Community Circle Champion | Season X | Musashi13

What I want to achieve over the next Season (3 months)

Moonstone #1 - (first-month milestone)

  • Goal 1: Roles and descriptions for all roles in MG created and pinned in respective channels
  • Goal 2: MetaFest Savings pool creation and onboarding engagement

Moonstone #2 - (second-month milestone)

  • Goal 1: Begin grant writing process with the goal to fund MetaGame with $100k in grants by end of Season X
  • Goal 2: Begin the Decentralized Media Outlet(DeMO)

Moonstone #3 - (third-month milestone)

  • Final goal 1: Write more grants to exceed $100k goal
  • Final goal 2: Begin developer recruitment with goal to bring in 8 more active developers

My championing is a success if…

  • Roles and responsibilities are easily understood and found
  • Savings pool suceeds in bringing in new players
  • $100k goal is reached
  • 8 new active developers are working on the MetaGame suite

Why this is important for MetaGame

  • Many confusions in the past have come from unclear role definitions as MetaGame evolves
  • We need more active developers
  • We need more funding

Why am I the right person for it

I am capable and motivated to tackle the tasks at hand. I have a track record to finish the tasks i begin.

How might I fail at it

  • Unclear role descriptions
  • I do not push the engagement of the savings pool
  • I do not reach my goal of $100k
  • I do not reach my goal of 8 new active developers recruited

What I’ll need help with

  • Players continuing to schedule community call guests
  • Players to help shill the crap out of our content
  • Content guild to pull through with great stuff to shill

What I hope to get out of it

  • A more fluid work environment where it is easier understood what each of our roles and responsibilities are
  • I have a goal to make it to minimum wage pay, as i put in a full time work schedule

I pledge…

I am currently able to commit roughly 40+ number of hours per week to MetaGame.
I pledge to regularly report my progress, let others know when I can’t & gracefully step down from my championing role if/when I have to.


Love it & appreciate you using the template to make it really clear what the outcomes are instead of just “help with this, help with that” with no clear explanation of what exactly/in what measure to “help”.
Worth the wait!