Guilders Ring Calls

Guilders Ring 1


Meeting 15/01/2021 6pm CET Scribe: Gnomeski


Luke 1hive (L), Magenta (M), MetaDreamer MD, Sparrow (S), Niran (panvala), Drew Harding (DH),


A short conference where speakers explored various ways that DAOs and Guilds can increase connectedness, help evolve and develop collective aims. Including present focuses and ideas for the future. Included speakers from Metagame, Panvala, 1Hive and MettaGammaDelta.

Agenda:Meeting between Metagame and Guild representatives to discuss collabs and future bridge building.

  • Today we are discussing all things unifying.

Slow to find Guild representatives from
wide variety of guilds on call… Waiting for guild reps for a while.
Suggested maybe make uncommitted Guilds like uninvolved players. Can
get removed from participation was suggested?

  • Niran

    • Been checking out different DAOs lately been super useful.
  • DH -Working to make Metafactory more accessible.

  • Peth

    • MG projects launched season 1. MetaSys developments have been a focus. Looking more at focus on MYMeta developers.
  • MD

    • Been talking to Daohaus and using Ceramic with MyMeta schemas for skills, personality types, been fixing issues 3Box had. Central portal or address as personal hubs system that can be linked to other platforms etc. Creating a bot to detect roles and assign to guilds.
    • Definition of a Guild. Community with a Discord server. Project/work group not necessarily a DAO.
  • Niran

    • What is purpose of collabs, answers from people Niran been talking too is Work together to build web3
  • Peth

    • Collabs help guilds access other guilds when seeking specialisations.
  • MD

    • Suggesting Sourcecred acting as a hub and system shared as a common system aiding multi community growth together.
  • Peth On some things that can be shared across communities

  • MyMeta as a widely accepted system of player recognitions across DAOs and Guilds. Skill Trees.

  • NFT Factory for Achievmintry.

  • Metagame Wiki/ Metalibrary system of files in a more expansive shared wiki system with DAO specific areas and open shared collective aspects.

  • MD

    • House of Ethereum is great because not just focused on tokens but rather all these other community possibilities. Being made more accessible to the public. Our aim to increase this access and knowledge more and more.
  • Peth

    • Meta Radio as home of Podcasts from Various DAOs as collab space. Full service also helping individuals to gain access to Podcasting including editing and audience. Maybe payment based also to help support the service. Podcasters paying something for use.
  • MD -Metamedia channels for groups too small to have own Youtube channels.

  • DH -Token gated access to certain media content as an idea.

  • Peth

    • MetaOS meant to be automated to allow other guilds to be able to post projects/raids.
    • POOL Token suggestion multi DAO token.
  • MD -Indices good place to try and create such a thing maybe.

  • Peth - Meta Calendar meeting times of various guilds and other cross DAO events to improve cross DAO interactions.

  • Luke on 1 hive

Sourcecred and Pollen value distribution systems, wanting to use
MyMeta more. Using xdai systems. Should be easy to bring xdai to
balancer not sure how much work been done, if any on that so far.

  • MD
    • Minting costing like 1K+ a month for SEED presently which makes xdai seem more economic. Especially due to gas price restrictions for smaller holder wanting to stake being put off.
  • Metafactory creating a system for conviction voting that looks good. Increase accessibility and reduce costs.
  • Luke
    • Original planned to use Aragon systems. Explaining their journey in using xdai systems. Had to fork from Aragon.
    • Xdai good also for use on integration with other aspects of project collabs not just gas related issues etc
  • Niran
    • 29 communities raised donations incl MG donation scale acting as size allowance metric for staking pools. Which lead to increasing yields the more that goes in. This is for creating a shared treasury to be able to better create economic resilience compared to existing economies, currencies of countries, corps etc
    • Open to any ‘charitable’ communities ie those that are not seeking dominance, control etc due to incongruence from that.
  • Sparrow…
    • MettaGammaDelta awarded 3 Maker DAO grants 1 to GoodGhosting DAO, 1 to Defiant and 1 to Dada for Invisible Economy. 30 different projects lead by women applied.
    • Need advice on Grants process more streamlining for promotion, assisting applications etc as process is super time consuming.
    • Yalor offered profiles for MyMeta. Meta gamma delta could use a directory for helping women access services, community and opportunities in crypto.
    • Sourcecred seems cleanest system found so far for the economics.
    • Sparrows own project is creating a DAO on xdai as emergency artist fund looking to connect with Panvala for this.
  • MD
    • Metafactory. Scale up opportunities for communities to distribute tokens using swag system. Helping communities tokenomics to create more stability across DAOs tokenomics. Exploring more things like quadratic voting, different governance systems.
  • DH
    • Seeing more tokenised DAOs emerging it is growing fast. Suggested gated and token permissioned chats and Merch and NFTs as a way to empower communities. Finding ways to come closer to fiat involvement. Tokens are a double edged sword. Competitive drives and personal gains drives are a bit antithetical to the community aims.

      Parting Ways, Goodbyes and movement towards Online Gathering at MG Townhall and 1Hive

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I’m super interested in the increasing connectedness aspect of the DAOsphere.
I’m still not clear on how to participate in Metagame except that it’s all a Metagame really.
DAO Rush Week helped me get some clarity.
Thank you Niran.
Someone in one of the sea of meetings I was in mentioned a 3D irl DAO in I believe Costa Rice, where they’re setting up a decentralized community. Expanding that way more places is amazing.

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Yep that was Whyld Wanderer sounds amazing tbh. You know, I am guessing, about the quests and quest ask channels on discord for getting some initial momentum? I felt lost when I first entered and all i really have to offer at the moment is a mind that is imaginative and pattern recognising and a willingness to write. Being in the chats when new ideas arise is a good thing.

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