Assholin’ Crime & Punishment

Given we’re an online community, there isn’t much crime to be done.

According to the rules, there is only one cardinal mistake to be made:

  • Being an asshole.

Let’s go deeper on what this means, why don’t we? :upside_down_face:

Examples of being an asshole

  • Using racist, sexist or other demeaning slurs in your speech
  • Being condescending or belittling others
  • Attacking the player instead of the work or the process
  • Polluting channels with any of the above, creating a toxic environment
  • Ghosting on your responsibilities or things you said you would do
  • Doing the opposite of non-violent communication

Ultimate crime

  • Demotivating other players & generating bad vibes

Creating an environment where people feel good hanging out, talking to & working with other people is of utmost importance to the success of MetaGame.

This crime can be committed simply by not doing what you said you would, therefore demotivating other players who depended or counted on you.

However, this crime is more often committed by aggressive behavior, attacking other players & especially in using bad words in doing so.


The punishment should be progressive, escalating with each repeated offense.

First strike:

  • Suspended for 48h & 20% cut of the monthly Seed allocation

Second strike:

  • Suspended for 2 weeks & 50% cut of the monthly Seed allocation

Third strike:

  • Suspended for a season & all of the Seed allocation forfeited to the Fuck-up Jar

Fourth strike:

  • Banned for life & all of the Seed allocation forfeited to the Fuck-up Jar

Seed allocation that has been cut off as punishment will be directed to the “Fuck-up Jar” multisig.

Note: punishment should also depend on the severity of the crime. Eg. if a person tries to scam others or shares child pornography, their punishment should be an immediate banishment from the community forever.

The punishment is determined by the Community Champion unless delegated to somebody else. Upon enacting the punishment, removing the messages & the player in question, the Community Champion needs to past screenshots, write about the punishment enacted in a channel specified for it & the player in question as well as any other member of the community is free to start a discussion or a proposal against the disciplinary measures taken.

If the Champion is unsure about the punishment to be given, they should still remove the messages in question & move the discussion to a closed environment like DMs or #:crossed_swords:-pvp.

On not being an asshole…

Its really on us to act in best faith with good intentions for the wellbeing of the community.

We all need to be careful not to be assholes ourselves but we also need to stay vigilant so that other players aren’t being assholes either & that assholeish behavior is punished.

To report such behavior, react to the offending messages with the appropriate emoji:

What this proposal does

  • Gives the Community Ring champion & their delegates the right to take action when they see someone exhibiting the above mentioned behaviors
  • Gives the Community Ring champion & their delegates the right to improve the above guidelines as they see fit, without starting a new proposal for every change

Note: the above are more so guidelines than strict rules, the champion has the right to determine punishment for the crime as they deem fit - insofar as they report the action & their reasoning following the action.

i agree there should be progressive consequences for repeated offenses but i don’t think the punishment should include paycuts no matter how big or small the offense is. There should be other ways to demotivate such behavior. If someone earned $$ they earned their $$. (unless they were somehow guaranteed a payment and completely ghosted for an entire month)

Also, just to note that discord native moderation abilities include: timeout(you remain in the server but can’t do anything, not even join voice), kick(self-explanatory, however the user can rejoin if they have a link) and ban(ip, account and phone number get banned). Also, when kicking or banning, the mod gets to choose whether to wipe the banned users messages and how far into the past

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Strikes should not be permanent. They should expire within a certain amount of time. IE. 1 strike gets wiped out 6 months after receiving it.

If this is implemented, it should also apply to the Community Ring Champions, and everyone else. Rank should not exclude you from punishment.

Also, if this is being handled by a human, I’m gonna call corruption everytime. Humans are not designed to police each other. Code is law - Spaghetti code is more law.

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As far as I am aware, there is no suggestion that any one person or rank would be excluded from this process. That would be ridiculous and why would it even be the case? Rank is based on XP which is based on contributions, but we should be all seen as equals and definitely not be excluded from any potential punishment for being an asshole. It is one of the key rules of MG that has been stated in the wiki since forever. We should all abide by it, not just in MG but generally in life, and be all be susceptible to punishment for breaking that rule.

Also, if this is being handled by a human, I’m gonna call corruption everytime. Humans are not designed to police each other. Code is law - Spaghetti code is more law.

I think it is a bad idea to have any one person handling this and i am not comfortable with it all being on my shoulders. I didn’t place myself in this position @woodmurderedhat, no-one else stepped up and I am definitely not trying to “lord it” over the minions as you seem to suggest. Damn, I’d rather not be in this position and I would be very happy to keep my head down and build but as there’s no-one else who is willing to accept the role & I have been one of the most present & active members of the community, I am and I will do it to the best of my abilities. You’re most welcome to write a proposal to remove me from the the champion roles (all three roles if you wish), as is anyone else who takes a dislike to me or the way i conduct myself.


