Becoming a MetaGame Player 🐙

Congratulations, you’ve made it :clap:

You’re either among 0.00001% of humans running on the bleeding edge of Web3 technologies, or among 0.0001% tumbling down this seemingly infinite rabbit hole. :upside_down:
What’s more, You are on your way to becoming a MetaGame player :scream:

:scroll: Quest #1 v0.1 - 6 Steps to becoming a MetaGame Player:

  • Follow MetaGame on Twitter, and retweet the pinned thread - bonus SEED if retweeted with a comment.
  • Subscribe to the “Realizing The MetaGame” newsletter.
  • Read all 8 pillar articles for a greater understanding of The MetaGame.
  • Introduce yourself in #site-feedback:intro thread and tell us things like: what you’re all about, what you want to do, and what you’ve done already.
  • Install Discord on your phone to keep in touch with the MetaFam.
  • Tweet something like "I completed the first Quest and thus became a Player of #MetaGame :crossed_swords: & member of @MetaFam.


  • Access the #shill, #buidl & #tavern channels on discord.

To complete the Quest and claim your rewards:

  • Post “I done did it” in the #:stadium: metasquare1 discord channel. Along with any questions or suggestions?

Good luck out there players :mage:t3:‍♂

This is far from being the only way to join - but this is the easiest/apparent way to get involved. You will learn that MetaGame is about finding your own way :man_astronaut:t4:

Already contributed something ?
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Can’t find your name on the board, post your proof-of-contribution in the thread below :point_down:t3: