Create a wider variety of emoji weights & lower the default value

I’ve created a GitHub issue suggesting a further variegation of the emojis. An adaptation of a plan by @Misanth.

I’d like to capture the discussion as part of the development tooling, so respond on the GitHub issue if possible. The long and short of it is:

  • Octos, MG Light, MG Dark: 3
  • Guild Crests: 2
  • ¿Octos?: 1
  • Everything Else: 0.25
  • Poop, Thumbs Down: 0

This would be good when people would actually know how to properly use the emoji’s.
So they use the emoji’s to the value being delivered.
I feel it takes a bit of time to get use to this and don’t emoji out of emotion.
Else we’re only adding more complexity

I know SourceCred only uses 2 emoji’s to value things. It keeps things simple
On the other hand I see people giving emoji’s that don’t have a value

What you think about only mgdark and mglight to 3 the rest 1 and thumbsdown / poo 0?


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I think at the very least, low weighted emoji are needed (not 0 but low) for low effort stuff etc. It would help with the disparities in emoji scores for things that are on different spectrums of the effort/impact scale

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Agree’d I also like the idea of functional emoji’s. Again video content surrounding this topic would allow for the chnages to be known.