What if a person has a crazy outburst, disappears for 6 months, comes back & has another one 2 weeks later? This already happened & theres literally only been 2 cases of any punishment being necessary whatsoever :joy:

Of course!
The idea for the corruption problem was that

  • the champion can do “whatever” they want
  • then anybody can raise their voice if they think what they did was unjust
  • then the punishment for the champion is determined at the octagon level
  • then anybody can raise their voice, poll or whatever if they think it was unjust
  • if it turns out the whole thing is corrupt, the community could simply replace any & all of champions

Also, the idea is that MetaFam itself shouldn’t scale above Dunbar’s number & becomes just one of many delegates from the MetaAlliance that govern MetaGame as a whole.
So even if MetaFam itself becomes corrupt at some point :man_shrugging:
(and “MetaGame as a whole” is running on what we’re calling MetaOS, which is fully open source so whoever doesnt like the way this (one of many anarcho syndicalist kind of network states or whatever we end up calling them), they can literally just fork off.

Ultimately, your & anybody else’s ability to fork off, use all of the same (or different for that matter) technologies & experiment with building your own “new kind of socioeconomic system game thing” & build something better - is what keeps the whole thing in check.

In the end, as opposed to crazy experiments of the past, people wont be held in literal jails or concentration camps if things go haywire :man_shrugging:

Going back to what we were talking about on discord, I now really see your doubts as a cultural difference tbh.
You come from a place where you cant trust anyone & here you got a group of people who really trust each other after being here for 3 years severely underfunded & going through a lot of shit together. (obviously we’re not talking the same level of shit you’re accustomed to, but!)
Luxumbra of all is one of the people who’s been here for close to 3 years now, received insanely lousy below-minimum-wage “paycheck” for the most part, he’s one of the most empathic people around & a bunch of people here (including myself) wouldnt mind letting him keep our seed phrase if it came to that.
In fact, I was once in a situation where I got stuck on an airport not accepting cash with empty cards. This dude literally told me his credit card info :joy:

I think the main point is that there are proper mechanisms being put in place (actually anyone can do this already) but I think security measures & mechanisms need to be commensurate with the needs for them. Right now we’re in a really high trust environment, if that changes, we can do whatever. Right now, more important shit to do.

I actually like Misanth’s solution as well, there’s cool stuff to be done with that in adding followup features, shifting convo to #pvp etc. etc. - my main problem was that most of these solutions end up as weeks or months long side quests when really the solution could have been simply! My solution is really minimum viable but works for what we currently need. I always just want to solve the problem & go back to the main quest :joy: (in this case, Misanth is already doing it for fun & learning experience, its just my PTSD :rofl:)

My main problem with people who come here & assume bad intent or doubt everything is that it ends up demotivating people who are here working for shit pay & just trying to move things forward.
Instead of doing positive, we spend decent chunks of time responding & engaging instead of doing actual work.
-inb4 “iTs yOuR cHOicE tO eNgaGe oR nOt”
We have to do it because, in eg. Luxumbra’s case, he’s just so nice & wants to make everyone happy or in my case, where I feel not spending time publicly addressing concerns (with solutions that already exist), spreads more doubt among the people reading.
To add salt to the wound, you then accuse of engaging for “wanting to like like working” :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I hope this clears up your concerns & we all move on with more important things - the actual shittons of work ahead of us.


I agree that slashing someones earnings isn’t a healthy way to deter poor behaviour and I wouldn’t want to impose that on people. Like you say @Misanth, if you earned $$ for doing something, you earned that $$. Just cause you were out of hand, doesn’t mean you should go hungry or not be able to pay your rent, if you did the work. It was also said (in discord I think) that very few in MetaGame are motivated by the financial gains & imposing financial penalties wouldn’t put people off. Loss of access to MetaGame itself seems more of a deterrent. How do other DAOs handle such situations?

Being able to tag a user with something where other communities could see if a person has a history of getting kicked or banned would be good but it is something that is open to being abused pretty badly. I am not sure of the best solution but I do not think withholding funds for work done is right.



Eeeh, there’s a decent amount of real world & real project examples of slashing - for a good reason.
With 2/3 cases it happened so far, it was obvious just a time-out doesn’t do enough to deter people or might even be seen as positive.
On 1 of those 3, the person has even repeatedly made offense AND voluntarily left for more than a week each time.
I am personally now the third case in point, I actually enjoyed taking some time off discord for a few days but I most certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed getting my Seeds slashed :joy:
Imagine if the offense was bigger, if someone spammed CP on public channels or planted malware in our code…

Either way, this is not a hard rule & its totally up to you whether you’ll be doing it or not :man_shrugging:

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