Forum Organization Thread πŸ“š

On the community call it was brought up that we could benefit from some forum organization. A few ideas that were floated around:


  • Separate Quests, Raids, and Challenges
  • Community / Culture
  • MetaGame Design Thinking
    • features
    • tokenomics

Helpful About / How To sections for each category.

Are we all in agreement that this would be great and/or are there any other organizational things that would improve our forum experience?

Also a MetaGame Commons Pool was suggested (by yours truly) so that we can temporarily support the MetaGame commons. We should probably also create a category for this too

Should also have a category for Community Calls so that we have a place for notes from all the calls

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We definitely need a category β€˜Start Here’ or smth, where people can:

  • read the rules and guidelines
  • post about themselves
  • ask questions
  • any other onboarding topics

Then, all the categories should not intersect in terms of topics, so we have very clear separation of what-goes-where. I would agree with Categories proposed by @burrrata

Then, I would preserve forum for all the discussions, but once topic reached conclusion – get the decisions, facts, awesome ides, and so on to the wiki. Wiki as what we have in the header here :slight_smile:
This will be helpful to know what things are actually 'done, β€˜in use’ or any other way incorporated and are the general knowledge to refer to. Additionally that would help stabilise the information everyone knows, it can be used as reference and ultimate storage of all the publicly known data, so we’ll never lose useful links, documents, agreements, etc etc.

Lemme know what you think here :slight_smile:
I’ll gladly work on organising the things around.


@Polycarp That sounds excellent, and exactly how I think the Wiki and Forums should be used !

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Added the β€œStart Here” category as per suggestion, and made you admin, so feel free to make changes yourself :slight_smile: