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I’m probably missing some context here, there’s so much I don’t know yet of the current state of MetaGame, but I would like to propose that we create a Home page for Metagame similar to the one of my favorite game as a child: Tibia.


What I like from it is the idea of having a News Ticker section, Trackers of the state of the game all around, A really nice menu on the side, the main News sections with Blog Entries, and with links to the forums.

I’m not sure if this is something that we can thought about, but I guess for most of the players I envision that as the home page where you go to see how are things going since the last time you were around and if there’s any news we should read.

Discord is good, but it’s also quite overwhelming if you don’t know how to move around, and since we are modeling it after RPG games, what better idea than to also model the website on successful MMORPGs?

What do you folks think?


I like the idea of a homepage, but want something that really stands out to make MetaGame unique, as well as mobile first <3 What are some ways we can change this type of format up?
—> http://www.metagame.it/ <—NOT the MetaGame <3

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I like the sense of the floating windows, and Tibia’s homepage is also very responsive <3 and I LOVE this: https://tibiamaps.io/map#32368,32198,7:0 <3 Leaflet tile server, and you added tooltips? and tons of customization <3

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Oh I didn’t make any of that, I merely think we could draw inspiration from them :slight_smile:

It somehow feels like the MetaGame information is a bit scattered all over the place (Discord, Discourse, Substack, etc) so I was proposing that we create a HomePage that could somehow show a summary of all of it.

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So, I also think this ties in to the Dashboard Design Quest <3 What is a Dashboard if not a Homepage <3
I wonder if there is a way to make the floating div elements on the left and right in the Tibia page into pinnable, moveable frames (without useing iframes <3) that would load the Apps from the AppDrawer to allow Players to customize their homepage ‘view’… like, have a default behavior, but also adjust it once a player logs in… I think @TheLoneRonin was working on the popover behavior for the buttons in the AppDrawer, but the default layout is a pretty good question… Also,… not tooo sure, but I think this forum is our Discourse instance?.. Substack is the newsletter blog? …and the Forum, Newsletter, and Discord are in the App Drawer. I know we still have some more buttons to add, including the MetaMaps (fangirlSQUEEEE) <3 But I think this is the homepage: https://the-game-swart.vercel.app/ <3 it’s just that this has all of the MyMeta profiles listed, rather than a blank slate or a default App layout, thus the Dashboard Design Quest <3

…although… come to think of it… designing a generic popover that would dynamically display ‘just enough’ of the contained App page to make the useful parts like buttons and such accessible may not be a trivial task given that all of the App pages have already been designed, although I would really have to take a deep dive in the Apps available from the App Drawer to get an idea of which elements needed to be conserved as accessible in any popover window, let alone one that could dynamically serve up each of the Dapp pages without having to hard code a schema tree…

Also, having a central floating div, that was also pinnable, movable, resizable, and maybe added as a button in the App Drawer, but that would contain an automated update feed of comments in discord/commits and comments in Github, tweets, etc… would also be awesome… but how to integrate all the feeds? and could that feed selection be made customizable to a particular user when logged in? <3 or maybe just a continuous log of events that created xp in some kind of stream reader… so many good projects available here <3 but, must. finish. year. end. close. <3


There’s a lot of information overflow happening in discord and not much is connected to the forum. I. E it’s quite cumbersome to find details surrounding any topic/state of project etc (who’s doing what, where and when etc). I think we would benefit from some structure and reference points:
-Add a FAQ category on the mainpage with threads inside : MetaGame, MyMeta, The-Platform, Meta-Radio, ValueFeed, MetaMaps, Meta-Merch, …
Information contained inside their respective threads: roadmap, active members, state, problems, bounty rooster, archive
-To expand on “bounty” (doesn’t have to bear that name)- Stating what exactly is needed in terms of skill requirement vs what problem needs to be solved (We don’t need a dashboard made-we need a UX/UI designer, an artist, tester, visual suggestions, … to create a dashboard)
My reasoning behind breaking down what’s needed is that for example, a user might take interest in MetaMaps, but may be repelled because it assumes it requires only coders, but since the plan is to integrate NFTs in the whole system, a non UX designer/Coder (artist?) could prove beneficial and contribute with that part.
IMO newsfeed as you suggest fits really well with the user dashboard in plan, there could be a general newsfeed box like the one from tibia that contains relevant news regarding MetaGame itself and subsequent raids could have their own newsfeed where the raid champions could push notices, announcements, urgent messages etc.

Glad you started this discussion! :beers:


I think the Miro diagram of the state of raids does a great job of showing high level status at a glance. If this could be made interactive and clickable leading to more detailed info as @Misanth outlines - maybe with a specific colour for raids currently looking for key skills (in line with the colour of guilds / skill map?) - it could all integrate nicely.


<3 https://discord.com/channels/629411177947987986/748580761698828459/788273373624926218 <3
<3 https://discord.com/channels/629411177947987986/748580761698828459/788531820924108819 <3

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Yeah, that’s kind of the point of MetaOS. I should probably write a post about it because right now its just tucked away on this github issue & a lot of people don’t even know it exists :sweat_smile:

This is what the “ValueFeed” is supposed to be, set up a feed of all the (sourcecred) communities you’re a member of, and receive a curated feed of all the highest XP earning things that happened - OR - filter it yourself, by emojis :scream:
We needz this sir @nicolaslaw

Its more tightly integrated into the workflow now that its all in Notion

The problem is that once you’re in Notion, its better to just use the kanban board - which kind of kills the whole point of the Navigation Board… Also the fact that you now have to update in 2 places…

The main limitation of the Miro setup is that you can’t get “more info” by clicking on a raid, seeing the description, what’s the next step etc.
This would be an epic option to have:
There’s a lot of things we can learn from Notion.


Yep. That’s the missing link. But it would be amazing to bridge that gap somehow.

As clean as a Kanban is, it really doesn’t have the magic of being able to ‘see’ the whole status of everything in the compelling way that the Navigation Board.

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I still believe the best bridge would be a to construct a fully parameterized and automated View of the MetaMap App based on the design of the Navigation Board (eg. MetaVille <3 )

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Yep. That would be ideal. This seemed like something that could be a way to bridge the gap until that’s available.