Dragon Quest Quest! 🐉

Do you like dragons?

Do you like quests?

Then look no further than Dragon Quest!

Dragon Quest is MetaCartel’s 30-day virtual hackathon that’s being organized by MetaCartel. There will be people from all over the world with all sorts of skill sets such as design, development, and everything in between. If there’s something awesome you want people to hack on, Dragon Quest is the place for it :dragon:

  • 1 SEED for a tweet shill that got at least 10 likes and/or retweets. (or up to 3 tweets that got a combined total of 10 likes/retweets)
  • 5 SEEDs for a blog post talking about how awesome dragons and quests are.
  • 10 SEEDs for getting someone to sponsor the Dragon Quest via DAI, DAO tokens, or personal tokens. (including you!)

Proof of shill is required to be eligible for SEEDs! You can post your shilling here on this thread to get XP or on the MetaGame #shilling channel to get less XP. The choice is yours!

If at any point in your shilling journey you feel uncertain about your ability so shill, please drop into the Shilling School 🏫 for a quick lesson.

Requesting SEEDS for shill. Here’s the proof :slight_smile:

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