Community/bridgebuilding Deputy proposal in Season 9 by Joseacabrerav


I want to Deputy Bridgebuilding and Community by doing/helping to coordinate the activities i was doing on the past season and taking some other goals into the table:

-make sure that community gatherings are organized reliably

with this i mean to book guests, create events on our discord, be sure that we have a banner and do the proper connect with shillers aswell as shilling it by my own means wich are personal twitter, hive personal account and discord aswell as my community on dm’s (those who likes i send them messages with the activities im part with).

-Host Bard’s Night and renew the proposal of the activity as soon as my internet is setup

-To host a 1:1 call trough warmspaces with each player&patron who is open to have this activity

Im going to set this goal starting on febraury after having a community gathering with Warmspaces founder where all interested attendees are going to participate in a 1:1 call with another member of metagame where we can all experience a first glimpse of how this can improve metagame community health, with this i expect to motivate players to use this tools to have deep and real connections with other metagame community members, specially for problem resolution and containtment if needed.

  • To align with AdawellDAO+HEA (Happily Ever After) to improve metagame’s community health and wellness spaces

-Regular bridgebuilding

i’ve created a new discord account (joseacabrerav-bridgebuilder#4600) to Join all the MetaAlliance Discord channels and don’t have to deal with choosing wich of my discords to delete our buyingp Nitro and then:

to do at least one weekly bridgebuilding call with existing guilds to catch up about what they are doing and what we can do for them, then report updates of gathered information to pertinent rings (growth if we have fundraising updates; Playbooks if we have Communities interested into playbook creations and the same with other champions that may need the info.)

-i want to propose a bi weekly community gathering where we can bring to the discussion the topics presented into #voting-discussions and #venting-n-support i think it is needed to adress issues in voicechat with the intention of de-escalate and take decisions.

-Questchains is a great tool, i will be experimenting with it when i have the time to create paths and its something im interested into do more research/engage and look for ways to implement it to book workshops

Moonstone #1

Goal 1: make sure that community gatherings are organized reliably

Goal 2: Weekly bridgebuilding calls (Check-in with existing guilds At least one per week)

Moonstone #2

Goal 1 All of the above

Goal 2 Start 1:1 Warmspaces calls

Goal 3 Bard’s Night proposal of interview/workshop format and roadmap.

Moonstone #3

Final goal 1 All of the above

Final goal 2 start with bi-weekly voice chat about #voting-discussion and #venting-n-support

Why this is important for MetaGame

is important because these activities will have an impact on community health and will motivate to have an engaged community.

How it relates to the current & overall goals of MetaGame.

This goals will improve how we communicate and be able to offer an atmosphere wich encourages engagement between commmunity members and help us to gain a sense of identity as a group.

Why am I the right person for it.

this is a challenge to me wich makes me feel im taking a new step into my journey as a web3 native and i dont have any official previous experience, i just want our community to thrive and be healthy

How might I fail at it

My current status is that im waiting for an internet company to setup our service since october/novermber, we recently received news that they are going to start soon i do hope to have internet before febraury so i can fullfill all the goals i’ve visualized for this three months, that’s why the first month goals are just the fundamentals in order to be able to commit even if my internet providor is still off the equation.

What I’ll need help with

i want us to have an alignment about updating wich things does bridgebuilding needs to ask when doing check in with current existing guilds to polish what information we want to gather and give in relation to playbooks, fundraising and MetaOS.

I do want to create discussion around having a biweekly activity and choose the topics of said call before the call. want to see if somebody with the experience to host said spaces is up to do it (if not, i can start it up, i think musashi’s great into hosting)

add workshops to the mix, is something i have some ideas to implement but i do encourage the community to propose workshops and starting using #brain exchange as a way to book these workshops, each one of us as players haves something valuable we can share with the community, is up too us to step up and propose it, book it and make it.

What I hope to get out of it

I want to excel on the goals i’ve planned and that this experience helps me to be more confident with my english and coordination efforts, as expectant pay im not certainly sure of how much i should ask because i’ve never did this excercise before

600$/month got me infrastructure

700$/month allows me to invest in experiences

900$/month will allow me to evolve by saving and fighting hyperinflation.

I pledge…

I am currently able to commit roughly 40 number of hours per week to MetaGame.

I pledge to regularly report my progress, let others know when I can’t & gracefully step down from my championing role if/when I have to.


YES great to see you keep doing what you’re doing! Keep doing what you’re doing and I appreciated you when we were reaching out to other communities just working with me on it was great and appreciated!

Very happy you’re stepping up jose. Your energy is most welcome. You know where I am if you need help / support with anything. :octopus: