Guilds & Alliances of MetaGame (who's next?)

MetaGame is all about bringing together pieces of the “new world” puzzle that fit together to form the bigger picture of a new socioeconomic system.
That means it’s time to start connecting with more and more people that are aligned with our goal of building a new world, and integrating those projects & communities that make it possible.

We’ll call these basic building blocks Guilds & Alliances.

  • A Guild - being any group of people with a long term goal be it a project, startup, company or a non-profit.
  • An Alliance - being a group of Guilds.

I think it’s safe to say:

  • Raid Guild & Mooni are OG guilds (community projects) of MetaGame
    & MetaCartel the OG alliance (a community of community projects)

Although we should maybe make that official in some way?
Should we pass proposals through Raid Guild & MetaCartel?


These are just a few, if we want to really shake things up, we’ll need at least about a dozen more to start with :wink:

So let’s proceed with some suggestions!

  • Suggest a hackathon project we should contact
  • Suggest guilds/groups of people with similar goals
  • Suggest bigger communities we should connect with
  • Suggest projects that are building parts of the infrastructure that could be used for MetaGame
  • Suggest projects working on solutions or simply already helping out there in the real world
  • Suggest we add your project :slight_smile:
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  • Guilds with similar goals
    I like 1Hive! I haven’t yet many people from their community, but they seem really value aligned with what we’re doing.

  • Bigger communities we should connect with
    Any kind of alternative economy community. I just started trying to pierce this bubble by engaging with the sort of alternative-economics community. Another, even more alternative one we might want to engage with is the Transition Network. It’s a network of towns & initiatives building local communities with local economies and currencies.

  • Projects that are building parts of the infrastructure
    I don’t know what the project name is, but I met this guy Sergey & he was building a really cool DAO discovery tool during the unhacked hackathon in Paris. It’s able to browse DAOs on all existing DAO frameworks on Ethereum.


Was it one of these?

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If MetaGame might need sybil attack prevention, you should ally with BrightID DAO.


You can count the players at Pokt.Network to come in as a guild and offer cost effective/decentralized infrastructure and support to any Metagame/Metafam app, PoC or whatever. Still going through Incentivized Testnet and likely need to work through details of how best to support, but the signal has been heard!


I’d love to have my business Shenanigan become a Guild of MetaGame. We are set up with a DAO + aracred integration.

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Thanks, that’s a good one!
Been lurking gameb facebook groups, looks like they have a lot of people who are like “ok, so how do we actually build game b” - and there’s no answer from game b people…
If you decide to complete quest 2, maybe that subreddit is where you should post one of MG articles :slight_smile:

So, put together the wiki for “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Token Engineering” which describes the Meta:


Bounties & Quests

Plan is to experiment with SourceCred (Cred: TWL) how that will connect to actual Creds of TE Commons, and also to “guilding” in MetaGame and hence XPs and Seed. Since the book is a nice closed experiment, I believe we can include and gather experience with Augmented Bonding Curve: i.e. all of the below
(1) crowdsourced
(2) curated
(3) crowdfunded
(4) coordination

Please have a look at the Bounties and Quests, which do you think we can tackle already with the people already active in MetaGame?

Which bounties/quests are interesting to draw new people to MetaGame? Shall we? Or rather not? Although I believe, the example of a book is so straightforward, it’s a good onboarding candidate.

And how would that onboarding work? I’m happy to document the process, I believe there’s already a lot of the answers somewhere.

Any and all pointers appreciated.

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Suggest guilds/groups of people with similar goals

This thing (Noomap/IWG/S7) appears to now be defunct or in transition, but relevant:

Metta Alliance Prototype

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Please apologize as it’s mostly Web2, I’m just trying to get some overview for myself:

Full disclosure: Not affiliated with any of these, no endorsements.

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Hello Players. I was sent from Giveth to request guild status. Did we come up with an onboarding scheme or requirements yet?

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We haven’t but let’s onboard them!