Constructing the House of Wellbeing

Hi there fam. I have taken on some librarian responsibilities and I am starting to lay the foundations for the House of Wellbeing.

There are 7 main pillars so far:

  • Practical Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Digital Productivity
  • Flow State
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Biohacking

The above are malleable and maybe some will be nested in bigger categories. If you have any resources relevant to the pillars or something else that I am missing, be free to add yourselves and contribute or post them here so that I curate them.

Also, if you got a proposal for a new great house either relevant or irrelevant to this, don’t hesistate to freely express your ideas. Let’s get on to building dem Houses!

-Pvblick Vniversal Friend


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Very cool. I would love to add towards bio hacking and some other pillars. Are you working on this somewhere in notion?

Yeap. I embedded the link inside " House of Wellbeing ", but here it is in any case: Do you have access?

Ah working now. Great, thank you

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