Constructing the House of Wellbeing

Hi there fam. I have taken on some librarian responsibilities and I am starting to lay the foundations for the House of Wellbeing.

There are 7 main pillars so far:

  • Practical Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Digital Productivity
  • Flow State
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Biohacking

The above are malleable and maybe some will be nested in bigger categories. If you have any resources relevant to the pillars or something else that I am missing, be free to add yourselves and contribute or post them here so that I curate them.

Also, if you got a proposal for a new great house either relevant or irrelevant to this, don’t hesistate to freely express your ideas. Let’s get on to building dem Houses!

-Pvblick Vniversal Friend



Very cool. I would love to add towards bio hacking and some other pillars. Are you working on this somewhere in notion?

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Yeap. I embedded the link inside " House of Wellbeing ", but here it is in any case: Do you have access?

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Ah working now. Great, thank you

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When I was 15 I developed a nasty case of Pleurisy. For weeks I was in a nightmarish dream-world between sleeping, coughing up pints of thick, cleggy, green and foul smelling mucous… The fevers were intense and made me swoon… I had no appetite and my body working so hard I lost well over a stone in a few weeks. I was given antibiotics and this is how we discovered my allergy to cyclosporins… ffs… Anyway, different meds were then used and eventually the infection abated… So… sadly, that was not to be the end of the issue. For the following 6-7 years I suffered badly from frequent bouts of acute bronchitis that would go on for 3-4 weeks at a time. Drs meds stopped working, it kept returning. Years later I discovered the likely reason for this is that the pleural cavity is basically a fluid filled sack that protects your lungs from bouncing off of your ribs…

Encasing the lungs, these cavities have almost no bloody supply and little support from lymphatic/immune supply… I basically had an opportunistic and aggressive infection which would just retreat back to the pleura and regroup before recurrent outbreaks etc… So what to do? I tried everything I could… I was taking heroic doses of raw Garlic Sage, Thyme, Elecampagne, Echinacea, Lappa, Astragalus, Coltsfoot, Mullein etc etc… you name it… I mean tea tree inhalations and diffusers. Fruit fasts, even urine therapy! It was desperate. I decided at this point to go study as a Medical Herbalist and applied and enrolled at a Uni in London…

Before moving to London, I was living in Brighton and got given seriously bad false advise in the bank from the student advisor, that basically fucked up all my plans and my life for a while… The rules has changed… Suffice to say… I was left without money to get a place in London but had already given in my notice in Brighton and someone else was gonna take my room in the shared house there… It was too late! Irreversible and the bank had fucked me… I later lived on floors and sofas of stranger as a wandering homeless hobo on London while my situation sorted itself out, with grants etc…

Anyway to get to the point… It was coming to the crunch point… I had a week left before I was gonna be this homeless guy in London on a mission, when the dreaded infection returned… No way I was gonna be roughing it with a serious fever and who would even take me as an infectious phlegm monster?

So, I had been reading (and loving) this book called A Dictionary of Sussex Folk Medicine and it had this intriguing info… In fact that whole book is fantastic… Sooo… It had this bit about snails and their medicinal properties… something about the power of the enzymes in their slime, called (Magnans collectively or something similar)… I was surprised to find out about modern medical research and its findings with these enzymes. These were found to be singularly potent against not only TB but also Pneumococcus! I mean, that is some potent shit!! So I never had to have a BCG at school apparently I already had immunity to TB so must have been exposed and/or it came through neonatal blood connection with my mother etc etc… I digress again, sorry. So, I had to do something and decided to try it…

Off I went went to the local cemetery, with its unkempt long dewy grass, armed with a jar. I returned with a load of fat garden snails and proceeded to string them up like cross between a French medieval sheesh kebab and a macabre necklace, that you might expect to find a hag wearing in a Grimm’s fairy tale… Using linen thread and darning needle, I had a good 30 to 40 all strung up hanging over a saucer of Rosehip syrup overnight.

You know Snails breath through their skins, so the slime they use for protection and locomotion has to be ‘breathable’. Not only that but look where they live… I mean, snails are not known for their high standards of living or hygiene right? They are surrounded by bacteria, viruses, parasites, you name it. Their slime is their defense against all this and is not to be underestimated as a lung medicine for this very reason… They are basically tiny lungs that squiggle around happily in filthy places…

I was something of an aspiring occultist/new ager/ weirdo who had experienced too much with Quija boards… and as a result was interested in shamanism, trance, Chaos Magick etc… So the next day I made another very strong decoction of roots and all sorts. It simmered on the stove while I sat next door in meditation, visualising my recovery, my lungs filling with light, darkness being sucked from my body and extracted via my visualised portals into the depths of the far voids of the cosmos or whatever… Haha there was some chanting etc… You get the picture. Then I dropped an acid tab (just a blotter), and took the decoction off of the heat… Once below 60 degrees (normal cuppa drinking temps), so as not to de-nature the enzymes I wanted, I washed all the snails in the dark thick brew, getting every bit of their slime into the mix… In went the Rosehip Syrup and enzymes/slime mix. I took the brew next door and continued with my visualisations etc and sipped away… As I came up on the acid, I could feel just how silky and amazingly soothing the potion was as it went down…

An hour later I was out with my my mates rotty cross dog ‘Trip’, running around the park, playing and having a fine old time of it! My lungs felt fantastic. I met a ‘Goblin’ who told me that even everyday garden creature we see as boring and irrelevant may each be housing medicine. That mankind was ignorantly arrogant and had no idea etc… haha… deffo tripping pretty hard…:rofl:

The next day I felt great, my lungs hardly hurt anymore and almost no phlegm, by the following day it was all gone! Since then, it was 20+ yrs until I had another lung infection and that was pretty mild! With a single, dedicated dose of snail enzymes I was cured. Not ‘treated’, cured!

HERESurprise sur-bloody-priseYepPneumoSnailiusHealioniiStuff

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House of well-being report from yesterday:

First meeting "Akward talks"

  • We’ve started with 1 question: “Between the categories inside the House of Well-Being what would you say is most usefull for you?”

  • @Musashi13 knowledge about psycology and his own life experiences were crucial through out the meeting

  • @joseacabrerav suggested for us to invite Dr. Hacker, a specialist in bio-hacking to come share his healing knowledge in an AMA (TBA)

  • @joseacabrerav and @piedradelMar shared with us a lot of their experiences, knowledge as well as a game with water we can all try a next meeting :slight_smile:

  • Someone proposed that we do a Mind Map in order to make the current House of Well-Being more user friendly - Leisure / Work / Consume / Sleep / Rest - are the 5 categories we repeat at a daily basis.

  • A “Meta Human” Persona was brought up, which would represent an improved version of each one of us, this Persona acts as a inner guide towards productivity and simply our well-being within Nature, can be integrated in the House of Well-being as a source of “organized” information regarding each need

  • @Musashi13 also helped me out a bit with some mom issues :rofl:

  • @R3DW4GON @P_V_F thanks for hangin out and trying to catch up with all this crazy conversations!

Next meeting 28/02:

Mind Map of categories
We will identify the most common activities we ALL do within 24h through one random week: Leisure / Work / Consume / Sleep / Rest. Each one of us will share 2 habits for each category, based on 2 things:

  • based on a “Meta Human” Persona

  • based on a “Shitty Human” Persona

This will be based on remote workers habits (mostly MG players), we are searching for issues in common between us players.

By recognizing problems and sharing stories we will be able to see some patterns and break through certain social habits.

At a long-term we are looking into tackling these topics:
Step 1 - Recognizing problems/oportunities
Step 2 - Are you consience? (Accept information)
Step 3 - Apply new knowledge
Step 4 - Let time pass
Step 5 - Repeat step 1

As Meta Humans we incentivate a totally honest communication during Well-being meetings.


Very late report from latest Awkward session (last Monday - 28/02)

  • Brainstorming about types of games that could be played for teambuilding in the virtual world

  • We turn on our cameras for the first time in MG and saw some new faces, most of us agreed on these 2 things:

    • We all have this need for human connection, having the visual reference helps to connect as humans

    • The mystery of choosing your caracther, as we do in MG, makes the whole experience more mysterious and more interesting

We had some timezone issues with scheduling the meeting, so nothing much happened with the house well being development. We’ll continue to work asynchronously in notion, I’m couting on @Musashi13 @P_V_F @piedrademar and @joseacabrerav to fill up the page with useful links that we may find.

For Next Week:

  • Let’s play the well-being game, a teambuilding activity to understand our habits as players, here in MG. How diferent are we from each other?!

Join the game next Monday - 07/03
Stay Tuned :sunglasses:


Is the house of well-being still active? When is the next meeting? How can I contribute? Wen medicine hut?

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Yes! Let’s restore the house of well-being, which means we we’re inactive for some time, for some reason I really don’t know about. For me the house of well-being is a time/space to connect as humans virtually, and as @joseacabrerav once said a place to share experiences and knowledge. We can keep it every monday. 7pm UCT?


Yes! We dont know why it stop either! I think it was organically, how have you been?

We personally had a movy month where were on pre production or irl event and a social impact project

We both @piedrademar and I are abble to do it on mondays at the time youre telling, would be 3pm EST for us!

Hi! I’d love to collaborate! Can I have access to the Notion?
I’m building community-led wellbeing platform. You can check the details in linktree as adawell. Sorry the site doesn’t allow me to share links.

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Hey! Here you go:
If you can’t edit it, send me your email & I’ll add you to the page.

Would love to hear more!

Thanks, Peth! Yes, I need an access to edit; here’s my email:

Hey, sorry I missed this :grimacing:
Sent you edit access now!

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Excited to see some new life for the House of Well-Being. :slight_smile:
Has this moved forward with a new Notion page or? Are you currently having any meetings?
How could I plug-in?

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Hi Tommy! We are going from the old Notion. We haven’t held any meetings except the one in community gathering last Friday. Let’s chat how we can work together. Feel free dm on discord. Ada Raimova#0473


I’ll be hosting a call about content production & innkeeping on wednesday, I can DM you both with more details if you’re interested