Guild Onboarding Future: SEED Use case rollout!

So after Alec posted about the Guild Onboarding copy, i went and had a read and it got me thinking.
If we had a set of criteria for new Guilds/DAOs (that do not have their own tokens) regarding alignment and Governance, general trustworthiness, then we may offer to roll out our Sourcecred system, Leaderboard system and the use of SEED as their economic base/reward, motivation system… SEED your DAO @MetaGame:thinking: :money_mouth_face:

Why lo?

Increase use case of SEED.
Help other DAOs become sustainable and attractive.

Why NO?

Cos they just sell all the SEED and dumpeth ye ecnomy…ie vetting process fail… :face_vomiting:

Hmm, I always thought that one of our final goals was a deployable, modular DAO bundle where you pick the parts you want and spin up your community. In terms of having children DAOs use the $SEED token, it’s a bit complex I assume.

  • In order for them to issue the token, they would need access to the contract, meaning they would have the same control over $SEEDs as we do.

  • If we introduce a top down system with us being the “minters”, there are a few points of friction–> frequency of token issuance(each child DAO can choose their own freq.), branch management (each child DAO would require reviews prior to the mint, much like we do it for ourselves) and general Autonomy(the A in DAO)-just from the top of my head :smiley:

  • In regards to dumping the tokens-It’s safe to assume the req. would be having your own treasury and a pool, creating arbitrage opportunities for interested parties-If they dump their seed price, we can buy back and vice versa–>This can be true if they pool on a different DEX, otherwise balancer should automate the arbitrage by picking the best quote when swapping

All in all, unless some kickass algo can be worked in and we change some of the tools that we use, I’m not sure how feasible it is. However, I do think rewarding all communities who spun up from us with $SEEDs could be a cool idea, with some proper mechanics introduced like vesting locked liquidity beforehand etc.

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In real life, there are many people who do not know blockchain technology. I think many people do not know how to integrate many tools together to use DAO, including me. If there is a tool that integrates all the functions required by DAO, I think many organizations will especially need it!

I think all projects will want their own token but most of what you wrote is definitely how I see MetaGame being useful in the future.

  • People join & learn
  • Then decide to start a project
  • We teach them about sourcecred & how we run MG
  • Help them set up MetaOS
  • Help them with other stuff, eg. connecting them to guilds & players they might need

Then the part that’s different:

  • Instead of having them fully use Seeds, we Seed their liquidity pool Tokenx/Seed.
  • We get some of their tokens for all of the help provided
  • They still dump on Seeds, but at least people who want to buy their token need Seeds & all the liquidity goes through our pool.