# Community Circle Deputy | Season X | Joseacabrerav

Community Circle Deputy | Season X | Joseacabrerav

I want to Deputy Bridgebuilding and Community by doing/helping to coordinate Community Gatherings, Bridgebuilding & Bard’s Night, aswell as some other actions described below.

here are the Goals i will be doing in the season wich is Community&Bridgebuilding efforts:

1.- make sure that community gatherings are organized reliably

with this i mean to coordinate booking/book guests, create events on our discord, be sure that we have a flyer and do the proper connect with shillers aswell as shilling it by my own means wich are personal twitter, hive personal account and discord aswell as my community on dm’s (those who likes i send them messages with the activities im part with).

The goal is to have the Community Gathering calendar all set up for the next month by the end of each. That way we could begin every month shilling a schedule of what our month ahead will look like.

2.- Bridgebuilding:

do at least one weekly bridgebuilding call with existing guilds to catch up about what they are doing and what we can do for them and update on the notion having in mind metafest promotion / sinergies between communities /potential guests/patrons/players

Also to coordinate workshops for bridgebuilders so we can train them to have more than a weekly call a week with current Guilds.

3.- Bard’s Night revamp to interview format

4.- Re-activating Onboarding calls on Fridays before Community Gatherings & Host The build in public session on Mondays

5.- Helping with the Flyers for Twitter Spaces and public events

any feedback is appreciated, the intention is that every player feels confident to book guests and report the procces on #event’s- planning on Discord


Hi Jose, the items you’ve outlined here sound good. You’re already doing most of them, so it sounds like you’re making a commitment to continue working on them. A few things are new, like changing Bard’s Night to an interview format and re-activating onboarding calls. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Reach out if you need support!


Love the alignment. Fully support this proposal.


Thank you for the feedback! :pray:

to me is to embrace the challenge of deputying again now with internet, i expect a better flow from my side

YES! i do need help with Booking guests for CommunityGathering

the vision would be to have every player booking a guest a month, we will need 8 players booking a guest each to fullfilll every month so in short what do i want to do is to motivate players to book a guest a month, specially intended for new players// inactive players who can contribute on this side

also something needed is to have more bridgebuilders, this can happen by having inactive players active again or onboarding new bridgebuilders

i know @Musashi13 musashi is up to host a bridgebuilding session where we guide new bridgebuilders into having their first bridgebuilding reach to a existing guild

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I’m curious, what is your selection criteria, if any, for guests?

today @peth droped this input on #events-planning answering to the same question.

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I think for both of these it takes more time to explain context & how to invite projects/what to gather, than for us to do it ourselves - even with the Bridgebuilder’s Path, which I tried sharing with many people & nobody tried completing yet…

While I love the idea of decentralizing effort on the surface, my assumption is that offloading guest booking to newcomers will result in overlapping/coordination fail, newcomers booking low quality or bad fit guests (because newcomers dont know many projects), higher profile projects not likely to respond to random low-followers person on twitter, unlikely both guests will be a good fit together & overall higher likelihood it wont happen (8 people doing it = 8x higher chance somebody will not do it vs. having one person that’s known to be reliable).

I think this same lesson I learned the hard way applies here (this is by far my most liked tweet ever so I assume it resonated with a lot of other people as well)

I might be wrong but my gut is telling me this will result in more coordination effort & lower quality. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to book guests. If we had a better streamlined process of curating DAOs & people to invite etc. it could become even easier & higher quality with just 1 person doing it.

This is not to say we shouldn’t have more people helping & that there should always be only 1 person doing 1 job, just that there’s negative side to making it as decentralized as possible & especially to having newcomers do it…


Great to see you continuing to deputy the community side!
Love seeing you plan on continuing to have at least 1 bridgebuilding call, I think this will be super valuable. Also down to brainstorm about how we could streamline this process further to make sure things happen after the calls.

Will the Bard’s night completely transition to interviews or do you still plan on having music as well?

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When i said the vision is to have every player booking a guest is because is a place where to aim as a motivation, like a meme, to generate in players the sense of belonging to the community and having always the oportunity to book somebody, so, just for the record, i will be taking care, but i will be encouraging players to book or mention if they have somebody under the radar, specially with new players, so they can start from somewhere

down to brainstrorm on streamline anytime too! i do think we have to work on what to do with the information taken on bridgebuilding, i remember having some interesting bridgebuilding calls with panvala & giveth around metafest and seeds and all the other ones that leaded to you having a call with them, idk if you did it in the time, but we should recap with them regarding metafest and see how do we align

Bard’s Night will remain with open mic editions, they have proven being valuable for the community health to have this spaces on such context, the idea is to have at least one interview per month

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It would definitely be cool to have more emphasis on OpenMic shows like Bard’s Night, Could schedule non-technical projects that don’t fit into the CG call format.

Would add more content and marketing potential for MG overall.


Yes, we have been talking about this with musashi, i will format this this week so you all can check it out :pray::pray::pray: