Become a MetaGame Player 🐙 (OLD VERSION)

Quest #1 - 6 Steps to becoming a MetaGame Player:

  • Read all 8 pillar articles at MetaGame.WTF for greater understanding.

  • Subscribe to “Realizing The MetaGame” newsletter.

  • Follow MetaGame on Twitter, and retweet the pinned thread \ Bonus Seed if retweeted with a comment.
    – if you do not use Twitter, publish one of the MetaGame articles to whatever site you do use: Reddit, Slashdot, Facebook, Steemit, 4Chan - anything goes.

  • Tweet something like "I completed the first Quest and thus became a Player of #MetaGame & a member of @MetaFam.

Reward: become a MetaGame player! :octopus:

  • Access the #:mega:-shill, #:building_construction:-buidl & #:beers:-tavern channels.
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Here’s the cheesy story of my first attempt on the first quest!
Let me know what you think!

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Was this posted anywhere and/or shilled?

I think you should release this as mini series on Medium, we will share on Twitter if you publish from your account ! Keep going @Paslar !