Connection/Community Building Resources & Practices

Meta-Analysis: Conversational Modalities - Communication-facilitation and connection-building resources
Activities & Games - A list of conversational games for building stronger connections
36 Questions for Increasing Closeness - A self-explanatory 2 player game.

Resources for Decentralized Organizing - A shit-ton of resources
Crewing - Resources for forming teams of up to 8 people.
Faerie Rings - Similar to the above


Really cool resources :raised_hands:
In Web3 DAO communities we’re in a weird position between technical and social aspects. Both will eventually merge over time which makes it exciting, but from my xp we’re definitely behind on formal social practices which would make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

I used to look at things like Enspiral with some skepticism until a couple months ago. But the more our DAOs evovle, the more I see that we’ll end up adopting many of their innovations and practices. We can learn a ton from them on sustainability, money management, and community structuring.

Not always easy to promote that in a very tech oriented environment, so thanks for sharing. Will keep those dearly.

Are things like “Crewing”, “Rings” and all a thing in Meta communities yet?

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Quick idea here

Could be fun to create a “coffee break” voice channel on Discord with 30min sessions scheduled once or twice a day.

Most of us are working online and we simply don’t speak much with each other. It is too bad because cool things happen during informal conversations. Nice time to catch up on the state of things, share background information etc…

Would complement the community calls


@Albert Thats a great idea! Just made the Coffee Break channel, will hang out there later today in a few hours :slight_smile:

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Proposing to make it a recurring event happening every weekday 12PM EST. Opt in (starting friday)

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I like the idea, but maybe we should start with less often otherwise it might fizzle out fast…
Happened with daily corona chill in MetaCartel :grimacing:
And we should probably scour these resources and come up with specific “games” to put on the agenda every time, people don’t like “pointless” meetups

Makes sense

So we have the community calls on Fridays (not best for Europe time btw :grimacing:)

The motivation behind the coffee break proposition was bc:

  1. I rarely have an occasion to chat ‘informally’ with members of crypto communities. Informal chats are an effortless way to sync on the state of things and get up to speed or connect with others
  2. Community calls are generally pretty busy already

Maybe we could add an opt in call on Fridays before the community call or on wednesdays or smth. Maybe we can save that for later!

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You’re right! @Polycarp also had pretty much the same idea.
Looks like we’ll be doing these “officially” on Mondays & Wednesdays, but I’ll also make myself more available by just hanging in the voice channel more often, so anyone can just pop-in ask questions or just chat about what’s going on.
Hopefully @METADREAMER, @burrrata and others will join me in doing so :slight_smile:

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I think we need to shill the idea of hanging out in chat in general.
Whoever has understanding of what MetaGame is should spend some time in chat to be able to answer to questions of newcomers :slight_smile: That definitely will increase engagement.
Also, just hanging out in voice chat and meeting ppl is cool :smiley:

And, yeah, we have two calls for ideas brainstorming scheduled… for people who like schedules :slight_smile: like me


Hosting a Hype/Chill call 2pm EST 11am PST, non-crypto topics, doing this weekly for 1 hour on Wednesdays :calendar:

Pop in if you want to say hey and catch up might see some familiar faces or just geek out with me for 15 mintues post your email if you want a continued email invite.


I’ve added this to events calendar

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