Create a Purge Bot/Script

Following up on the Champions Call from 27th of September.

Here in Metagame we have Seasons at the end of which The Purge goes into effect where we strip inactives of their Player role and assign them the Fallen One. The next step would be Deactivating them which brings us to the point of this post.

Is there a way to automate this process with a bot or script that will Deactivate Identities which get the Fallen Role assigned? It would make it much easier for Necromancers/Builders and save time and energy.

In my head the process would be something as:

  • A player is contacted and purged (manual)
  • They get the Fallen One role assigned (manual)
  • A bot detects the change in their Discord role and deactivates them in Sourcecred (auto)

Is is possible and do you agree it would benefit us to automate this part?


It would definitely benefit us to automate this. Can it be added to the Sherpa/Necro bot specs?


hmm @Vyvy-vi any input ser?

I think this could be a part of Sherpa/Necro bot.
The first two -

  • A player is contacted and purged (manual)
  • They get the Fallen One role assigned (manual)

can be automated…
Here’s the flow -
A necromancer runs a command like - !stats <player> to see the player’s last active time and other details…
If they think that the player needs to be purged, they run a command -
!purge <player>, which changes the role and DMs the person.

For the last one, I think that would have to be a part of the bot we use to log data into sourcecred


Also if most recent activity can be sent to Notion spreadsheet?