Champions Ring

WTF is a Champion & Champions Ring?

Champions are people responsible for specific raids or internal guilds.

Champions Ring is not some exclusive club that its cool to be a member of. Champions Ring is a fluid accountability circle for the people with most responsibilities.

Ways to Become One

  • First, you need to be familiar with what even are the roles that are required, you can check :question:-quests-and-roles, Roles & Paths or potential raids to get started.
  • Be very useful in a specific branch & get invited to become a champion deputy or a champion.
  • Notice a call to action for specific raid or guild champion & answer it.
  • Propose a new activity/raid/guild inside MetaGame.
  • Challenge an existing champion to take their role.

How to Become a Champion

  • Read this post with full attention
  • Write a short proposal on the forums & tell us what you want to do as a Champion of whatever you want to champion, as clearly as possible.
  • Make sure to include both short, mid & long term goals as well as what you want to get out of it, eg. things you want to learn, get help with or a range of expected pay.
  • Most importantly, make sure:
    • You start with a minimum viable solution to the problem you want to solve before expanding the scope to something more ambitious
    • To think deeply about how it relates to MetaGame’s overall goals
  • To boost your chances of getting accepted, stake some of your tokens into the multisig, to be sent back after you’ve proven yourself worthy.
  • The whole process looks something like this:

Want to became a Champion?

So, you’ve been growing into a Champion role or been invited to become one?

  • You should know its not all Seeds, glory & confetti - its mainly a lot of responsibility.

Your responsibilities:

As a raid or guild champion, your main responsibilities are to push it forward & report progress.

It’s not on you to do it all on your own. You can ask for help from other champions & you are encouraged to build a team of players around the initiative you are leading - but you are the one responsible for moving it forward; unless you decide to give up, which is fine as long as you’re open about it & don’t just disappear.

  1. Read the role description, think about what exactly you want to be doing & write a post about it on the forums
    1. Give a lot of thought into whether what you want to do is aligned with the goals & get feedback on your post.
  2. Set a syncing schedule for your raid or guild
    • No need to do it every week, do it however often you think its necessary.
    • No need to even make it a call!
      • It can simply be a forum thread where you @ participants every week or something.
      • You can replicate what we’re doing in :crystal_ball:-guild-n-raid-reports
      • As long as things are rolling & people are held accountable, its good.
    • Set up discussion points / agenda items before each convening & post it in the channel
    • Get your events added to the calendar & :spiral_calendar:-events
    • Make sure to @relevant-roles in your channel when starting meetings.
      • Try to avoid using @player if possible.
  • Take notes or find someone to take notes
    • Note: its ok to write only short summaries - actionable tasks or agreements
    • Actually, the most important thing to do would be to simply write a single sentence conclusion for each of the agenda items & post in the guild or raid channel after the call.
    • Post full notes in
    • Post summaries in :crystal_ball:-guild-n-raid-reports
      • You will be tagged to fill in your report once a week.
      • Failing to submit your report for more than 2 weeks will result in exclusion.
  1. Maintain your Quests
    • If you have a board in MetaGame or a guild page in Roles & Paths, make sure to keep it up to date
    • Check Raid Map (wip) & Dungeon Runs and if your raid or guild doesn’t have its own board & is instead part of a larger board, then take care of your quests on it or start it.
    • If you have a board on Zenhub, then maintain that one.
    • Not sure you have a board? Ask in :dizzy:-champions-ring
    • Either way, make sure to keep your quests maintained.
      • So that people know what needs to get done
      • And other champions are aware of your needs
  2. Make sure you stay on top of the channels you’re in charge of & help other players.
  3. Coordinate with other Champions on keeping each other accountable, destroying each other’s roadblocks & building an overall strategy
  4. Find yourself a deputy if there isn’t one, to carry some of your load & pick up when you have real-life messing up your MetaGame plans.
  5. Recognize the Curious Octos that become engaged through your guild or raid, give them the Engaged Octo role & welcome them in the #tavern.
  6. Breathe!
    • Hope it goes without saying: be kind
    • We understand this is a lot to take in. Take a deep breath & reconsider whether you’re ready for this position.
    • Your well-being is a priority. If you at any point don’t think you can continue carrying out your Championing responsibilities without making sacrifices that shouldn’t be made, just make sure to let us know as soon as possible.

Your main responsibility:

Regularly report your progress in :crystal_ball:-guild-n-raid-reports & ask for help in :dizzy:-champions-ring.

  • Can’t report or do something? Ask a deputy or say so in :dizzy:-champions-ring.
  • Failing to do either for longer than 2 weeks will result in removal from the Champions Ring.

In short

  • Make a plan
  • Set a syncing schedule for your raid or guild & stick to it
  • Write & post status reports in :crystal_ball:-guild-n-raid-reports
  • Make sure your workspace is up-to-date & people know what needs doing
  • Find yourself a deputy & other players to help you
  • Stay on top of your channels, be kind & helpful
  • Know that it’s ok if you can’t do this, you can always opt-out :upside_down_face:

What’s at stake?

Ghosting on your responsibilities is the highest form of crime, doing so might result in the following:

  • Being removed from Champions Ring & a possible exile from MetaGame as a whole.
  • Forfeit of your pending Seed distributions from slow payouts & loss of your stake if you staked.
  • In addition to the bad kind of leaderboard - a Wall of Shame (doesn’t exist yet, but might)

To avoid the above, one should simply say something like “sorry, I cannot continue fulfilling my duty” & will be forgiven.


Seriously though, just tell us if you cannot continue carrying out your duties for whatever reason.

We forgive you.

Just don’t ghost on us.