ETHPorto Targets/Goals

This post is to put my thoughts on paper for what my ETHPorto targets/goals are.

The conference is one day away and I’ve been thinking a lot about my approach, specifically how to make the most out of the experience and bring value to MetaGame.

After talking to @Peth about his experience fundraising at ETHDenver, I solidified the value of my approach (which is different but complementary to Peth’s). Because ETHDenver is a much smaller niche conference – compared to ETHDenver – it makes sense to execute on the approach that I am about to describe.

Unlike ETHDenver, I do not anticipate there to be a whole bunch of shilling or rows and rows of sponsor booths. The more marketing types of activities seem to be reserved for the side events (at least the already published events). Additionally, unlike ETHDenver, I anticipate that the talks will bring a lot of value. (There is only one stage for talks, so people won’t have to make tradeoffs). Speakers are from reputable projects like Gitcoin, ENS, Commons Stack, Maker DAO, etc.

I believe that the beauty of smaller conferences is the ability to have smaller, one-on-one discussions, forging bonds in a more organic way rather than chasing down VCs and pitching them on your project when they already have tens of people doing the same.

Peth has populated this Notion doc with the contacts that he made at ETHDenver. I plan to do the same for the contacts that I make at ETHPorto. Both of us will be extensively following up with these people post conference(s).

I plan to uncover and discover interesting and useful information during this conference that I can then turn into knowledge and action items to get us to our $3M fundraising goal. LFG!

For additional context, please see:

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Sharing my post conference reflections here: Reflections on ETHPorto 2023