Achievement Factory

Last updated: 14.9.2020

Like any good game, MetaGame needs achievements.
To begin with, only big achievements. We don’t need achievements like “completed the 1st quest”,
we need achievements like “player of the month” or “founder of MetaGame” - actually, we already have some for founders.
We minted some achievement NFTs a while ago, but its time to formalize this process.
@Vanilladelphia.eth created nice achievement templates.

My idea was that we should start a DAO that mints achievement NFTs for multiple DAOs, MetaFam, Raid Guild & MetaCartel to begin with. Eventually onboard more DAOs.
But it got expensive to launch a DAO.
Unless on xDAI?

Should we launch a DAO or just proceed minting achievements as is but more regularly… Is up to whoever decides to head this raid.

Join the raid

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