Friendship boosting // Part 2

@mprime introduced the concept of friendship boosting

After a call, here is the latest update & action plan :
. We keep the “friend finder” name because it’s explicit. If there is some interest later on, we’ll then ask for community’s feedback on a new name
. We’ll pin a message in the #friends-finder with a link to the discourse. In this message we’ll have the different conversation type.
. Regarding the structure of every post :

For the first iteration
Subject keywords:
conversation type :
Time limit:

For the next iteration
Dos and Donts : if the community gets bigger, might be interesting to have
Requirement : idem
Prework : idem
Date : we assumed people will figure out the best time through DM
Medium : we assumed that discord will be the medium

Week 20th july > I’ll post the update in a new discourse topic & @mprime 'll write/draft the pinned message
Week 27th july >

  1. message is pinned
  2. we start to feed with our own cards/posts
  3. shilling time

Call to action

  • you can already scroll and post your proposition in the #friend-finder

  • you can shoot us your top 3 name here if you can’t hold it for you


I appreciate the progress, but why a new thread for something that’s a continuation of an existing thread?

yes, I’ve moved the content in the former thread. If you could delete the one I’ve created that would be nice. thanks

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