Growth Ring in Season 9 w/peth

What I want to achieve over the next Season (3 months)

Do everything that’s needed for the fundraise which includes wrapping up the restructure, relaunching the DAO, writing the whitepaper, making the deck & idk.

Growth Ring also includes continuing the championing Bridgebuilding.

For the time being, I will not focus on onboarding any new guilds until we finish following up with all the existing ones & even later, maybe 1 per month or so until we wrap up the fundraise.

Another bit of the fundraise is fundraising for MetaFest :sweat_smile:

Moonstone #1 - (first-month milestone)

  • Finishing org restructure & relaunch on DAOhaus
  • Finalizing tokenomics

Moonstone #2 - (second-month milestone)

  • Finalizing the Purplepaper
  • Making the pitch deck
  • Focusing on individual patrons

Moonstone #3 - (third-month milestone)

  • Shilling the fuck out of the fundraise
  • Focusing on investment DAOs

Why this is important for MetaGame

There’s only $20k left in the Seed Fund & people are underpaid as is.

Even if we don’t plan on going pro & having people working full time, Seeds are gonna go to shit if we don’t do another fundraise. Seeds going to complete shit likely means the end of MetaGame.

Why am I the right person for it

Well maybe I’m not but I don’t see anyone else stepping up :smiling_face_with_tear:

I think I’m the right person for bridgebuilding because I know a lot of DAOs and a lot of people from a lot of DAOs but tbh I hate fundraising & I’m not a good sales person.

How might I fail at it

I fail at properly explaining the value proposition of MetaGame, don’t manage to get people to believe in our or our token’s success & again only raise like $200k.

What I’ll need help with

Somebody to help on the shilling side to promote the fundraise with me. Would also greatly appreciate some help with outreach when the time comes as it seems fundraising is a numbers game.

Other than that, could really use some help on the bridgebuilding side, following up with all the guilds we’ve onboarded & asking them questions.

What I hope to get out of it

Hope to learn how to properly do a fundraise this time around. Already learned a lot last time but this time should be good.

Don’t have a range of expected pay but I do plan on proposing for more if it goes down the same way as last time when I raised $250k, burned out & got like $1k, less than the MetaFest 2 landing page :smiling_face_with_tear:

I pledge…

I am currently able to commit roughly 40h/week to MetaGame.
I pledge to regularly report my progress, let others know when I can’t
& gracefully step down from my championing role if/when I have to.
(this part you can just copy paste instead of writing your own)


To recap:

  • The restructure was mooostly complete but we haven’t relaunched on DAOhaus, so not really
  • Tokenomics have been finalized, at least the theory part, in collaboration with TE
  • The Purplepaper has been finalized
  • The pitch deck has been made
  • I started contacting individual patrons but haven’t converted any yet
  • I did shill the fuck out of the fundraise (went to denver for it)
  • Met a few people from investment DAOs but also a bunch of VCs

Would say my winter growth championing has mostly been a success.

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