Community Agenda Quest

This issue is a non-technical writing assignment that entails pinging various project leads and creating a Hackmd agenda and publishing it on Wednesday prior to the Friday meeting.

All MetaGame meetings can be found here this call happens every Friday on a bi-weekly basis.

Here are some example of previous MetaGame Community Agendas published on Substack:


  • If you accept this issue we ask that you publish this agenda to substack for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  • That you attend each meeting and help take notes taken from the conversation.
  • That you post the meeting notes in this thread.
  • Publish each week on the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

You will receive XP for doing this work as it will be tracked here on Discourse, and Discord. Please respond here with some samples of your writing if youโ€™re interested in doing this work and weโ€™ll reach out to get more information/ confirm your appointment.