Community Interscope May 1, 2020

Agenda / Notes:

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Same video on swarm (takes a bit to load sometimes).

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Here is a promised longer post about the context.

I delayed it a bit for at least these reasons:

a) I noticed that a lot of people come to this existing community and extensively shill their projects
b) My potentially synergetic project was not yet ready

Comment on a)

This is understandable from newcomers but it’s problematic because it (I imagine) creates a lot of discomfort for early people / founders / actual decision makers that have at least some basic idea of technologies that need to be used, deployed and the idea of keeping surface area of everything manageable.

I decided not to contribute to this problem with promoting stuff that I don’t believe is immediately useful… and I will understand if it does not make sense when I do and it’s not accepted.

The single link I will “shill” in this post is I believe immediately useful and it does not need any special action from anyone, it can be used / played with if fitting.

Comment on b)

It still isn’t really ready or if it is, a lot of documentation is missing… and a lot of development too.

However a DEMO is ready.

Now, uploading content to Swarm is independent of this project I’ll post a link for and because I’m playing with this a lot I still offer my assistance with uploading whatever you want into Swarm.

So if you post a Interscope video here on the forum, I will upload to Swarm again.

General about ZETA

Background: I’m fascinated with WebSockets and what type of speed can be achieved with this technology… coupling this with node.js and Rust (where appropriate), we get very fast systems. For 2 years something was developed more in a LAN environment (player for RaspberryPi and other computers)… Now the second part is being developed: content search on private servers (smaller latency of access but there is some server cost, especially with with sudden traffic spike) and on public p2p networks (a bit slower - higher initial access latency but cheaper, new tech, interesting exploration).

Further plans
  • Just to cement future success, we are building a small technical community around this project which will be it’s real users, won’t count on trying to find existing communities to use this technology.
    Today I hosted a first call to bootstrap a first community consisting of a few friends in academia… I expect this bi-weekly calls to include at most 5 people for some time (end of year or so). We need to develop this further on our own terms and primarily based on our academia-related needs.

  • Great existing communities I want to be part for other reasons will hear about this project from time to time as long as there is interest and real usability that they can extract from it

Here is the link: ZetaDemo


What are you looking at? This is one instance of a Zeta node. It is hooked to one other node which provides search hits from its file-system… just as a demo. This node also contains a “SwarmIndex”… this is just a .json file with pre-filled information of where something that was uploaded to Swarm is sitting.

Zeta is a async parallel multi-hop hybrid search (searches nodes’ file systems and their SwarmIndexes).

Set your node / further details

How to set up your own node to provide relevant search results and media content is out of the scope of this post and if early members of MetaGame want to know more, let me know some time in the future. I imagine you could make a lot of your content easily searchable, shareable and you could run your node, then provide search at for example … After summer would be a great time to explore further if you find the idea interesting.

As for now, try searching for “metagame” on the provided link. There is last week’s community call indexed… When next one is uploaded to the forum, I can do the same for it.

First Video Call about Zeta itself

If you want to know more about the project itself, search for “zeta” and see a stoned video of myself explaining it to Gregor from Fair Data Society. I’m mumbling and not everything works rightaway but … sooner or later it does :slight_smile:

  • Let me know if uploading content to Swarm is useful
  • Let me know if search over that content is useful
  • Let me know what other content would you like added to Swarm
  • Let me know if you want to host your own cheap node (for example via DigitalOcean) to host search for this community as well as the content being searched for… Swarm is just half of the story, you can host smaller files on your server instead of Dropbox… As I said - after summer but if for some reason you already had an “urgent need” for this, just tell me beforehand, in this case this community can indeed be even more of a guiding hand in what will be developed with priority.
  • More granular permissions about content access won’t be ready before EOY

Also let me know if only uploading to Swarm is useful and you don’t need this type of search for now. Or if no uploading to Swarm is useful. Since I don’t imagine myself coding anything else in next 10 years and if this project is of no use here, then I’ll be more or less a passive observer and thinker around here. I hope this is also ok. For me it is, I keep on learning things around here. Thank you for this.

I tried to keep this post a bit tucked inside the forum so people that are not interested in this don’t get it into their attention span.

This project progressed form a LAN RPi music player to Search demo in the span of last month when I was pretending to be working no a Dragon Quest hackathon… didn’t submit there because it wasn’t really ready but imaginary deadlines do wonders ! :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to progress but it seems that enough… so regarding this: I also thank this community… when meeting people in real life (because of coronavirus) became harder, this community provided a place to at least do so virtually.

– FIN –
TNX :slight_smile: