Create a wider variety of emoji weights & lower the default value

I’ve created a GitHub issue suggesting a further variegation of the emojis. An adaptation of a plan by @Misanth.

I’d like to capture the discussion as part of the development tooling, so respond on the GitHub issue if possible. The long and short of it is:

  • Octos, MG Light, MG Dark: 3
  • Guild Crests: 2
  • ¿Octos?: 1
  • Everything Else: 0.25
  • Poop, Thumbs Down: 0

This would be good when people would actually know how to properly use the emoji’s.
So they use the emoji’s to the value being delivered.
I feel it takes a bit of time to get use to this and don’t emoji out of emotion.
Else we’re only adding more complexity

I know SourceCred only uses 2 emoji’s to value things. It keeps things simple
On the other hand I see people giving emoji’s that don’t have a value

What you think about only mgdark and mglight to 3 the rest 1 and thumbsdown / poo 0?

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I think at the very least, low weighted emoji are needed (not 0 but low) for low effort stuff etc. It would help with the disparities in emoji scores for things that are on different spectrums of the effort/impact scale

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Agree’d I also like the idea of functional emoji’s. Again video content surrounding this topic would allow for the chnages to be known.

Did guild crests end up being 2? I wasn’t aware of this. Nice

For functional, we are discussing the fairy for sending anon messages to xp fairy guild as an alert. And for chocolate starfish for devils advocate…
Dropping here as reference