Balancing SourceCred

It has constantly been brought up how SourceCred should be balanced but nobody was stepping up to lead the way & we haven’t been able to find the XP Fairies champions.

So, I’ve decide to rogue the first step towards balancing our rewarding system, scheduled & facilitated the first call, attended by a lot of people & with a bunch of actionable next steps.

Here’s what came out of it :point_down:

Balancing SourceCred Notes

  • There was a general consensus that minimizing github weight & moving things to #didathing is the way to go.
  • To not mess with the previous calculations, TheGame repo will be forked & renamed to MetaOS, which will have minimal weight from day 1.
  • Wiki will also be minimized down to the average contribution: typo or broken link fix. Anything bigger than that will go into didathing.
  • There was general consensus that there should be weight added to #guild-&-raid-reports to help fix the bias towards small & inconsistent contributors.
  • To make it easier to keep it balanced, only champions will be allowed to emoji there & will be reminded to do so during the weekly ping to post reports.
  • If it turns out this is not a sufficient solution, some champions will be given initiatives on top.
  • Discord channel & category weights as well as discourse will be looked into & balanced.
  • Search for XP Fairies champion continues with a note that they should be rewarded more atop of their work, because a part of their pay goes towards doing the job (giving emojis reduced your XP - to be looked into how much exactly)
  • Until there is an XP Fairy, XP fairying will be folded into NotCoolCall.
  • To allow XP Fairies to properly do their role, they will be allowed to remove emojis instead of just adding, but they will need to post what they want to remove in #xp-fairies-guild before removing & wait to see if anyone disagrees.
  • We should remove the MetaFam DAO recurring initiative since its past its usefulness of creating Seeds for liquidity.
  • DoinGud initiative should be renamed to stop people from confusing it with DoinGud project.

Tl;dr Actionables:

  • Forking TheGame, minimizing weight & moving doings to #didathing
  • Minimizing weight on the wiki
  • Add weight to #guild-&-raid-reports
  • Make it a part of a recurring message to “scroll until the last reminder & emoji reports”
  • Look into & discuss discord & discourse weight on the next call
  • Remove MetaFam DAO initiative
  • Rename DoinGud initiative
  • Find an XP Fairy champion

Next call:

  • Same time - 3pm UTC Tuesday