Building a larger, inclusive, and complementary ecosystem of projects


Increase cohesion and organization between partner projects/organizations by constructing a clearer metaphorical/spatial representation of how they fit together into a larger mission.

The Opportunity

On the Wiki, we propose a vision of building organizational primitives to help build scalable and reproducible commons/cities/citadels that benefit their citizens.

In this model, the MMO-RPG style framework of MetaGame is an effort to construct a reproducible framework to steer the energetics of that system/city towards robustness and growth that benefits the member of that city.

Thus, you can see MetaGame as one of many organizational frameworks/primitives. I believe that if we use a higher level metaphor that encompasses MetaGame and related projects, our efforts will be less siloed and begin to self-organize around this larger vision (that we all share anyways).

The Meta-phor

We’re all in the business of building organizational Lego’s/primitives.

I’m mainly interested in getting the ball rolling on ideas here.


Yeah, let’s get it going!
I wanted to focus on onboarding more guilds after the hackathon, but I guess mapping out what we already have would be a good start… There’s at least 4-5 guilds/critical pieces and the “guilds” page on the wiki is empty :grimacing:


One point I wanted to add was that there’s no clear indication that a guild is a related project until you already click on the guilds page. I think it would be clearer to appeal through a hook like “Your organization can play to” or “MetaGame is not just for individuals, find out how your team can get involved”.

From there, we can introduce them to the idea that MetaGame is not just for individuals, but is a rich ecosystem of people and organizations working towards the same vision.

In a sense, we’re in the business of organizing and connecting talent silos.


Interesting! There actually was more text explaining it before, I just removed most of it because I thought it was unnecessary :sweat_smile:



Do you think some text should be added back?
Would you still think that if I told you these illustrations are coming?

I love the explanations, and thinks it really helps people/projects know where they fit. I think the “Start” button also implies a clearer sequence as well. Love it, and I think the illustrations will make it even stronger.

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I restructured the wiki here.

Looking forward to getting some discussion going around this.

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