⚒️ Build the MetaGame Quiz

This Quest is not for the faint of heart, no more will shilling, reading, and retweeting cut it 🙅🏾

We need a robust system for capturing the actions of new MetaGame players as they complete quests, move up in the ranks, and earn SEED.

I’ve been putting together a knowledge test that would quiz the players understanding of MetaGame Lore. In order for a player to gain the a role (Player, Bronze, Silver, etc) in discord they will need to submit their responses to the quest.

In an ideal world (my subjective opinion) is that we fork https://gitcoin.co/quests and host our own instance of the UI so MetaGame players can test their knowledge and add their links directly instead of one person having to scan all over Discord looking for “I done did it” posts.

Open for discussion, what do you think, are you already working on this, do you disagree ?

Fight me :boxing_glove:


Review my Q’s for the text based quest to be deployed on Gitcoin.

Article #I: In Search of The Commons that Scale

Q: What do we need a better sandbox for ?

  • a. Re-imagining software.
  • b. Re-defining capitalism.
  • c. Re-building institutions.
  • d. All of the above.

Article #II: On Gamification

Q: What is the result of most workplace gamification ?

  • a. You earn enough credits to beat the big boss.
  • b. The incentives keep you playing the game forever.
  • c. You end up feeling like you’re in a well designed rat race.
  • d. You win the game and retire like a champion.

Article #III: The Coming of MetaGame

Q: What problem of MetaCartel lead to the creation of MetaGame ?

  • a. A lack of quality Memes.
  • b. Missing links to members LInkedIN profiles.
  • c. Spammers infiltrating the organization.
  • d. Missing overview of the players journey.

Article #IV: WTF is MetaGame

Q: What is the SEED building (phase 0) all about ?

  • a. Pumping SEED token value by shilling.
  • b. Collecting SEED for winter.
  • c. Building a bulletproof foundation.
  • d. Distributing the maximum amount of tokens to the minimum amount of people.

Article #V: The Decentralized Factory

Q: What are DAO’s missing now ?

  • a. A common social layer.
  • b. Easy off-ramp to fiat currency.
  • c. Reputation system.
  • d. Integrations with the major players currently in tech.

Article #VI: The Web of Opportunity

Q: What is the ethos of the “web of opportunity” ?

  • a. Winner takes all.
  • b. Collaboration over competition.
  • c. Delivering on the failures of Web2.
  • d. A thrilling spin on the classic story of Charlotte’s Web.

Article #VII: The Way of Web3 Founders

Q: What are the possible side effects of “freelancer” and “business owner” becoming one ?

  • a. We are going to experience a resurgence of internet millionaires.
  • b. Employees will be able to demand higher wages.
  • c. Business owners can retain more equity of the projects they start.
  • d. Freelancers will start to form unions.

Article #VIII: How to Become a MetaGame Founder

Q: Why might one want to become a MetaGame Founder ?

  • a. Because it’s hard to sit idly by and miss your chance to make a difference.
  • b. Because once the SEED tokens hits the market it’s going to the moon.
  • c. Because it’s really gonna look good on my resume.
  • d. Because working for a DAO is the hottest things in tech right now.

Next steps: logic check these questions, fiddle with Gitcoin Quests, Deploy and add to Quest #1.

Criticism, comments, feedback welcome :point_down:t4:

Done https://gitcoin.co/quests/174/metagame-knowledge-quest


Soooo I’m not feeling confident with this test. I think this is more of an existential thing than anything…

My favorite thing about MetaGame is that it creates room for innovation and experimentation. It empowers people to dream and create. Multiple choice quizzes do the opposite. Multiple choice tests are where dreams are narrowed down.

That being said, I really like the idea of an onboarding quiz/process. Not sure if this would work, but what if new players had to answer questions about MetaGame, but they were open text answers. Then they submit those questions and answers to a #brianwashing channel for onboarding. Current MetaGame players then review the answers, and if they are satisfactory, give the post a :octopus:. If the post reaches X number of :octopus: a bot will upgrade them to a player and give them access to more channels.

MetaGame players would be incentivized to review and respond to submissions because then they would get XP for the activity. Players would have their minds opened as they enter the Metaverse. Could be a win/win for all parties involved, esp me, since I like to think outside the box with meta-level strategery and multiple choice quizzes don’t let me do that!

@METADREAMER how easy/difficult would it be to build this alongside the SEED claiming workflow?


Hi from gitcoin. I don’t mind if you fork quests at all. It’d be fun to have another party building and extending them actually. I have a vision to do more than just multiple choice quests one day, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

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I went through a type of “On Boarding” process where my “Review” and questions sought out specific key-words!!

I thought that was a pretty ingenious way to game that process!!!

@peth should we expound and clear up this post as it seems we have come up with a New and Active solution to this currently??

I can’t remember what the Program I was pushed through in order to on-boarded but referencing that might be valuable here too.

I have archived this thread as it seems we have a new quest by now…