reasons people didn’t stay

My own reward for this:

Once my goal has been reached I would like to champion an initiative about bringing MetaGame’s products (MyMeta, MetaOS, and MetaSys) to the physical world as a cyber-physical coordination game. This initiative includes bringing cashflows to MG and the $UBI vault. However, I won’t introduce it here until I reach the commitment I have signed upon.

II. Creating Headhunting infrastructure:

  • LinkedIn page.
  • Medium/Mirror page.
  • HH Memes.
  • HH IRL event.


Set up at least three things that can be used by anyone to shill MetaGame within the scope of future of work.

SMART goals:

Set up a LinkedIn page of MetaGame by the end of Dec.

Set up a Medium article that covers the process of onboarding into MetaGame as a full-timer with steps, tips, what to expect, who to contact, and why is MG a great option to start within the Web3 world. All this by the end of Dec.

Get at least one meme per talent needed that makes them resonate with it, attracting them to onboard and share. Get them rolling by mid Jan.


MetaGame requires HH infrastructure that keeps bringing people in without an active effort or with the minimum one.


  • Created infrastructure at the time stated.
  • #of claps in Medium by the end of Jan.
  • #of shares/RT/Favs in Twitter by the end of Jan.

Note: As the above are one-time only, and 2/3 of them are dependable of other people, I cannot give a time estimation atm. However, I’ll manage to cover first the infrastructure so that I can immediately use it when headhunting.

III. Following up and documenting:

My commitment includes several complementary activities such as:

  • Following up with talent hunted until they become Players or they ghost me for 2 weeks in a row (1 hour a week).
  • Read the Discord channels and Forum to stay updated and maintain active participation (3 hours across the week).

Taking part in these calls:

  • Champions’ Ring (1.25 hours on Mondays)
  • Innkeepers Align (1.25 hours on Wednesdays)
  • Community Gathering (2 hours on Fridays)
  • Any other call where I am requested.

Providing accountability:

  • Documenting in Headhunting’s Record all activities performed (0.25 hours every day)
  • Posting in both #:male_detective:♂-headhunters-guild with the Past Week/This Week/Help format and in #:innocent:-did-a-thing with its normal format every day (1 hour across the week)
  • Taking notes of the meetings related to Headhunting strategy. Sharing full notes with @Tommy to be put in . Plus adding the weekly summary as a Champion in #:crystal_ball:-guild-n-raid-reports (time is included in previous activities).

As you can see, this is pretty much a full-time job. It counts at least 22.75 hrs/week. And creating the headhunting infrastructure is not even counted. I hope this strategy gives clarification of the things I am going to focus on, while also enabling any of you to challenge specific points of the strategy.



  1. The first strategy was version 0. Was about experimenting and learning the game. This one is a level up, but it does not mean is perfect. I aim that in future versions, there is no further need for a headhunter. But that is a collective effort.
  2. For me, MetaGame is about facilitating the massive adoption of human coordination technologies through a playful approach. I am trying my best to make my contributions meaningful and professional while also fun. Hope this strategy achieves that message.

Sounds great man, loving the change of strategy!

Not sure I agree with this part though - let me clarify.
For me, its really not about a “gaming vision”, I see “gamification” more so as a means to an end & making it more fun to do productive things. When naming “MetaGame”, I meant “game” in a much wider sense of the word. More as in GameB than gamification.
There are a few problems with targeting only gamers: more people coming in expecting a game, gamers being mostly male & generally breeding monoculture.
Right now its a monoculture of crypto people so bringing in gamers is an improvement but yeah.

Early on, I explained MetaGame as “the intersection of technology, philosophy & art” & though I focused heavily on crypto people early on, long term I really envisioned it as a melting pot of cultures/perspectives that are building towards a better world or improving themselves.
This could be:

  • Game B & generally “systems thinking” people
  • Eco village people
  • Self improvement people
  • Activists & hippies
  • You get the idea, there was this quest about it

I’d like to help you come up with more categories if you’d be down to.

That said, it may still be the best idea to target gamers that are developers :man_shrugging:
So maybe I should rather talk about this in the shillers guild.
Or maybe not, since I do still think that we should focus on people that know their shit in the DAO space so we can finish the core infrastructure before moving on to including all of these different groups of people.

So I guess just disregard everything I wrote above & let’s talk about it again for the next season? :joy:

Looking forward to hearing more about it!
We definitely need to work hard to make sure MetaOS & all of the components are useful to other people, so far we’ve been so focused on ourselves…
If you’d be down to help with some research & adoption of MyMeta, maybe that sort of bridgebuilding effort could boost your headhunting effort as well.

Beat you to these :stuck_out_tongue:
We already got a linkedin page, a medium & a mirror.
Though I think the former two are not so useful…
In general, I’m not sure LinkedIn is a great place to search as people there are generally clueless, spammy & not aligned. Haven’t met anyone that still uses linkedin that isn’t either completely clueless or uses it in a scammy/spammy way. If we want to use a platform for headhunting, Angel List might be a better option (we got an account there too, happy to share login)
Medium we abandoned because the content discovery is terrible & people find articles through twitter anyway. It was a much better option to move to Substack as there’s no benefit to Medium PLUS Substack allows us to actually own our subscribers list & deliver directly to them vs. Medium that owns your followers & you have to pray they see your content.

Sounds great! Happy to help write it, proof read, edit or whatever.

Agreed! I think most of our leads should come from our production of great content & events and shilling those as well as the products we’re building more.

I would really love to see us rely more on that sort of stuff & recruit from around the space vs traditional platforms like linkedin.
Without even caring about dilution of the culture of metagame (which imo is a serious concern when scaling organizations), recruiting the people that are already interested/exploring the DAO space is generally muuuuuch easier than random people who aren’t really interested in this stuff…

Hope some of it is useful!
Good job & thank you for doing this :pray:

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Pls do!

Sorry for the delay, didn’t count Dec’ and Jan’ holidays. I will tackle this ASAP.

Regarding the crypto community, the shilling about our products is itself a headhunting thing, although I am not doing it I am participating in the shilling strategy, market research initiatives and in the embedding of calls to action within the landing page so there is always a way to bring web3 people in.

Thanks for your support. Let’s get it done.

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I’d say the shilling about products would fall more so under shilling & bridgebuilding but it would be great to have a dedicated raid about it or at least have MyMeta as its own raid that we can then add this to. Either way, it would be great to have your support & it was great to hear you’re still interested in working on MyMeta adoption as well.